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This story is a sequel to Responsibilities

The 'adventures' of Blank Page continue. Changelings, Griffons and Princesses. At least he have learned his lesson not to volunteer for things anymore.

Yeah. Right.

That would involve him learning from his mistakes and that would be horrible. Celestia in particular finds it rather hilarious.

That's how you end up with Duties.

Cover art by Sipioc

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New story! But now comes the time where I have to skim through the previous stories to remember what actually happened and the characters currently introduced.

Nice! Was this chapter preread/edited before you published it?



Rolling out onto my back, I peered over my shoulder at the changeling poking her head over the edge of the bed, reaching to poke my shoulder.

That is so cute.
I can totally see it.
I can see Page turn around to see a changeling snout and eyes from the edge of the bead with outstretched hoof. :yay:

P.S: Glad you are back Hiver keep up the good work.

before stretching my one ones


and it’s was

At least with all the paperwork don’t come


What is this Master piece and were can I get more of it

Awesome to see a new addition to the series starting off again!

Page took over Canterlot (in both Celestia and Luna's absense) then asked luna to marry him when she landed.

We’re back baby!

Wonder what’s up with best ‘ling? Senses a way to ascend dark Changelings? Concerned that Chrissy is reverting to evil? Or upset that Sunset and Twi don’t call?

Either way, I’m in!!!

Good to have you back Hiv’!


Now to throw this into Read Later until it's complete so I can binge the entire thing all at once...


*poke poke poke*

"Hey, Blank Page!"

*poke poke poke*

"Hey, Blank Page!"

*poke poke poke*

"Hey, Blank Page!"

"What, Shelly?" Prince Page, grumbled as he woke up, groggily remembering that he had given Amber the day off (followed by Skitter insisting that another changeling take Amber's place for the day).

"I was told that your early appointments sent a notice that they were delayed and had to reschedule for next week, so you may sleep in if you want to."

Blank Page just looked at Shelly through half-lidded eyes for a moment before rolling over and snuggling up to Luna once again.

*poke poke poke*

"Hey, Blank Page!"

*poke poke poke*

"Hey, Blank Page!"

*poke poke poke*

"Hey, Blank Page!"

"What. Do. You. Want. Shelly?" Blank Page ground out as he rolled over again and glared at the changeling. :facehoof:

"Do you want to sleep in?"

"Go. Away. Shelly." :twilightangry2:


Issue resolved.

By having the next chapter uploaded and once it were submitted, I pulled the submission of the next chapter.

It's still there, will be posted day after tomorrow.

Didn't mean to break any rules though so I submitted the next chapter as well.

Now you don't get any more for three days instead. :p

Oh Chrysalis, you and your little (or not so little) games.

The weird thing is, in these stories, it honestly seems as if, underneath all of the crap she has pulled, she genuinely wants what is best for her hive.

Guess who's back.
Back Again.
Page is Back.
Tell a Friend.
Guess who's back.
Guess who's back.
Guess who's back.
Guess who's back.
Guess who's back.

N'awww, that was a nice touch with Page giving some love to Amber.

she said and then shook her head, “It don’t matter.

Skitter is from the hood

Always enjoy these. You're one Of like, five people I know that did an alicorn of without making the character so OP the story became boring and it was dropped. A lot of people don’t think it through and thus lose interest. It’s hard to write an interesting character that’s so blandly powerful.

... is Page going to have to sub for a changeling queen this time? :rainbowlaugh:


Well, this should be fun. I'm very much looking forward to him bumping heads with Chrysalis in the near future.

Yeah, the show is a great example of how horribly wrong this can go (and a half-dozen other critical failure modes as well :derpytongue2:). Fortunately Hiver has avoided those problems so far by keeping things focused on the characters and their interactions so the power imbalance isn't a problem here.

Maybe Blank should add Chrysalis to his Herd, I would think him having Luna and Chrysalis in bed with him would be 'Dream' come true for any guy.

Hey! I didn't wait about two months too late to find this fic! I actually get to see it at release.

This is new.

Anyway, you're doing a great job with still coming up with good, meaty story elements this far into a series. Good on you. And good for us, for that matter. :moustache:

I am so glad you've returned and are writing again. I love your work!

New story! :yay:

I really didn’t want to move. Bed was awesome, soft, warm and smelled of my Luna. Outside was cold and it’s was where the stupid ponies were.
Rolling out onto my back, I peered over my shoulder at the changeling poking her head over the edge of the bed, reaching to poke my shoulder.
Amber looked at me for a moment before I sighed and nodded. She was right, I couldn’t stay here all day, no matter how much I wanted to.

And a terribly cute alarm clock!

Point in fact part of me thinks this might not even be a game, but actually Chrissy trying to 'help' her daughter out through the only way she knows how. She does care for her changelings, she just needs a buck or two in the face from time to time to help with the all the 'stupid' that's infecting her.

Right in the story description:

At least he have learned his lesson not to volunteer for things anymore.

Should be *he has learned his lesson

Celestia in particular find it rather hilarious.

Should be *in particular finds it

Seems it wasn't. I noticed a few errors, and that isn't even considering the story description itself having problems.

thanks for the update!! Also good to see you back!

Nice cover as always, Sipioc!
PS Hm, do not want to be THAT guy, but... aren't Page suppose to be in uniform on the throne? Or at least have a medallion? I just can't unsee it now. 🤔

He threw it at you.

Yeah, yeah. I know. :facehoof:

I love the cover art.

And now Blank Page's Harem/Herd is starting to grow, First was Luna, now Chrysalis, next he just needs to help Sunset ascend into an Alicorn and he can add her to the Harem/Herd then.

Oh my goodness, you get instant +10 for that picture, i couldn't stop laughing.

This needs another editing and proof reading pass. Otherwise, interesting predicament he’s gotten himself into.

That cover art. :trollestia: :rainbowlaugh:

Page gotta Page. And it will somehow work, because Page :rainbowlaugh:

Why was this not showing up in my feed?

Agreed. Unfortunately, the author does not seem to be interested in accepting help.

Nice job on the cover art @Sipioc ,

Well.........There's no way that could possibly end poorly, lol.

Cover cracks me up, also- Page dun’ goofed

Heh chrysalis in the love vat reminds me of that episode in family guy where thin Peter falls into a vat of lard and strats drinking it.


Honestly, it already worked. She's in the vat now and gorging herself on its massive reservoir, so by the time she gets out she'll be perfectly well fed and back in more or less her right mind. She's not going to actually do anything to hurt him at this point because she knows that would be a terrible idea, so she'll bitch about it like crazy because that's all she can do and she knows it.

and that's the story of how Blank Page died. The end.

wait there's more?

You need to work on your issue of mixing past and present tense in your story.

Agreed! :yay:

Who’s plan was this again?

:trollestia: No wait... this time the blame is all yours Page! :derpytongue2:

na this was Celly all over, she told page to check what was wrong with Skitter who told him what was wrong with chrissy.

Celly had to have known chrissy was dying

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