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I love MLP and drawing and writing. My fave out of the mane 7: Sunset Shimmer. Mane 6: Rainbow Dash. My brother is: BronySoldier98


Sunset Shimmer is now reformed, but everyone still avoids her, except Twilight's friends. She tries really hard to show that she has changed and hadn't meant what she had done. Unfortunately, the new girl at Canterlot high doesn't make it any easier to do.

Inspired by the song: My Past is Not Today

Chapters (3)
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Is this based off of the amazing music video?:rainbowkiss:

5821198 Yep! It inspired me to write this, since it was so awesomely amazing! :pinkiecrazy:

5821203 IKR!!! I just read it. I really love this FIC so far:heart: faving it

5821223 Awesome! Thanks!:twilightsmile:

5821316 Oh. When it's fixed, check what I sent you. :rainbowlaugh: :ajbemused:

Inspired by My Past is Not Today?
LOVE that song!

5821447 Me too! Best song EVER!! :pinkiehappy:

I have to admit, I almost had a heart attack when I saw "Glimmer". Apparently I really have Season Five (coming out tomorrow! Squee!) on the brain, because I thought it was Starlight Glimmer...

5821454 Me too. I couldn't think of a name, and that came to mind!

This is good for a 1st story. It starts off telly and the chapters are a bit short:

If chapters are short, readers continuously have to click on the next chapter. If chapters are too long, readers cannot find the time for reading them. An example of the reverse is Background Pony:

I got a recommendation to read Background Pony, but the chapters are 20k long. I cannot find hours for reading a single chapter, so have not read it.

A good rule of thumb is 1 to 2 k for chapter. The reader neither clicks continuously the next-button, but each chapter only takes 10 to 20 minutes to read.

You use numerals for numbers instead of words. This goes against the style-guides. In this chase, I say screw the style-guides:

Usability-research shows that readers find it much easier to extract facts and figures from paragraphs of text, if the figures and in numerals instead of words because the numerals stand out against the text. The rule goes back to teachers making students write numbers just so they learn how to spell the numbers. I say that it is more important that the reader find facts and figures embedded in text than writers practice spelling numbers.

5821601 Thanks for the tip! :pinkiehappy: I'll try to make future chapters longer!

I agree it's really good but waaayyy too short my good man/girl/both/whatever you are

5821685 :rainbowderp: Woah!! Slow down! :rainbowlaugh:

5821692 I dont know whos a boy or a cybernetic fying pan! gotta guess all the time ya know!:pinkiecrazy:

5821763 See my strategy worked I now know you are a girl!

5821769 Nice strategy. I should try it sometime...:pinkiecrazy:

Has potential but the chapters are WAY too short.

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