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Pray that there's intelligent life somewhere out in space, because there's bugger-all down here on Earth.


This story is a sequel to Recovery

Have you ever seen a computer melt? Neither Sunset Shimmer nor Rarity had until Sunset's did exactly that. Now the two of them must traverse the central city in the rain on a motor-scooter in a roundabout attempt to acquire replacement technology before the deadline for Sunset's latest assignment.

This story shares continuity with Sunset's Recovery Arc and the Burritoverse, but no prior knowledge of either is required.

EDIT: Oh wow. Featured on its upload date?! Thank you so much! :yay:

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Comments ( 29 )

Okay, this was far more amusing than I thought it would be.

Also, 100% ship SunsetxRarity.

Poor Rarity. Also I’m surprised Poindexter hasn’t been stabbed if that’s how he acts around anything in a skirt.

nice story loved the sunset sushi refrence

I really enjoy the banter between Rarity and Sunset in your stories. I hope that Sunset realises how Rarity feels about her.

Ri2 #5 · Mar 28th, 2018 · · 1 ·

Sunny names all of her possessions but thinks naming a vault is silly?

Is pony Twilight a horrible person in this continuity as well?


Oh, you're back. And in fighting trim, I expect.

Okay. :pinkiehappy:

You'll find out soon enough. :raritywink:

Her vault already has a name: "Vault G". To answer your other question: I don't think so. Twilight, you'll notice, has not appeared in Recovery continuity yet (she will; I've already written it). She's certainly not outright antagonistic like she is in my Mayor & Spike stories, although Spike may feel differently.

Lo, for on the 310th day I have arisen. Hopefully my return to proper Sunset stories was worth waiting. :eeyup:

I'm happy you enjoyed it. I enjoyed writing it (that's kinda why it's 9500 words). Sunset×Rarity is one of the most underrated ships, IMHO, and I'm gonna tease it until they either get together or Rarity becomes real and kills me for jerking her around in so many stories. :raritydespair:

Love your version of Sunset. Very fresh to see her personality outside the "I'm a bitch" or the "I hate myself for being a bitch" arcs her stories usually involve. Clever dialogue and good pacing make me a happy reader. Well executed, liked and faved.

Nice Spearshakerean chapter title!

Funny thing about that Airplane quote, first time I ever heard it was actually in Uncharted 2.

"Relax?! You ever been in a Turkish prison, mate? They'll lock us up and throw away the bloody key!"

I liked the pacing. It's a good slice of life fic. Also, is that a DDLC reference in that author's note?


Also, is that a DDLC reference in that author's note?

I wish. It's actually an Arfenhouse (early 2000's Flash cartoon) reference. I haven't gotten the chance to play or watch a LP of DDLC yet.

You should. It's a great game. Just remember to listen to the forewarning given when it loads up.

“Every rock, every tree, and every creature has a life, has a spirit, has a name,” Sunset said in a mock-wistful tone as her wry grin proved she was trying her best not to laugh.

I see that Pocahontas reference :derpytongue2:

Vividly she remembered the scene from that movie she had watched with her father as a child where the man opened the golden chest and all his skin melted off – father laughed; she was unable to sleep for a week.

Ooh. Yeah, probably best to wait until...fifteen before showing your kids Raiders of the Lost Ark.


I'd say five...

But A) I'm not a parent and B) I'm a terrible person, so...

Well...I guess it really depends on the child and the movie. If you know that your child can take it, you can show them just about any thing and any time. But there are some kids who can't take it until later.

I'm 23 and, no joke, I vaguely remember getting freaked out by Disney's Snow White when I was a single digit age, but I devoured A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi. Despite the multiple dismemberments (Cantina scene in IV).

But on that same note...there are some movies that are just not okay for kids to see. Such as 2017's Deadpool. Me and my folks saw it at a theater, and my mom noticed that a woman had brought her kids in. Her barely-past-toddler-age kids. Imagine that conversation. "Mommy, why is the man on screen not wearing pants?"

Some friendly advice for ya should you decide to have kids someday (based on how I recall how my parents raised me): know your child's personality as well as you know your partner's. It'll help in the long run.

Fun, although it feels incomplete. Poor Rarity really needed a chance to air her feelings to this delightfully quirky madwoman.:raritydespair:

“Well, “it had ‘pregnant battery syndrome’, so I have to keep it plugged in 24/7,” Sunset sighed. “Also, the OS is so past it, my browsers can no longer be updated, meaning several newer programs aren’t compatible. I can’t do things like watch certain video sites or use social media without it crashing – not like I’m one for social media anymore anyway. After all, what if someone decided to impersonate me and frame me for social crimes I (for once) didn’t commit?”


That bit about Stalliongrad cows being jerks... I think I remember Sunset calling herself a half-breed or something, and her biological mother a "fat cow".
Is she really a unicorn-cow hybrid? Is that why her boobs are as big as they are?

Also, those "eight years of hell in Stalliongrad" and the war she mentioned earlier... I wonder what exactly the recent Equestrian history is like in your imagination? Also, why Sunset was so sure that "war" and "need" were foreign concepts in the human world?

Oh, and I wonder if Sparky would live up to its name...

One more thing. Some other fics depict "bad Sunset" as being a bitch to everyone. Exerting money and other things or services, keeping others under control with blackmail, that kind of thing. Your Sunset, however, seems to have healthier relationships with people, apart from having been a terrible school bully. I think she was more into cooperating or bribing others, rather than threatening them. CHS gets more funding thanks to her excellent grades, that credit union place stays afloat in part thanks to her gold, she actually helped others at least by tutoring kids. Also, quite a few people seem to know what she really is, and some are at least good acquaintances of her if not friends.

I really, really like your Sunset!

Now then...

“Taking a little adventure through Downtown on Sassy.”


“My motor-scooter. She can be a bit cantankerous, since I don’t really get to use her all that often.

From "Prologue" of "Reconciliations":

“By the way, I also named the scooter. Its name is ‘Jet’.”

Also, is it just me, or does Sunset act like she forgot that Rarity rode that scooter before?

And I'm not nitpicking! Just sometimes sharing my thoughts after overanalysing everything and maybe paying too much attention. :pinkiecrazy:

The laptop death here isn't too realistic. Even if you don't care, please at least note these few things:

  1. Sunset was very lucky that her whole apartment didn't burn up.
  2. When overheated, laptop batteries tend to explode violently. And then explode again. And again, up to 3-9 times total for most laptops.
  3. Cooling the battery down should stop the explosions, and lots of cold water is the best bet here.
  4. Laptops themselves (Not their external AC bricks!) are low voltage, so extinguishing them with water should be fine. Unless you expect to salvage some components later, that is. (And even though AC bricks usually can handle a bit of overload, better unplug it as soon as possible.)

There's practically nothing inside a laptop itself (i.e. not counting the external AC brick) that could cause fire. (Well, maybe except if a highly flammable liquid or gas is nearby.) It would most likely just die in a brief puff of smoke if a malfunctioning or over-abused chip overheats.

There is, however, one huge exception to this, namely the battery. Lithium-ion batteries burn very well, thanks to lithium being so active. Just puncturing a cell may result in a fire jet and/or explosion. Severe overheating will also do the trick.

A dead battery, especially if it's "pregnant", is better disposed of sooner than later (if at all possible, and laptops usually work just fine without a battery), there's a somewhat real chance of it catching fire for no good reason. Heck, even a new battery has a chance to spontaneously combust, even though it's usually a result of either human error (mostly overcharging RC model batteries) or manufacturing defect (Galaxy Note 7 batteries are a well known example, but it does not happen nearly that often if there are no design errors).

The thing is, most laptop batteries have 3 to 9 separate cells on the inside. If one catches fire, it will start heating its neighbors and sending them into thermal runaway. Unless the battery pack is cooled down quickly enough in addition to extinguishing the fire, the remaining cells will likely also blow up, one by one. For that reason, using most fire extinguishers on a burning laptop is best followed by pouring lots of water on it, however paradoxical it may sound. Better unplug it from AC power first, of course, but since there is no high voltage inside the laptop itself, cooling the battery cells that haven't exploded yet may have higher priority.

Actually, just using lots of water from the very start might be a better approach, low-voltage internals won't produce all that much heat even when soaked and certainly won't catch fire before the water evaporates. The AC power brick will usually handle a bit of overload just fine, but still should be unplugged at the first opportunity.

Also, exploding lithium-ion batteries are quite spectacular, and sometimes may even briefly act like improvised flamethrowers. With how much clothes and junk mail Sunset had on the floor, plus the carpet, and considering that the bed was really close too, her room had all the chances in the world to become a blazing inferno and fast. She probably would be able to extinguish the fire herself if she was really quick, but the collateral damage would still be much more severe than her comforter requiring a good wash.

Okay, I'm done here. You might want to read this blog if you understand Russian. Or maybe watch this video (English). Actually, Li-Ion batteries are kinda scary if you think about it, but chances of their spontaneous combustion are still too low to dissuade people from wearing smartphones in their pockets.






I had a hard time coming up with a good name for Sunset's scooter. I thought I'd fixed all the inconsistencies once I settled on "Sassy". Oops. Well, it's fixed now if you reread the Reconciliations prologue. Thanks for letting me know.

This is what happens when you write what morphed into a fourteen-story saga over three years with absolutely no plan and out of order, with no master document for names until near the end.

Also, is it just me, or does Sunset act like she forgot that Rarity rode that scooter before?

I think Sunset prefers not to think about how easily her best friend stole her beloved scooter…

Rarity talks about Sassy and how being a passenger must feel different than being a driver, but it might be in a story I haven't published yet. It's difficult to keep track of which details I've revealed sometimes since I rarely go back to reread old stories -- there are so many and I have to keep moving forward.

Please note I have not seen ANY of the Equestria Girls shorts at this point and that nothing after Rainbow Rocks is relevant to my world. Since my work has sort of become a universe unto itself, I don't much care about the newer canon anyway.

In my universe, Sunset IS in fact a half-breed (not with a cow) and hates the rest of her family, but probably not for the same reasons as in canon. I've been planning for over two years to address this in an upcoming story. Yes, I work SLOW. My longtime followers have become used to this.

PS -- To answer a question you asked elsewhere, "Somewhere off in the distance, a dog barked" is my little shout-out to The Far Side, one of the greatest comics of all time and a huge influence on me growing up. It also happens to be a common go-to for hack writers to easily set atmosphere, though I throw it in as, yes, an in-joke.

9115744 Thanks for your reply! And for the stories!

"Somewhere off in the distance, a dog barked" is my little shout-out to The Far Side

It seems I'm not old enough for this. I googled the line, I swear, but disregarded the results as random.

Sunset IS in fact a half-breed (not with a cow)

Oh, okay. Then they are as big just because she got (un?)lucky, I guess?

It's difficult to keep track of which details I've revealed sometimes since I rarely go back to reread old stories -- there are so many and I have to keep moving forward.

Yeah. It would take a better part of a day to just sit and read all of this continuity non-stop. (I just checked that. xD The last time I stopped at "One Does Not Deny A Lady" when it just came out, and now decided to read everything again.) And yeah, it's hard to figure out what you're supposed to know when you know everything anyway. (I don't remember Rarity ever talking about Sassy, btw.)

Yes, I work SLOW.

Honestly, it's pretty rare for long good stories to be written quickly. (At least on FimFiction, I didn't read much before I got here.) Any kind of regular updates is an impressive feat in my book, as is actually finishing stories instead of dropping them in the middle of nowhere.

I remember the forest scene in that movie bothering me, too. A lot of movies bothered me, actually. Including more than a couple Disney movies. As far as Indiana Jones, the scene in question was bad. But Temple of Doom was worse, with the guy pulling the other guy's heart out. I couldn't really watch it until late grade school, early junior high, I think. I could watch Raiders of the Lost Ark younger than that. The Last Crusade was always my favorite, though. Even with the scene where the bad guy ages into a skeleton.

Awesome story, I love all the world building in here.

Pearsoft. Ha. I get it.

I would like to note that once the electricity is removed (unplug the appliance), it is no longer an electrical fire, and water is fine.

The funny part is I once bought a laptop in a place a lot like this.

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