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This story is a sequel to Duties

Sometimes everything goes smoothly. Most of the time there are complications, especially when it comes to royal weddings.

Blank Page and Princess Luna's wedding is getting closer and with it comes trouble and it has brought it's friends.

Nothing is ever easy, is it?

Betaing by Fan4tic
Cover art by Sipioc

Chapters (61)
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Awww yeah, here we go again!

yes!!! We are back!!!!

Ahhh this was what was missing in Day

And the saga continues! :rainbowkiss:

Perfect! But where's Sunset Shimmer?


And awaaaaaaaay we go.

As a side note. I did make a refrence to Fern in Twilght Gets a Puppy in case it gets brought up. I usualy mark refrences but i forgot. Though the comments did it for me.

Here we go again!!! :pinkiehappy:

Aside, she should be there. Both as a friend, and as a Head of State.

Neat, totally forgot this was a thing. Nice to see it back.

Post to featured in 2 hours. I think it's a record for me.:twilightsmile:

Now that this is going up proper I can read it a second time, haha.

...and pick out things I missed... oops...

Finally, we all were waiting so long for this continuation. Thanks, Hiver. :pinkiehappy:

Princess Skitter

Forgive me, but should she ever go to war I will be making escalation jokes. Especially if a dragon or sea monster gets involved.

They slowly rose upwards, barely visible in the thin beam of sunlight shining in through the closer curtain to reveal a pair of bright green eyes.

That's an adorable image :trollestia:

The name Mirror Universe Twilight had finally ended up picking. I think she had been in a dark mood at the time, which I honestly couldn’t blame her for.

... oh yeah, forgot about here for a second :moustache:

“No, sir. Simply that it’s Hive business.”

Well now I'm just curious :trixieshiftright:

Woooot!!!! Just made my night! Thank you continuing this.

You're back with a new story in this series ! Houra !
I'm back to read it ! Houra !

Tracking this before even reading it because I read the rest of the series before getting an account. No further explanation is necessary.

“Then being there will do nothing but help,” I countered firmly as I looked up at the taller changeling, putting my hoof on her shoulder, “I want you there, I want the rest of the changelings there and Celestia help me, I even want your mother there.”

Wow aiming high :trollestia:

Hmm only with Luna?
Wasn't there something with Sunset Shimmer?

I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE just ship Skitter with Blank Page, P̴͓̓L̶̠̋Ė̸̤A̴̘̿S̷͎̑E̸̫̋ ̶̘̂S̵̳̓T̸̫̋O̵̫̽P̴͈̂ ̶̪̃T̶̺͠H̴̼͆Ḙ̸̄ ̷̝̋Ṭ̷͆Ō̴̤R̵̗̅T̶͔̔U̸͍̓R̴͎̾Ḛ̴̄

Aww hell yeah so glad to see this back on my radar once again to see what trouble Page gets up to.

Parallel universe Twilight? I swear I don't remember that, which story is it from?

Chrysalis should not only go but also go armed for war. Or as if going to a buffet. Or merely do the queen thing and be as a sore reminder as possible of the last wedding.
And, of course, tease him mercilessly once things inevitably go pear shaped :rainbowwild:

so, it finally happened. heh, called it. makes me wonder if herds are a thing in this universe and if not what happened to the other mares that were interested in him

Whoot! Thought duties was the ending for some reason, but NO! it goes on!!!!:pinkiehappy:

It's mane universe twilight and she came into the story at the end of duties.

-Gasp- yesyesyesyesyesyesyes!

My peeps! We are back!!!

We back at it again!

I really didn’t want to move. Life honestly didn’t get any better than this. Forcing my eyes finally open just in time, I could see a dark horn, green mane and small pointy ears stick up from behind the edge of the bed.

They slowly rose upwards, barely visible in the thin beam of sunlight shining in through the closer curtain to reveal a pair of bright green eyes.

I sighed softly and opened my eyes fully. Her hoof was raised to rest on the edge of the bed as the changeling peered at me.

Very carefully I started to extract myself out of Luna's grasp before Amber went on the poking phase of getting me out of bed.

I had forgotten how utterly adorable your changelings are.

“I want you there, I want the rest of the changelings there and Celestia help me, I even want your mother there.”
If only so I could keep an eye on her while all of the alicorns were gathered in one spot so she couldn't get up to anything.


Off to a great start.
Really happy to see a new entry to this series. :pinkiehappy:

The cover has grumpy looking ponies in military uniforms with things smoldering in the background. Looks like the wedding is going to have some uninvited guests.


Keep in mind that the cover art is drawn by Sipioc who has not much more information to go by than you.:pinkiehappy:

Wait, what? Midnight Sparkle? When that happened? I honestly can't remember her even being mentioned! Help!

I have read these since the very beginning. Admittedly, it is one of the few "Human turned Pony" stories that both became a series, and held my attention the longest. In light of that fact, you will forgive me if I watch it with a critical eye, because I do not desire to see it die out anytime soon! Thank you for your understanding, and once again, WOW me with another great chapter-based sequel! :twilightsmile:

He’s right. Not given more than a title.

End of the last story. Her name reveal was in this story.

9815473 9815867

Bah, Word of God is overrated. Wild speculation is way more fun.

Yea I had to do a recap myself. Twilight from another universe (not sci-twi) ended up stuck in this Equestria during the whole twilight vs starlight timeline fiasco, so to avoid confusion she decided to call herself that. It's not the midnight sparkle from EQG.

So glad to see this series return. Honestly, its possibly the very best Human as a Pony stories out there, for all the chapters are short and concise. The story is so wonderful and the characters are a delight. And the fact that it is secretly an Anon story has always made me smile. Afterall. Blank Page. Anonymous. Both empty. Both waiting for details to fill them. Such a wonderful thing.

Omg i never thought of it that way, which makes it that much better.

It is back.
This just made my day sooo much better. 😃

To be fair, it avoids all the usual trappings of such a story, not just the name.

She's supposed to be the Twilight from the "canon" Timeline IIRC

Could someone give a quick summary of what's happened so far? I can't remember which human-as-pony-in-Equestria this is. This IS the one where he defeated Tirek by shrinking a bunch of weapons, right?

Yes, that is this HiE. He also returned Sunset to Equestria.

And thus is the start of Pages Harem growing ever bigger, not even being from another universe will same you now :twilightsmile:

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