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Haven't written anything in forever, so, my apologies in advance for whatever non-sense I manage to come up with.


It's Sunset's first winter since being reformed, and her new friends are intent on her learning all about what she's been missing to help her get past her guilt over past actions. A chance encounter, however, leaves the girls stunned as they stumble across the human dimensions Sunset Shimmer, who is anything but what they expected.


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This sounds like it is going to be an interesting story so thus I will be keeping an eye on this one.

Well, this is an interesting idea, I look forward to reading more.

Teal eyes met clouded grey.


Her counter part is blind....

I like where this is going. :pinkiecrazy::pinkiegasp:

I am liking this take on sunset meeting her counterpart very much so far, here's to hoping this gets featured

I was summoned here. Will stick around.

Looks interesting so far! Definitely tracking! :pinkiehappy:

7783611 I too am tracking this story. sounds very interesting

Hmm, so one was blinded by ambition while the other was blind.
I like that bit of irony.

apology accepted.

Hmmm.... This isn't bad at all. Tracking

Holy crap this is featured! Thank you EVERYONE!

Seriously did not expect it, you all are awesome.

You're Sunset Shimmer to? How's that work?
alternate dimension? and what on earth
“Alright, the three of us will be there.

1. Too.
2. Forgot to capitalise.
3. Forgot your closing quotation mark.

while Blue shot into Sunsets bedroom
but why dress like you then
they had to have /something/ planned out
wait, I thought you believed their story

1. Sunset's.
2. Forgot to capitalise.
3. Looks better italicised.
4. Forgot to capitalise.

The premise is certainly eye catching, no pun intended there. Certainly will like to see where it goes on.

"Oh oh oh, do you have super hearing and sense and stuff!? What's going on in that room over there?" Pinkie happily pointed to a random door bouncing in her seat.

Blind ninja Sunset. Can dig.

Well, they're going to be in for a surprise.


I think there's an even stronger contrast:

One was blessed with incredible power, while the other lacked even the sense of sight.

The former couldn't be satisfied with what she had, and the latter carried on and found happiness in spite of what she lacked.

since when did this get 1000 views?

Just started reading this today. Pretty good. A like and a follow for this story. :twilightsmile:

8129503 I know right? Why doesn't it have more:fluttercry:

We were all tough to convince to, but you're gonna get to see sumthin to prove it faster'n we did."

The bolded to should be "too."

I was enjoying this and the ending of this chapter just begs me to ask for more!! 😂😂

Sunset stared at her unbelieving. How was it possible? She had gone so rotten, and yet, here, in the human world, her counterpart, having never gone through the same disaster she had, sat spreading harmony and good cheer as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

TL:DR, a hippie, nothing wrong with that tho, :3

Sunset Shimmer, former student of Celestia, once one of the most powerful and gifted unicorns alive, just felt smaller and smaller. This is what she should have been, and instead she let her own blind ambition leave a wake of destruction, not happiness. It was an irony not lost on her, that her blind self was the one who seemed to see the world.

...... oh, oops, well, she sounded like a hippie in the chapter before this one......

Though nervous about what could happen, the girls were also confused. Human Sunset was clearly blind, so how was she able to lead them to the room without being guided, or at least doing more than occasionally reaching out and tapping a chair, wall, or the stage.

Heh, when sight is missing, every other sense is reinforced, :3

More please, please, please, please, please now?!:)

Please update this fic already, want more!

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