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Writer, reviewer, creator of Filly Fantasy VI, occasional PMV maker, and uploader of mildly amusing image macros to Derpibooru. https://www.patreon.com/drakeyc

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Dear Princess Twilight,

I don't care how many e-books you have in your Llamazon account, turn off your router.

Your friend,
Sunset Shimmer

I'm not the biggest fan of Gamer Luna, but this was still a fun, tense, tightly paced little action story. Thank you for it.



I love you.

Oh, Luna is just despicable! :rainbowlaugh:

Good Grief - Watching Reading through my fingers...

(in a good way, LOL, good story)

I Know the felling Sunset.

The Midnight will last forever!


So proud of my waifu. I so want to challenge her in classic Quake 3. A true gamer's game. None of that filthy casual Fortnite shite kids keep going on about.

(Don't get me started on NeuDoom and "Quake Champions." A pox on Bethesda for betraying id's legacy)

You will not Luna, we are impressed about your Hacking Skills and for that we will banned you on behalf of the Modecan Military Gaming Administration.



But Unfortunately we had to Banned Luna For Useing that Glich too much from a Behalf of the Modecan Military Gaming Administration, and Tan ke for your Hateful Sympathy from Fortnite.

Wanderer D

I approve of Sniper!Luna

might want to change the title as it implies that its about that blockhead rather then gaming and jerks.

Ah the fun of competitive shooting. Nothing quite builds rage like a slowly rising body count.

I unabashedly admit that I am Midnight, and nobody can stop me.

Luna, you troll!

i usually like gamer Luna, but honestly this rendition should be banned. if you have to exploit a glitch then honestly it's as good as cheating.

I'm quite surprised. So now swatting this time?

Dadgummit, Luna! XD How are you even able to get Humanland games, anyway?

Normally I would as well, but when you're as old as she is, you gotta find _some_ way to keep yourself entertained. And figuring out how to break games is certainly a passtime. I wouldn't be surprised if such people were hired by developers in order to help them find such exploits and choose which ones to keep and which ones to get rid of.


Dadgummit, Luna! XD How are you even able to get Humanland games, anyway?

Perhaps through the Mirror Portal that is now accessible most of the time?

Anyway, funny story. I honestly thought Midnight would be Sci Twi

Comment posted by Set deleted Jan 24th, 2019

wheres the picture from?

A trailer for season 2 of the digital series.

Well, she clearly doesn't have to exploit glitches to win. (Among the things immortality should be good for is keeping your reaction speed at its natural peak, and while she really oughtn't have more free time to practice games in than a typical teenager, I can believe she's more methodical about it.) She's exploiting glitches not to win a single game but to ____ off opponents and make them focus on her exploiting glitches so they completely lose perspective on how and why they're losing, preventing them from either identifying and addressing their legitimate weaknesses, developing a working strategy to handle her, or just emotionally isolating her antics from the portion of the game they care about playing. Of course, claiming she's pushing Sunset to improve herself thus becomes far more hypocritical... but very much in character.

still the type of behavior that gets people banned

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