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Its been ages · 2:46am Jul 25th, 2022

I did not have anything on my mind for the new chapter that was just published. I'll be honest, its been years and I forgot about this place a lot. I've been busy with life and its many ways of screwing with me so writing was the last thing on my mind. Then when I actually found some time and was cleaning out a lot of files I found the unfinished chapter and decided to work on it for whatever reason. I highly doubt I'll continue writing any of my stories and more than likely this'll be the last

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(Spike was born with a rare lung disease, the disease was fatal and had no cure, and therefore, Spike could not live more than 15 years.
Despite the fact that he suffered from horrible chest pain most of the time, and spit up a lot of blood from time to time, Spike always smiled and helped everyone in any way he could.
Twilight, being her best friend and almost sister, was very upset to know that this little young dragon would soon die, and that is why she dedicated a large part of her time to researching all kinds of magic to find a cure for the dragon, but to Despite his efforts, he was unable to do so. Disappointed in herself, she understood that there was nothing she could do about it to prevent the future death of her best friend, so she took advantage of all the time Spike had left to be with him)

(Actually, Spike and Twilight were chatting on the castle balcony)

Spike: I see... it'll soon be your turn to be the new princess of friendship, hm? (he said smiling)

Twilight: Yep! (said smiling) And when I'm a princess, I'll do my best to make all ponies happy... because that's my destiny! Hahaha.

Spike: ..........

Twilight: I mean, I know that everyone here is happy, me, you, the girls, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, and everyone else... but my duty as a princess is to keep everyone as happy as they are now! (he said smiling) You're happy too, aren't you Spike?

Spike: .......why...do you think that? (answered still smiling)

(Twilight laughed a little and looked back at the ponyville landscape from her palace)

Twilight: Equestria is a very prosperous kingdom! (looks at the ponies roaming the streets) Everyone leads a very happy life, from ponies to griffins. (She spread the hooves high in the sky) As a princess, there is no greater happiness than this!

Spike: ..........do you really believe that?

Twilight: huh? (turns to Spike)

Spike: ...do you really think...I'm happy?

Twilight: .......

Spike: Twilight... (Spike gives his pony friend a serious look) As you know, I will soon succumb and die of my disease...

Twilight: (Her smile slowly faded) .... Spike?...

Spike: Until now, I've only considered everyone else's happiness, to be seen as a good friend...

(Spike looks at the landscape on the balcony)

Spike: I've met many ponies, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, the girls... you Twilight...
Certainly, when the time comes for me to die... many will say "He had a happy life"...

Twilight: ....... (small tears roll down her cheeks) ......... S-spike...

(Spike felt a familiar sensation in his chest, knowing what it was, he used his right claw to cover his mouth)

Spike: Cof! Cof! Cof!...

(Spike removes the claw from his mouth and sees that there is a large blood stain on it)

Spike: .... I don't have much time left...

(Spike looks at the entire kingdom of Equestria)

Spike: There's so many things I've wanted to do...Those frigoles those ponies eat, do they taste good?...Those comics those ponies read, are they interesting?...That train going through town, Where does it go?... That river in Sweet Apples Acres, how far does it flow?... The Everfree Forest that everyone fears, what secrets does it hide?... And the sky above my head, how far does it rise?... (Sighs)... I don't know any of those things...

(Without realizing it, Spike unconsciously began to shed tears)

Spike: I... I don't want to... I don't want to die yet... not soon... I'm scared... I'm really scared to die Twilight...

Twilight: Spike... I-I... (sheds many more tears than before) I.... forgive me for not being able to do anything to help you... p-please!, forgive me!

Spike: ............ huh? (He brought his claw to his cheeks, and saw how wet they were) ......

(Spike was silent for a few seconds, but then, quickly rubbed his eyes to wipe away the tears, and once they were dry, he looked at Twilight again)

Spike: hehehe..... sorry twilight (Shows a big smile) I think...I let out a very ugly side of me, didn't I? hehehehe...

Twilight: ..... Spike... I-I....

Spike: Just... forget everything I said, okay? hehehe (smiles while scratching the back of his neck)

All I wanted for Heath's Warming was for some people to enjoy Warmth in the Snow :raritystarry:
Thank you for the favorite, it was a lovely gift :scootangel:

It's an exceptionally well written piece. Also, that pun was pretty bad.

I'm glad to see my story Finding a Home on your bookshelf :yay:
And nope, I'm not going to apologize for that pun :ajsmug:

2141619 Np, I look forward to your work and hope you don't lose that writing bug.

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