• Published 9th Dec 2016
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Perspective - nikolai60

The girls plans to teach Sunset Shimmer all about the winter holidays are derailed when they run into her human self.

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Seeing The Facts

Sunset sat surrounded by her friends, hugging her knees as she continued to mentally question if she made the right choice. Her friends had asked if she was sure several times now, and each time she had firmly answered 'yes', even if inside she wasn't. She had created enough messes for other people, she wasn't going to make her friends fix things for her, it was time for her to be responsible for her actions.

The sound of a crunching snow caused the group to look up, seeing the older Sunset, red tipped stick in hand, flanked by her friends from the previous day.

The former pony was surprised, while the guy still seemed a bit suspicious of them, both the other Sunset and her friend seemed more excited about finding out what was going on than any kind of concern about the explanation given why.

"Alright then mystery mini me, what's this all really about?" The cheer in her voice threw the younger Sunset off even further, at the very least she had expected annoyance at being dragged out to a high school over the holidays.

"OH! Um, well, I think we really should head inside for this."

This caused the guy, Blue something if she remembered correctly, to frown. "And we're breaking into a high school, yup this'll-OW"

He flinched back, hopping on one foot from being whacked by the other Sunset, who was frowning at his outburst.

Before anyone else could respond, Rarity stood up fishing into her pocket. "Actually darling, we happen to have a key to get in. We all have extra duties outside regular classes, so Vice-Principal Luna felt it was best we have access whenever needed." With that she held her hand out, holding the key between her index and thumb, the rest of the chain hanging down.

This seemed enough to convince their guests, for her to carry the key so obviously rather than hide it, and they nodded for the Rainbooms to proceed.

As they walked in the younger Sunset decided to at least start, rather than just wait in silence till they reached the band room.

"I get that this is probably really crazy sounding-"

"You can say that again"



"Um, but well, I'm completely serious. I've, well, I traveled here from another world, where there really seems to be a lot of parallels, and have just sort of been living here ever since. It wasn't until recently that I even really considered that of course this world has its own Sunset, and that I'm intruding. So, when I saw you, I really couldn't just ignore what was in front of me. As this world's Sunset you deserve to know."

As she finished they approached the door to the band room, Rarity already in the process of unlocking it. Sunset turned around to see the reactions of the trio, to see a set of dubious looks.

"Ok, we're alone right? We're already here like you wanted, so what's this actually about? I mean, this whole alternate world stuff is a great hook but I think it's time you said why we're really here."

Sunset did her best to hide her surprise, but inside she felt a deep pit forming in her stomach. She had to at least get them into the band room to prove she was telling the truth, but they had already dropped the idea it seemed.

Fortunately, or unfortunately considering Sunset's view on the subject, Applejack decided it was time to speak up.

"Look, I know this is weird, and ya'lls probably think we're crazy, but Sunset, our Sunset, is tellin' the truth, hard as it is to believe. We were all tough to convince to, but you're gonna get to see sumthin to prove it faster'n we did."

Sunset turned back to them, a pleading look on her face. "Just five minutes, I swear. After that, if you want to go we won't stop you, but please let me try first."

Blue rolled his eyes and turned to leave, but before he could take a step or say anything to the others, the older Sunset grabbed him by the collar and turned him back around.

"I know that tone of voice, whatever this is is pretty big, isn't it?"

The former pony nearly nodded before remembering who she was speaking to, "yeah, big and crazy. After this, I promise to answer any questions I can."

Her answer came in a trio of nods, as they followed her into the band room where the other girls were already pulling out their instruments.

"OH oh, are you gonna explain in song or something?" Yup, Rose definitely reminded the girls of Pinkie, who seemed oblivious to the worried looks at the thought of two of her. Meanwhile, Blue just crossed his arms and huffed something about pretense for an audition.

It was the elder Sunset who remained the calmest and most neutral, accepting the offered seat and just waiting for things to start.

And start they did. It took the better part of the first two verses for the magic to begin to flow again, likely from the girls’ nervousness, but it did start as they let themselves get pulled into their song, into the magic, and the shocked looks on their guest's faces told them everything about their method of proof. Even the blind Sunset seemed to react to the magic in the air, the look of confusion as she tried to identify what was going on growing as she realized more and more something impossible was happening.

Song done, the girls slowly lowered to the floor. Before the trio could regain their composure the younger Sunset charged for her counterpart, unsure of how long the effects would last.

"Here, I know you couldn't see it, but I can see you can sense it. Now, here's the solid proof." With that she grabbed Sunset's left hand, pulling it up to her pony ear, and allowed her to feel.

"That....that's impossible!" The older girl exclaimed, bringing her other hand up to the other pony ear and feeling. The younger kept herself still, forcing herself to not close her eyes in fear as realization sunk in.

She expected shock, questioning, the feeling of the ears and how they were attached to her skull.

What she didn't expect was for those searching hands to run down her jawline and start feeling the outline of her face.

"Wait, what-"

"It's ok, she's just getting a good look at you."

Instinctively the younger Sunset looked over at Rose, who was managing to mix the wonder of realization with the calmness of experience. She turned back, and allowed her human self to continue to 'see' what she looked like. Though it likely only took a very few minutes, it felt like hours, but finally the elder Sunset sat back in the chair, and a look that could only be described as awe graced her face.

"You really are me. I could feel it," as she spoke she ran her hand down her own jawline, "same cheekbones, same hair, everything…."

Two Sunsets faced each other surrounded by their friends, neither sure how to take the next step.

Author's Note:

So, here we are. Moment of truth, Sunset finds out. Before anyone asks, if anyone was gonna ask idk how common it is to know this, I've seen blind people use that to 'see' faces, the first time I couldn't fathom that anyone could actually do that, but it can actually 'see through' a LOT of little things that'll confuse actual sight, the kinds of things that'll make you think they're someone different. I don't know how much I want to go the 'recap what Equestria is and several movies' route, so while that will be partially based on time and my ability to get it in without it being painful, I'm curious what you all think for including that.

I'm still pushing to try to get a fanfic chapter out each week somewhere, last week's was actually Star Citizen over here if anyone wants to read here.

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We were all tough to convince to, but you're gonna get to see sumthin to prove it faster'n we did."

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