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Other than a Cybertronian writing utensil, I am an avid brony that is partial to writing novice-level stories whenever an idea pops into my head, whether I like it, or not. It's mostly the latter.


This story is a sequel to Sex On A Desk

Keeping what had transpired in Sex On A Desk as a secret between the two rivals, the story continues several weeks after the Sonic Rainbooms' crushing victory over the Dazzlings at the Battle of the Bands, with an emotionally ambivalent Sunset Shimmer uncertain on what to feel about her brief and yet heated affair with the Dazzling’s lead singer, Adagio Dazzle, who has yet to return to school.

((Although not essential, it is preferable to read the prequel.))

(Edited by the awesome: Ladrian)

(Cover art by the lovely and talented: SkycatcherEQ. Catch his deviantart page on his fimfic profile and check out the stories there too for more SunDagio!)

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How Pinkie knew what was going on was hilarious. That actually sold the chapter.

Pinkie Pie shrugged. “Just a lucky guess, I suppose… that and they weren’t exactly being discreet when they were doing the nasty in Principal Celestia’s office.”

I wonder if she overheard the conversation with Principal Celestia and Vice-Principal Luna. :trixieshiftright: But still good story, cant wait to find out why the fight started, though I have a good idea. :rainbowwild:

I'll give this a read tonight. And to clear up any uncertainty per the description, it's "he." ;)

Wife and kids as well. I think I recall you noting the same in a blog.

Damn it, Pinkie...:facehoof:

BEAUTIFUL!! :applecry: :heart: :pinkiesad2:
please continue :fluttercry: :raritystarry:

It's interesting how Sunset went to tell AJ first, but oh so fitting too since she's the more dependable friend. A lot of people would've had her go straight to Rarity.
The characters are also well-characterised so far, which is pretty hard to do. So well done!
Story got a few giggles out of me as I read through it too, especially at the part: "

Aria punched Adagio right in the face! There was blood everywhere!

The visual image of that... :rainbowlaugh: Can't say Adagio doesn't deserve it. Sounds like Sunset may not have been the only one to confess...~

Eagerly awaiting more! :raritystarry:

5833178 Cheers. I hope you to continue to like what is going on here. I have never really done a clop-sequel before; especially veering off of the clop route somewhat and more into the romance and drama sort of road, but... here's to experimenting!
5833282 Thanks dude. Annnnnnnd, maybe? :ajsmug:
5833330 It'll come eventually, don't worry.
5833699 :pinkiecrazy:
5833735 Glad ya'll like it.
5833935 Thanks for letting me use the art and thanks for like the story. :twilightsmile:
5834331 Thanks! Hopefully I'll do the story justice and make it more entertaining than Sex On A Desk was.

Aria punched Adagio right in the face!


Something tells me Adagio was having thoughts not unlike the ones Sunset has, she voiced them, and Aria lost her cool.

I still don't understand how Adagio could have lost.

5835855 Ahem. You know how she lost, right?

Yea, I have read that. I okay, it's better to say - I don't see why they was almost equal at this.

5835932 This issue is actually going to be addressed in A Slow Sunset to some degree.

5835939 That's nice. I'm more interested in the story than in clop (clop is actually more like a downside)

5836004 Wow. You read Sex On A Desk for the plot? Wow. Dude, you just made my day.

5836019 I'm here just for you - read your clop stories for the story.

5836027 You just blew my fucking mind.

Fluttershy guilting Rainbow into giving Adagio a chance was priceless.

...and is it weird I'm imagining the argument - and even returning to school - was in some way, shape, or form...about Sunset?

5836244 Nope. Not weird at all. It seems to be the "go to" theory.

Sunset Shimmer was not sure if she happy, concerned, angry, or all of the above.

if she was happy, concerned...

shocking itself, but, we figured it was nothing to stick around for,

It doesn't feel like you need a comma after the "but", at least to me.

Sunset Shimmer frowned as she felt her own hands curl into her fists at her sides,

It already has been said that those are her hands curling, kind of pointless to repeat it.

“I think you've done more than enough to redeem yourself, Sunset Shimmer.

I don't call my friends their full names (mostly because I don't have friends), and I don't remember many instances on the show or movies where the girls did. It eventually gets irritating.

“I think it’s nice she’s worried about Adagio Dazzle.”

Again. Also, I don't remember hearing their full names during the movie. I remember seeing them on the opening tittles...

you make sure you don’t let me catch you doing anything like that again on school grounds

So, they don't have to get caught.
I'm liking this. Only thing I have a complain about is that you keep referring to Adagio as "blonde"... Her hair is mostly orange, with golden highlights...

This just keeps getting better!! :pinkiehappy:
Adagio hope not cruel to Sunsert :fluttercry:
very good chapter, you are a good writer :twilightsmile:

5837090 Hey if you think about it, if Adagio do be cruel to Sunset, then that only means she coming back to her senses or just need someone to vent off on. :rainbowhuh:

5838453 I meant, well, Adagio may be somewhat ... not how to express it, I hope you know what I mean. :applejackunsure: :fluttershysad:
but if anything I'm sure, is that the only one who can reach the heart of Adagio, is Sunset. :twilightsmile: :heart:

5838470 I know what you mean, and yeah I'm sure she can, once Adagio open up to her. :twilightsheepish: But I wonder how Sunset will manage to do that. :trixieshiftright:

THAT WAS AWESOME!! now....wheres the rest??:pinkiehappy:

5838527 I guess we have to wait :twilightsmile:

This chapter was realy intresting.:trollestia:

Looking forward for the next one.:moustache:

5849824 Thanks. I had worries about it.

The door opened and Sunset and yelped as she felt somebody with a similar build and height collide into her,

That "and" shouldn't be there.

Adagio stammered angrily, narrowing her eyes as just as Nurse Redheart appeared over her shoulder.

I don't think you need that there.

Sunset Shimmer still stunned, found herself unable to speak the very moment she realized who it was.

I think the start would be better if it were like this: "Sunset Shimmer, still stunned, found herself..."
I think it reads better when you do that thing, like this, where you put extra information betwen commas.

However, as Nurse Redheart turned her gaze from Adagio and onto Sunset Shimmer,

Also, you already said her name on the previous sentence. You could avoid unnesesary repetition replacing "Sunset Shimmer" with "her".

her heavily blushing face confusing the rest of her expression considering just how pissed off the the Dazzling’s gaze appeared.

I will just point it out.

Bitch.” Sunset Shimmer grinned, rocking back and fore on the tips of her toes and the ball of heel.
Biiiiiiiitch~” Sunset Shimmer chimed in a sing-song.
Adagio stomped a foot. “I said stop!”
“Why?” Smirked Sunset Shimmer. “Because you’re bitching about it?
“I swear—”
“I’ll stop saying it, if you stop being one.”

Best confrontation ever. The way you explained it, the dinamic, what was said... It was pretty cool.


Is it because you know I am nothing more than a helpless little girl? Is that it?!

And just like that you made me hate myself for enjoying Sunset's B-word attack.

More more more!! THIS IS FANTASTICO!! IS THERE MORE TO COME NOW???:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

When you commented on my story I thought you were familiar... and then I realized you were the one who wrote sex on a desk and slow sunset. You don't know how much of a pleasure it was for you to comment on my story... saying you liked it. :pinkiehappy:

Also I absolutely love this story! Its so cute

:rainbowlaugh: And the mane 6 see Flash Sentry slowly back off from the hallway as Sunset continue to rant to herself.

Classic. :moustache:

por favor escribe mas esta genial(please writing more is so cool)

This story have more spice in it, than an normal "Let's be friends whit the Dazzlings" fic.

5849841 Thanks for the corrections! And thanks very much for your kind words. I actually enjoyed the "bitch fight" bit myself.
5850284 That's alright. XD You make it sound like I'm famous or something. Glad you like the stories though! Hopefully ya'll enjoy what's to come.
5849843 Not yet. But soon.

5851552 When you pair a former bad girl with a bad girl, I think it should have some spice to it.

I just finished reading this story and the one that preceded it when I learned about the hiatus. Curse my luck!
Hope real life treats you well. I look forward to any possible updates.

5851890 The next chapter por favor!

[Is the next chapter going to come out soon?:rainbowhuh:]

6087475 I cannot state a date but its high on my list of priorities.

Huh. I had some trepidation when I saw the name of the prequel, (and it made me check the rating and see this is just T) but this isn't bad.

You make decent use of humor, like people noticing Sunset staring at a door, or Rainbow Dash's pot meet kettle statements.

more more more pleaseeeeeeeeeeee

HAH I called that first line "I had sex." ugh, classic. Your writing makes me happy.
This chapter is almost too cute to believe what its predecessor is.
(Sometimes I too read mature/sex fics for the story, esp if the author is a reliably good one :yay:)

Comment posted by seventeen deleted Jul 10th, 2015
Comment posted by seventeen deleted Jul 10th, 2015

But only if Sunset Shimmer makes the first move

You... you're a riot.
Though I find it somewhat difficult to believe that Luna had no contact with Sunset for a little over a month, I can see it. Esp since she's probably avoiding Sunset. I'm kind of glad to see the other shoe drop, and not a second guilt trip from Celestia.
So Adagio can't take a punch huh? Good stuff to know.
I enjoy the introverted trips into Sunset's internal dialogue.
It's a very interesting idea to continue a T-rated fic after an M-rated one, it's rather sweet in a way. As far as experiments go, I'm really excited for what else you've got in store. ^__^

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