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If you're reading this, then clearly you have nothing better to do. Go read a book or something.

Yes, I Fucking Hate Displaced.

Deal with it.

Okay, okay. Clearly, this hate stems from somewhere. Let me explain my general problems with the Displaced genre.

  1. It's overdone. 90% of the time, a Displaced fic is just going through the same generic motions. OP goes to a convention, finds a guy, goes to Equestria in their costume. Woopty fuck, where's the subversion? Where's the nuance in writing a different kind of Displaced? Why do nearly all of them have 1000 word chapters that barely have enough time to write a proper introduction? Here's a tip: Establish your fucking scene. Talk about the people you pass by, the sights of the convention, the sounds. You know, worldbuild. Talk about how you don't recognize certain cosplays, talk in detail why you picked your cosplay, talk about the series its from for a bit. You could easily write 2k words before hitting Equestria and if you write something quality out of it, well damn you managed to write something unique in Displaced, go figure!
  2. Humans? In Equestria? HiE was already kind of overdone before Displaced. Now it's overrunning the site, due to the ease of writing a basic Displaced outline because it's already done for you. Just throw in a character of your choice and boom, instant story. The next Microsoft Word package will have a basic template for Displaced, that's how formulaic it is. Also humans suck.
  3. Do you even know how to balance? Surprisingly, 90% of Displaced protagonists are outright Sues due to the fact they massively break the power curve of MLP with their superior firepower. Because nothing says balanced like being a fucking anime character (DBZ is a terrible offender.) or having futuristic armor capable of tanking blasts without trying. (Fallout) Have you people even tried writing a Displaced with an era even close to MLP's semi-medieval setting, rather than GENERIC CALL OF DUTY GUY #536 or fucking Goku for the 50th time? Hell, someone write a Shuckle displaced, that'd be hilarious.
  4. Anime does it better. See Overlord, KonoSuba and That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime. Those are all Displaced to an extent and are actually good because they had effort put into them. Mostly because instead of leaning on another franchise as a crutch, they establish their own universe and characters. Is it unfair to compare isekai and displaced? Probably, but it goes to show that effort and creativity can do wonders for such a concept like Displaced, if even a crotchety bastard like me can like them.

TL;DR: Displaced isn't inherently bad, but the poor writing ability of the authors lends it to be a hated genre by me.

Also for fucks sake don't write like 4 stories and don't finish them that's just entirely stupid.

The "Best" of My Work.

Procrastination for Dummies: Why I Don't Publish Often

I’m lazy. That and I have a lot of things to do and writing is not high on the priority list. Simple, really. Not a high demand for my writing, so stories are done on a “Whenever the fuck I feel like it.” basis.

Now, back to more pressing matters...

Look, I just put shit in here, feel free to read it.

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I like you

I actually once played with the idea of writing a Displaced fic with the main characters having dressed up as Reeka and Draggle. You know, the daughter witches from MLP generation one. Never got around to it, but the idea was so gloriously stupid and I really wanted to take the piss out of all those Displaced fics flooding the site...

Well, I'm glad your pessimistic as a whole, not just to other people.
I was typing, and for some reason I remembered you, though I probably shouldn't have. Anyway, hope you have a good one.
(No sarcasm. I mean it.)

Good to hear...

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the sound of rushed packing occur for several seconds

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