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This story is a sequel to Repercussions

Page has some problems. Some are large with larger teeth. Some have sharp claws. Some have wings. Most are ponies. Sometimes being an alicorn is simply not worth the perks of the job, no matter how nice.

The village of Nocturnis has grown slightly and is still growing, built into the southern jungles and forming the core of the rare thestral tribe.

However, forming a new town is not without its own dangers or troubles. Especially if built in a difficult location. But it’s not always the wildlife that’s the most troublesome.

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Betaed by Arratra

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Whuhu! More crazy Page shenanigangs!

Yes, another one!

Hey, no fair. You area day early and I couldn't finish rereading the last book yet.....

Gues, I know how I will spent the night...

finally!!! I was looking forward to it !!!
Thank you!!!

Nice try page even if you outlaw paperwork it will still exist.

Flower Rain checked her clipboard, but I already knew it was mostly by reflex, she’d know off the top of her head already,

Return of the King !!!!

Yay! The next series of the awesome alicorn king X3

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Ahem, anyway beyond my joy that this is back I finally have an excuse to say this. I have to wonder what you plans you got for the Kirin given how things have gone differently in this reality.

Welcome back Hiver! :heart:
Hello Page. :pinkiesad2:

awww yis, the tale continues

woot! more page. can't believe it took me 3 years to come back to the site and I got to find this series still going

Holy Nightsky it continues!!!

Wooo, it's back!!!

It's here!!
Calling now. Somehow do to crazy time shenanigans, page gets sent back x000 years and the statue of a male thestral Alicorn was for him.

Sunny doesn't like that joke

Only because nopony else gets it. :rainbowlaugh:

But that reminds me... what ever happened to that "Trip to the EQG for human-world supplies" arc that kept getting hinted at for the next time the mirror portal opened?

Waaaay too busy.

Oh HELL YEAH, page returns!


You know that ancient thestral king's name might just as well been Konrad Curze, he WAS batshit crazy after all(pun intended) and super soldier theme rings some bells here too.

Fair. Still, its one of those things that seems like it should have been acknowledged amidst the bustle, about how Page regrets not being able to do some of the things he wanted to do for/with his loved ones.

Looking forward to more misadventures of our favorite prince!

Aw shit we're back at it again. Good chapter. Missed your works. Hope you've been well and taking care of yourself. Can't wait to see where this goes. Your stories are always super interesting.

Man, I love your stories. I look forward to seeing more!!

amazing start to a grate story.

It’s up! It’s here! I’m at work! Damn!!!

return of Prince Blank Page! HELL YEA!_! Also crucial question here, when are we gonna see some foals running around?"

It has returned.

This pleases me greatly. :pinkiehappy:

Ah, one of the few series that forces me to drop everything and read.

So all will be „fun and Games“ ?
Or are they going to „take it day by day“?
Or will it be rough and „get worse, every day“?

So many options to choose from when taking inspiration from the Titel.

And I’m sure Sunny will hate all the options for the pun. 😅

Finally! Celebratory EEEEeeee!!

I frowned slightly, “That’s by almost a week. A day or two has happened before, but a week?”
She frowned, “Think anything has happened?”
“Too early to say. Just keep me updated.”

um--isn't it just a two-day flight back to Ponyville from there? If they've got regular patrols going out looking for rexis, why not send someone out to find out what's with the train that's a week late!? C'mon, Page! You're from EARTH--that sort of shit should immediately be waking up your Captain Kirk "Red Alert!" yell. :facehoof:

She shook her head, “Nothing scheduled. But there is a stack of reports and other paperwork a hoof high waiting for you,” she said with a smile.
I eyed her suspiciously, “...Didn’t I outlaw paperwork last week?”
“I’m afraid that even the power of alicorn royalty has its limits, your majesty,” she said with a playful smile, giving me a small bow, spreading her wings elegantly. "Besides, they'll need to chop down half the Everfree to make enough paper for the paperwork needed to outlaw paperwork."
"How on earth did they come up with that estimate!?" I demanded.
"Princesses Celestia and Luna tried to outlaw it once. That's how the Badlands were created."
"Wait, I thought the Badlands were the result of a battle?" I pointed out.
"Nope. Just deforestation. Not to mention, the application was rejected after they submitted it. Apparently, they both were so sleep deprived toward the end of filling out the forms that one of them had checked the wrong box on one of the pages. They decided to not ever try again."
"So, why the rumor that the Badlands was the result of their fight with--sorry, I forget who it was involved...."
"Because of the bad PR from chopping down so many trees," she explained. "Better to blame it on some sort of fight. Besides, that story changes over time about what caused it because no actual battle occurred and they can't keep the lie straight since no other race will acknowledge such a battle ever happened. And for the record, the latest version is the battle between the sisters. Of course, that fails on examination when it's clear the only battle that happened between them was at their castle here in the Everfree."
"..." I responded.


Yeah, baby! Page is back! On a Friday, too. Nice way to start a weekend!

Where is Amber? Is she safe? Is she alright?

Loving it already keep up the good work and can't wait for more.

Hell yeah! Glad to see you back in action!

They should only do that when they are smart enough to not let any of that stuff get into hooves of ...,. anyone actually, even a normal pony will be a disaster.
They also aren't smart enough.

The technology should stay in the human knockoff world and be used when they go to visit.
The technology is also created for hands, they would need to recreate them from basics anyway .

They should just use magical powered accessories with runes,etc like a handheld radio and similar stuff inspired by normal technology functions

The only exception would be modifying a custom gun for Page,with also addition of magic to make sure it won't be lost


Glad you decided to skip ahead past the boring parts of founding a new city but I'm curious as to how his relationships have progressed or changed, if at all, with everybody, especially Celestia.

Nice, can't wait to see what further adventures await Page in his crazy life!

Nopony except Blank Page and those who have seen his dreams would have any clue what the stuff they're making a run for is. The words "expensive brick" come to mind, but they wouldn't even realize how expensive it is or why.

Trust me it would happen
It's just asking for it to be taken

Also, it's much easier to kill someone, or yourself by accident by not knowing that something is a weapon,gun

“Very nice, your highness,” she said with a smile, flicking her ears, “I… had a date yesterday morning.”

That's nice :eeyup:

I frowned slightly, “That’s by almost a week. A day or two has happened before, but a week?”

Yeah that's probably not good, should look into that... and soon :trixieshiftleft:

I blinked at her, “That’s… a good point. We should do that, shouldn’t we.”

You should, having a celebration every now and again is good for mental health :eeyup:

Time to see what kind of problems Page will get up to this time :trollestia:

So Page, do you often have mares you're not in a relationship with sleep in your bed?!

(I know Sunset and Twi are a thing but still!)

'Ere we go! 'Ere we go! 'ERE WE GO! :flutterrage:

Ahem, with that proclamation of excitement out the way, a two year time skip? Interesting, I wonder what's happened in the meantime? Our favourite Prince has clearly got on with his plans and brought a following with him to the colony, but how many? How far along are they construction-wise? The sound of sawing would suggest there's still a lot of work to be done. With the train delay, given how isolated the colony is (a fortnight by airship if I recall, so at the very least half that by even steam train) any number of problems could have occurred. Coal/water shortages at a holt could very easily hold everything up that long, or it could be more sinister. It's probably not the local flora/fauna though since last time the plan was to set up on the outskirts of the jungle, not deep. Let's hope the colony's fairly self-sufficient by now, they should be getting their first crops in this year at least.

As for personal matters, at this rate Page's are rapidly approaching Denobulan levels of complexity. Someone earlier mused on how long until foals are running around (hardly anything new there, I seem to recall speculations during Luna's Griffonian excursion). Given the pace of the story thus far and the time spans involved I'd not be surprised if there was a certain reveal on that note as the ending hook of this story, or perhaps the next. Likely involving Sunset, given the inevitably slower pace of immortal relationships (might just be my Tolkienian background talking, but Luna's dialogue in earlier stories supports a somewhat elven outlook on most points except their absolute monogamy) and the fact she must now be getting on for her mid-thirties at least, so she's starting to get to that now or never age. Assuming a 70-90ish life expectancy and reasonably similar biology to humans of course, and that Page isn't sterile.

Incidentally, 'defenses' should be 'defences', it's a common issue rising from the offence/offense confusion (the latter only applying specifically to an insult) that catches an awful lot of people. Otherwise, the spelling and grammar so far is looking like an improvement over a couple of the other instalments, assuming 'centered' was an intentional localisation choice.
Also there were a couple of excessive uses of 'your highness' or 'your majesty' (the latter of which might not be appropriate to Page at all if Nocturnis is a vassal rather than a sovereign state like the Crystal Empire), since almost universally after the first address the proper form is to use sir or ma'am for heads of state and Princes/Princesses. That said, maybe Equestria simply has different rules when it comes to forms of address.

Defense and Defence is purely dialectic. There is no difference in meaning.


I think i like your stories too much.
I was grinning like a moron at work, when i noticed the update.

*Enthusiastic Fluttershy noises*

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