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Ooh, a multichapter, i see.

Feature box, here you come! I'm calling it. o3o You have the right timing and right kind of fic. Just see if I'm wrong!

Oh yeah, and I liked it.

6660270 I'm sorry, but let's be honest about this; unless it's a clopfic, this won't get featured, and it's sad really cause' the majority of clopfics on this site are cliche unoriginal pieces of shit that don't deserve to get attention. If I had my way I'd put this in the Featured section, but sadly I don't have that power.

I just hope a nice compliment to the author is enough to compensate however.

6661170 Yeah, you're probably right. . .there's a strange obsession going around with cartoon horse porn.

This is in my headcanon: CMC's Cutie mark is about help ponies with their cutie marks, but no one say that this coudln't be with sings (Sweetie), races (Scoot) and pratical stuffs (AB) :D

6661503 On the plus side, though...

...all the awful shitty unoriginal cliche fuckfest clopfic stories are excellent comedy material for how badly and poorly written they are.

Take my advice and spread the word; don't give clopfics your attention. Focus it on the little golden stars like this story that are trying the damn hardest to make something of themselves.

Oh, and er, please elect my buddy Unique the anthro-pegasus (as seen in my profile pic) for 2016's Best Pony. Because I'm admittedly pathetically bad at advertisement. XD

6661170 :rainbowlaugh: It hasn't gotten featured yet! Oh, and you know there's a separate feature box for those with the mature filter, right? :pinkiesmile: Thanks for the support, you two!

6660218 No, that's just me forgetting to mark it as complete. :twilightsheepish:

6662246 Like I care. I still hate clopfics. Well no, that's a lie. I like to read clopfics for the hilariously bad writing, so I suppose in terms of comedy they're alright. Makes me giggle at how many viewers actually buy into these ridiculous porno fanfics.

Well, here's hoping you'll get this or another story of yours into the featured box soon and keep another clopfic from getting in there.

"What about Apple Bloom and Scootaloo? They're probably not interested in singing with me."

Simple: Scoots will be head of security, Bloom will be your technician, and DT and Silver will fund and manage :scootangel:

6662268 :pinkiehappy: Cutie Mark Crusaders CONCERT CREW! :rainbowlaugh:

I can't wait for Rara and Coco to meet.

Dunno if you want it, but here's an edit of your cover image:

I don't know why people always say that. I've been featured six times, and three of those stories were E-rated, one was T-rated, and the other two were, yes, clop. You, UniqueSKD, have had a story featured. It was T-rated. And the author of this story, Tennis Match Fan, has been featured twice, but has never written any clop. (Or if she has, she's not published it. :trollestia:)

A lot of this site's users have M-rated stories filtered out by their settings, so for M-rated stories, there is a smaller audience. This gives E-rated and T-rated stories an advantage if you want to be featured.

If you take a look at the current featured box (at the time I'm posting this comment), even with M-rated stories enabled, there is not a single clop story in the featured box. The top four entries in the box are E-rated. The rest are a mixture of T-rated and E-rated stories.

Seriously, the idea that clop = instant feature is plain wrong. Getting into the featured box, regardless of the genre, is a lot of work and an even bigger amount of luck.

6664489 Thanks! :rainbowkiss: When I get home I'll update it!

The mare in the cover art. I'm seeing her on quite a few stories. This tells me there was another episode.

6665427 Coloratura starred in the latest episode! Check it! :rainbowkiss:

This is gorgeous. Delightful. I swear, Coloratura might become my new inspiration...

Along with Paul McCartney, of course...


6667554 Thanks! :rainbowkiss: Coloratura is such a lovely character!

Now that was a nice little fanfic. Glad to see Sweetie Belle get to talk with Coloratura and how it's always good to be true to yourself. :scootangel:

The shortness of it is what makes it cute. :rainbowkiss:

FWIW, I think that the Crusaders' cutie marks include primary and secondary talents or aptitudes.

The main shield is representative of the Crusade, of course, helping ponies find out who they really are. However, the secondary element - the sigil on the shield - represents the Crusaders' individual ways of doing things.

Sweetie Belle is an inspirational pony. Through singing and through her ability to understand ponies' thinking, she can get them looking in the right place. Apple Bloom values her family and her place in it above all other things and, through that, has come to understand family and social interactions; she will steer a pony in the right direction from this understanding. Finally, Scootaloo loves the flashy and the awesome (as exemplified by Rainbow Dash). It is through her essentially fearless and extrovert nature that she'd motivate ponies to do something new and something that may lead them to their destinies.

6673654 EXACTLY! :rainbowkiss::pinkiehappy: The CMC would share an overall purpose, but how they go about doing it is unique to each of them.

This was a cute fic. It's nice to see these two interact a little more given their common interests.

And the third element, within the sigil?

Awww. This was a sweet interaction between Rara and Sweetie

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