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How do we fall in love? Is it just a collection of moments? Sunset is about to find out.

Shipping: Sunset/Sci-Twi

Spoilers for Friendship Games

Chapters (5)
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This was a good fanfic. I admit same gender relationships have been a bit odd to me but I don't judge others for doing it themselves. If two people love each other, regardless of gender or race or culture, they should have the right to be together just as everyone else has.

I'm more into Pony Twilight with Sunset but Sci Twi is just as cute.

Awww! Very nice. :pinkiehappy:

I wonder how long this is after eqg3, Sunlight sure trusts sci-twi a lot.

It was nice, but it felt kinda thin? I guess I wish there was more to see, or more about what changed for sunset to like twilight more.

Darn it, I want to read this so bad. But I haven't watched the movie. And given my schedule, it might take a few weeks before I can find the time to.:raritydespair:

Mark my words: I will return to this story in a few weeks.

I'll admit I'm not the best writer. This idea just popped into my head and I thought it would be cute.

I love a good ponyTwi/Sunset story myself, but I've always felt the different worlds thing would be a pretty hard barrier to overcome.

The movie is really good, so watch it ASAP. I look forward to hearing what you think of my story. Just don't kill me for grammar mistakes. :rainbowlaugh:

Yes, Sunset, Twilight wants to study you for 'purely scientific reasons'. The fact that this will require that she attach sensor pads to your nearly-naked body and spend hours in close and near-intimate contact with you has nothing to do with it! :raritywink:

Seriously, though, right now the two of them should be trying to cool down. Sunset is on a rebound and I'm getting the feeling that Sunny is Twily's first crush so both of them might make over-hasty mistakes unless they're careful.

Suggestion: Sunset is still a pony in biochemical terms (hence the vitals). However, the portal transforms her gross anatomy to look human. As Twilight suggests, it's basically a camouflage system like the Gallifreyan Chameleon Arch but without the memory lock.

Yeah, it figures that Sunset was operating under some kind of external validation pressure. Stuff like that does tend to generate paranoia-like (or even true paranoid) behavioural problems.

“I have to agree,” Twilight said. “That was a lot of pressure.”

Yes, especially with the audience chanting:

"Can she do it? Will she make it?
Who will win it? Who will take it?
Can she do it? Who will take it?
Did she win it? Did she make it?
Who's the winner? Who's the reject?
How did she answer?"

Yes, I'm a fan of the fanon that the musical breaks really happen as shown. That must be so weird for bystanders! :rainbowlaugh:

I'm betting that Pinkie will want to throw a party and Rarity would embarrass them by insisting that she simply must design outfits for their first formal date.

Of course Pinkie's going to throw a party! I'm not sure Rarity needs an excuse to design them dresses. :raritywink:

I know you told me not to kill you over grammatical mistakes, but . . . honestly, I just can't find any significant enough to comment on. So you're off the hook there! :yay:

I really liked the style you opted for in writing this story. I really can't state it any more succinctly than as it's stated in the title: a collection of moments. And slow, gradual development of feelings is much facilitated in this format. Every one is passionate, but friendly, and gives a little blurb at the end that weaves the otherwise disjointed moments together. I really do believe that love can develop this way.

And I guess "succinct" is the word that I would use to describe your writing style in general. It certainly doesn't waste words, and the story is tight because of it. But I guess it is possible to wander a bit too far in the other direction, and this is what I'm seeing here. The only thing I wish for is that each one of these moments that you wrote about was just a bit longer. It's easy to speed through a moment and tell readers what they need to know (e.g. Sunset is a pony/human hybrid), but it's generally preferred to go through the moments and show readers the events that lead up to such a conclusion. Not only is "showing" more engaging, it also gives you more opportunities to put in touches that linger for just a bit too long, and blooms in the heart that are hard to understand, hugs that aren't shared with other friends . . . things like that!

Overall, this story was rather brief, but passionate and lovely. Have a cookie! (I-I mean a like. USB-connected cookie machines don't exist yet.)

It's so cute~! :') There are very few stories that turn out well with such short chapters, but this one is a happy exception. I love love love this ship as of late, and the way the two girls are portrayed here is very sweet. I only wish that Sunset had elaborated a little more at the end on how she feels towards her Twilight as opposed to Princess Twilight; nonetheless, I can feel the truth in her confession from each little interaction throughout the story.

Not perfect, but very beautiful, and I would recommend it to a friend. Please write more like this. :twilightsmile:

6526280 fascinating idea!! I'll take that into account for my own headcanons :pinkiehappy:


It was nice, a little fast paced and don't know how much time jump we went through, but still pretty nice. I do like that Sunset realizes that it would be wrong to use Sci-Twi as a replacement/copy of Princess Twilight since they are two different beings.

6526288 I agree. I liked the story we saw in the comic book, but I'm hoping we eventually get more of her back story.

6526293 I'll be honest, I still giggle when Twilight says "Tell me she's not" in the first episode.

O gosh you escaped my giggles!:rainbowlaugh:

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