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Sunset Shimmer has a crush on Twilight, and invites to the human world for Valentine's Day. However, Flash Sentry manages to ask Twilight on a date before Sunset gets the chance.

I know Valentine's Day has already passed, but here it is. Better late than never!

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My wife did not share the "better late than never" sentiment regarding valentine's day.

Dang it, I took too long reading and missed the opportunity to be the first commenter! But I loved the fic, and I've got my notes all ready to send to you. You've got a promising career in fanfiction, Ms. Friedchicken96... there's gotta be a story behind a username like that. XD

5653338 Not a very interesting story, just a love of fried chicken!

5652982 I'm sure she didn't, my apologies.

I like this. :heart:

Glad you enjoyed it! I Had a lot of fun writing this.

I loved this so much :heart: SunLight is my new number one favorite shipping on Fimfiction now after FlutterPie held that for the longest time, and this story helped solidify my feelings for this shipping.

Flash Sentry can go to Tartarus and rot there for all I care. He was a huge jerk to Sunset in this story, so yeah. Flash. Tartarus. Rot. Now! *clears throat* K thanks~

Also WE NEED SUNSET SHIMMER EMOTES! :twilightangry2::raritycry:

5661704 We totally do I didn't even realize it! :pinkiegasp: But yes, Sunlight has become my new favorite ship all because of Rainbow Rocks! It's like they wanted us to ship them I mean really. I tried not to make Flash a super jerk in this, but yes he is Brad imma steal your waifu. He's really quite difficult to write for since he has pretty much zero characterization in either EQG movie. Anywasy I'm glad you enjoyed it! Stayed tuned for a fluffy epilogue! :twilightsmile:

5662057 Oh I am. I have this story on Tracking status because I need to read how their date ends up.

Also yes, Rainbow Rocks wasn't very subtle in their SunLight shipping instances, but those are some of my favorite parts of the movie.

5662654 Glad to hear it! I've also recently had ideas for a fic consisting of Sunlight oneshots. My mind is filled with adorableness and I have to let it out. I'm hoping to upload the epilogue this weekend. :pinkiesmile: I just have to do a bit of school work first.

I really love this story. It's not to long and it's not to short. But I just have one thing to say... Good game flash:twilightsheepish:

5715350 Glad you enjoyed it! Hoping to have the epilogue out soon! :twilightsmile:

By the way, the title is making me channel my inner Agent Washington by saying, "Of all time."

5777875 "A Valentine's Catastrophie of All Time!" :pinkiehappy:

5777875 "That was the worst throw ever. Of all time."

5782005 so is this story gonna get finished or what?

5963547 I have an idea or so in mind for the epilogue, but have been stalling a bit due to writers block and other ideas for different stories I have in mind. If all else fails I may just leave this as a one-shot.

5965704 well i think it deserves an epilogue

5965710 Well I'll certainly get my idea in the works then. :twilightsmile:

5965721 awesome, and hey, if you need an editor, I'd be happy to help :twilightsmile:

5965733 thanks I'll message you when I'm ready to have it proofed! I appreciate the help. :pinkiesmile:

5966714 no problem. Always glad to help out a fellow community member :twilightsmile:

I honestly have to say this was cheesy, corny and brilliant :3 I really enjoyed this story! Sunlight forever!

Also I hope you don't mind but I did a reading on this story and uploaded it to youtube. I hope I did it justice ^^" I apologize for some of my voices but I hope you enjoy regardless.

6097095 I'm glad you liked it! :twilightsmile: Also it's super awesome of you to do a reading of it! I'm really honored that you did that! :pinkiehappy:

Oh thank Celestia I'm not going to get sued. *sigh of relief* :twilightsheepish: The honor was all mine, I had a fun time reading it ^^

I have to admit, while I wouldn't mind seeing a follow-up to this story, it rocks on it's own! It's a lovely piece of fluff and zaniness that brought a smile to me after a bit of stressful day so far. :heart:

6163688 I'm glad you liked it! :pinkiehappy:

“Your suit was ugly to begin with,” Rainbow answered, returning his shots with her own. “I think it looks a lot better now.”


5850837 it's not my fault, somebody put a wall in my way.

for a moment, I was about to complain about making Flash look like a jerk in order to make SunLight work, it just didn't sit well with me (I'm okay with FlashLight, however, SunLight is my OTP)... and I'm glad that wasn't completely the case, I mean, at least he apologized... also, I'm not fond of the idea of ruining the date, but then again, it was hard to think of another way to give Sunset the chance she deserved... in the end, I must be some kind of masochist, since I felt my heart sink every moment since Flash asked Twilight out, until Twi confessed to Sunny, and yet... I just couldn't help but to LOVE this story!!!
even if I kept feeling Sunset's inner turmoil, I couldn't stop hoping for a nice resolution... and while I'd still make some observations about how Twilight's confession felt a bit rushed, or maybe the development of her feelings didn't feel fleshed out enough, that didn't make this any less enjoyable :twilightsmile:

6756203 Yeah it's been a year since I wrote this and I honestly cringe sometimes thinking about how poorly written some of it was lol. I'm glad you liked it though! I agree the the confession did seem kind of rushed and I admittedly don't hate Flash as much as I did back when I wrote this. I'm actually considered writing a oneshot about Sunset and Flash actually talking about things that happened in their relationship Sunset apologizing for using him and just general closure for both parties cause we never actually see them interact in the movies and I think it'd be an interesting character study. I digress though, like I said I'm glad you enjoyed it despite its many flaws lol :twilightblush:

6758263 I like the idea of Sunset and Flash talking things out... in the movies he only seems to interact with the other 6 to ask about Twilight... like Silver Quill said, the problem with him is that he's a missed oportunity of having a positively depicted male character (well, Big Mac has been fleshed out a bit more, but still), and that talk with Sunset would be a very much needed step to flesh him out and make him not look like a unidimensional character... like I said, I wouldn't mind if he and Twi actually hook up, although it makes me wonder which Twilight should he hook up with (or which Flash, for that matter)
then again, paraphrasing Silver Quill, the other problem is that pony and human Flash seem interchangeable, which is wrong in itself; if FlashLight becomes canon (which, let's be honest, is more likely to happen than SunLight), it has to be a pony-pony or human-human relationship, whether it happens for pony Twi (in the main series) or for human Twi (in a future EG movie), tl;dr, but in any case (sorry, I was digressing, too), for FlashLight to become canon, Flash desperately needs to become a more complex and developed character, and talking to the other girls (specially Sunset) without obsessively bringing out Twilight, would be the first step in the right direction

6759312 I have no problem with making Flash a more fleshed out character, in fact I think he really needs much better canon characterization. However I really don't like him ending up with Twilight because I feel like that "romance" if you can call it that, was very much forced, and the only reason he exists at all is because for the first eqg the writers were going for the typical Mean Girls formula (which is also why Sunset is so poorly characterized in that movie). They wanted to give Twilight the typical high school movie romance so insert Flash, the hot, guitar player, hopeless romantic, and good guy who just broke up with the movies villain, Sunset Shimmer. Anyways, I kinda doubt either pairing will become canon, I just can't see the story focusing on romance because that's not really what canon mlp is about. (I hope I don't come off as rude, don't worry I respect your opinion on the ship? I was just telling you mine).

6760352 no problem, no sensibilities hurt :pinkiehappy:
you raise a good point: due to the show's nature, it's hard to consider any romantic relationship (except for the already stablished ones) becoming canon, save for the comics (case in point: the upcoming MarbleMac comic [EDIT: it was just the cover, my bad]), where characterization is far more fleshed out, even pony Flash had a little exposition in those, for what I've heard... the show's proper is so heavily directed towards a young audience, they will try to keep the status quo as stable as possible (even with the recent changes), because they don't believe kids can handle relationships (even if most elementary school kids have already had at least a crush or some 1-2 week relationships)... because of that, I think we have to be thankful that the comic canon and the show canon are somewhat separated, since that allows them to explore themes that the writers or executives might be afraid to touch :twilightsheepish:

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