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This story is a sequel to And That's Good Enough

As the school year quickly draws to a close, Rarity – still down following her rejection by her best friend – attempts to talk things out, but finds Sunset Shimmer busy with her own work. Failing that, she finds herself conversing with the least likely suspect: Flash Sentry. Slowly the two realize they have more in common than they expected.

This story is part of Sunset's Recovery Arc.

Thanks to Nonchalant and CoffeeMinion for their help!

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Rarity by now you should realize that Sunset is not going to get anything even resembling subtle when it comes to this.

Hopefuly our girl Rarity will get her Sunny eventually.

You mean in "A Midsummer Day's Quest", when Sunset answered no about Rarity being her girlfriend but best friend?

That story takes place after this one – late June while Rejected is mid/late May. AMDQ just happened to be published first because I used it to celebrate my getting a new laptop.

AMDQ was also written several months later -- I posted it almost immediately after I finished it in March while I've been sitting on this story since last July.

I can neither confirm nor deny.

Can ya blame her? My Sunny has a pretty low opinion of herself (but not her abilities). She doesn't think she's girlfriend material and she's still not used to this sort of affection.

I'm… not sure how to interpret that. Have I done something wrong? Do keep in mind this is just the 1st chapter (it's not a one-shot) AND there is at least one more story after this.

See, this is why I decided not to post this story all at once. If I need to alter some dialogue in later chapters in response to reader feedback, I can. Chapter Two will go live on or around June 4th, 2018. Whether you meant to or not, you've given me some insight that I can use to make the rest of the story better. So, thanks. :twilightsmile:

Yeah I was a bit confused (I didn't checked your guide then).
Thanks anyway, and good stories as always.

AND there is at least one more story after this.

There had better be - we Rariset shippers are growing increasingly unstable and desperate! :pinkiecrazy: :raritydespair:

Don't care if you're teasing Flash n' Rares- the power of yuri conquers all.

*facepalm* holy shit she is dense as a fuc*** rock, good luck rarity.

Awesome chapter I really loved the little banter between rarity and flash and this little backstory to their relationship we got <3 thanks for the chapter!

Yeesh, Sunset and Flash get along as well as cats and dogs. Lets hope Rarity can finally get through to the knucklehead that is Sunset and relationships.


*facepalm* holy shit she is dense as a fuc*** rock, good luck rarity.

:rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh: …She's gonna need it. --> :raritycry: We don't want this to happen.


Lets hope Rarity can finally get through to the knucklehead that is Sunset and relationships.

I can neither confirm nor deny. As for Sunny & Flash, can you really blame them for acting how they do?

I have but one complaint about this series you've worked so hard on!
And that is that I can't read all of it quite yet ^^'

I love the way you've characterised and developed over all of these stories, and you're still doing a great job here.
Keep it up! <3

This chapter provides an important life lesson. Don’t anger anyone who owns a jackhammer.

Gah, what the fu- REALLY, Sunset? Are you kidding me? Don't be so clueless, you're not a guy, that's our schtick!


you're not a guy, that's our schtick!

Can confirm. Sometimes when I'm with my mother in some place and I'm talking with a girl (behind the counter or waitstaff at an eatery), my mother will tell me after we leave that the girl was flirting with me. I sure as hell never notice and literally don't believe it. Sunset may not be male in any sense of the word, but she REALLY IS that oblivious to genuine romantic interest and overtures... for now.

For now.

The (very) few times I’ve thought anyone might be flirting with me always just made me question if this was part of my general egomania. Also the foreign body line made me facepalm.

Gotta say, Rarity's fantasy made me laugh a little with how surreal and disconnected it was.

Flash and Rarity simultaneously facepalmed.


“You’re actually intending to help me study for finals.” Rarity said flatly, a tinge of disappointment in her voice.

Poor Rarity, bluebeaned yet again!

Also, for a moment I thought geodes were present during Raritys intense fantasizing near the portal. Imagined for a sec she touched Sunset and revealed all that. Alas, Sunset is still oblivious as ever. Maybe next time :raritywink:

I can't help but think that Sunset might have missed some of the subtlety in what Celestia told her before she ran off.

Was it ever stated why exactly Celestia turned Sunset away? I always figured it was in part because she didn't have the same cutie mark as on the Tree of Harmony, not just because she was kind of a bully.

Anyways, great story through and through, especially when it started to pick up. :)

Celestia, giving fillies terrible mental disorders since Discord knows when.

8982084 - :twilightoops:
Well, you're not wrong. Twilight's pretty mentally verkackte in her own ways. I think Cadance may be the only pony raised by Celestia who ended up NOT messed up somehow.

Also I’m pretty sure Cadance was older when she was brought in. Proof that Celestia is mostly a problem in the formative years.

Kind of a shame Rarity never confessed.


Fuck you, Celestia. No wonder she's such a mess.

Maybe if Rarity borrowed Limestone's jackhammer, then she could get the hints through Sunset's head. Maaaaaybe...

Nice to see Sunset doing at least matginally better.

Also youre very mean to Rarity. Which is fun. Poor thing.

Rarity, I have to agree to with a few of the comments here when you trying to be subtle with Sunset is like this:

You need to jump her, take her to the floor, and kiss the hell out of her. Everything else can be discussed after she knows in no uncertain terms that you want her.


You need to jump her, take her to the floor, and kiss the hell out of her. Everything else can be discussed after she knows in no uncertain terms that you want her.

You are not the first one to suggest this action. I can neither confirm nor deny that it will happen. :trollestia:

A weird question:

Somewhere off in the distance, a dog barked.

You use this one an awful lot. Does it mean something to you, or is it just some kind of a running gag? An inside joke maybe?

That settles it. Sunset fails as a mare.

“Clearly. You need to be careful around this portal,” Sunset gestured to it with her thumb. “It may not be a one-way trip anymore, so far as I know, but it will mess you up if you go through it. In fact, I can’t say for certain what would happen to you since you’d be a foreign body and there’s another you on the other side.”

And apparently, nothing happens. They just turn into their doppelgänger form in their world but man! This got me thinking as what would happen if that wasn’t the case! :twilightoops:

“Erm, I actually, uh… don’t,” said Sunset, barely audible, her eyes quickly darting from side to side to ensure no one heard her. “I’m kind of, um, exempt. Forever.”

Your kidding me. 😦

Sunset turned to Rarity and attempted a wan smile. “Look, I’m sorry for acting short with you. That’s not me being a very good friend, is it? It’s just that… this thing I’m working on is very important, I want to finish it as soon as I can, and I want it to be perfect. It has to be perfect. I’ve been trying to decipher my old notes for a couple days and nights now. Maybe it’s best I take a short break, huh?”

Wonder what makes it so important. :rainbowhuh::rainbowderp:

“So. Do you need any help studying for your finals?” Sunset asked. “If you do, let me know; I’m always glad to assist. You know I used to be a tutor back in the day.”

Which you weren't the best at imo. 😒

Sunset gave a wry smile. “Have you asked out that individual you have a crush on yet? I’d still like to meet him… or her.”

Should of guessed that was her question. :ajbemused::facehoof:

Rarity’s face contorted into surprised shock as a slight blush appeared on her cheeks. Then she looked down at her knees. “You, um, already know the person.”

Because it's actually sunset. 😏

“Do you ever… plan on leaving? Going back to your own world?”

Had a feeling rarity was gonna day that. :fluttershysad:

“No,” said Sunset bluntly. “If I wanted to write to her , I would have done it already. I’m not really wary of her anymore… except when she starts lecturing.”

I think I know who the pony is she's talking about. :ajsmug:

Rarity’s face turned from brief shock to saddened guilt. “I’m sorry for that. I’m… sorry for everything. I’m nothing but an idiotic child.”

No your not rarity. Your a good person who cares a lot about those you care about love. :fluttershysad:

“Well,” Flash said, “She’s the smartest girl you’ll ever meet… in most things… but she’s clueless when it comes to love or any sort of relationship anything. You would – maybe literally – have to smack her over the head seventeen times with some sort of romantic trinket and yell ‘I LOVE YOU’ in her face before she actually got the hint.”

I feel like only half of that is true/useful. :ajbemused:

“That doesn’t mean either of us knew what we were doing; she was just better than me at faking it. And… I really didn’t know what her game was then,” Flash admitted sheepishly. “Knowing her, she probably did a lot of research before deciding to make her move.”

She probably did.

“Maybe,” Flash admitted with a shrug, “But you can’t deny she has a pretty face. And a great ass. And that rack, man, she’s flippin’ stacked .”

She does. 😏

“You know,” Rarity said. “For the three years that she and I were, shall we say, at odds, I had assumed Sunset wore padding to make her… attributes… seem larger. It was only after measuring her and then seeing her in nothing but her pyjamas that I realized that they were, in fact, very real. Especially since the Fall Formal and that little incident, she actually wears sports bras like Rainbow Dash’s to make herself appear smaller !”

Interesting. 🤔

“I can’t believe I actually wanted to date you freshman year,” Rarity groused.



“Well, we had tons of fun jamming together, more than I ever did with Sunset, and I loved being with Limestone, but… the difference in life experience and, well… I just can’t stop thinking about Twilight. I tried to explain myself and let her down gently, but she sorta didn’t take it well. She threw her jackhammer at my head.”

Oh my god! 😨

“Yeah,” agreed Flash with a shrug. “At least Sunset only hurt people with words… usually.”

Yep, it's unlike her to use violence.

“Did you also know Sunset never goes to class? Seriously. Have you ever seen her anywhere in this building besides the hallways, cafeteria, library, or science labs? Do you know anyone who actually has a class with her?”

What!?!?!?! She's lying!!!! Oh that sweet son of a. :twilightangry2:

Rarity and Flash both turned their heads to see Sunset Shimmer walking towards them, all of her materials stuffed into a brown backpack slung over both shoulders. Though it was difficult to tell through the bright light, she appeared to be grinning. Eventually she reached the two. Unwilling to sit down because of the burden on her back, she towered over them until they attempted to stand. Sunset helped them both up, then gave Rarity a mischievous grin.

Uh oh! 😬

Sunset looked shocked for a moment, her eyes darting from side to side to make sure no staff or hidden microphones were recording her this time. “Yes,” she whispered.

Wow, and for a second I thought it was a lie from flash but it isn't. I'm very disappointed with you sunset. 😠

“Woah now, Rarity,” Flash said. “Skipping class and chilling in this hallway is one thing, but leaving campus? That’s not something a good girl like you ought to do.”

Says the one who wanted to do it himself earlier. :duck:

“Well, it’s just… I… you… we…” Rarity sputtered as she desperately tried not to blush, pressing her index fingers together in nervousness. Sunset cocked her head in confusion but let it pass as she bade them continue.

She was so close to dating i love you.

Rarity stood still and silent for a moment. Then, with a determined countenance, pushed open the door just enough to let the sunlight briefly intrude and give them room to slip out, before it quickly shut again.

They're so gonna be in trouble later on, I just know it!

“But you simply must let me fit you for a ball gown someday!” whined Rarity as she started messing with Sunset’s long two-tone locks. “And let me style your hair. It’s already lovely now, of course, but a new hairdo could bring out a whole new Sunset.”

It sure would! :pinkiehappy:

“The whole thing is a massive setup,” explained Sunset. “So much so that when the groundskeeper wanted to build a hedge maze in that expanse of grass between, the principal shot him down because it would interrupt one camera’s line of sight. Anyone who tags that wall gets caught by those and earns a one-way trip to suspension city. I was never stupid enough to try, but I’ve known more than a few who have. Schmucks.”

Not that bad of an idea if you ask me. :applejackunsure:

“Hmm,” Sunset rubbed her chin. “Can’t go south. Junior High Annex is that way, and I think you know exactly what would happen if your sister happened to see us.”

She'll be in some deep water alright. :fluttershyouch:

“Becoming friends with you.”

Figures. 😒

“Of course I would!” said Sunset, incredulous. “No one but me deserves to be put through that hell.”

You don't deserve it sunset. :fluttershysad:

“…Right past all the classrooms, putting us in plain sight. I know. I also don’t care. All your fellow worker bees will be busy being lectured at, and anyone who looks out the window will get in trouble for that before they can rat us out… and I doubt anyone would turn you in. People like you. They could always narc on me, but it wouldn’t make any difference since, well, I’m above most of the rules here.”

She has a point.

Rarity, realizing her hands were in the ‘push’ position, immediately shifted herself to sitting cross-legged, hands safely in her lap. “Er, sorry about that, dear. I guess my brain went on a little trip.”

Not to mention you were daydreaming about kissing sunset, saying you love her before pushing her through the portal leading sunset back to equestria. :ajbemused:

“No comment.”

Of course that be her answer. :facehoof:

“You know, dear, I know a thing or two about cleaning. When I was too young to have a real job, I cleaned houses, either for relatives or just neighbours. You could hire me on one of my off days. I’d even be willing to do it in a maid outfit! (at no extra charge for you, darling)” said Rarity, exasperation in her voice.

That kinda sounds like she's just using it as an excuse to keep her place clean and she wears a maid outfit.

Rarity sighed. “My parents couldn’t afford the tuition for both myself and Sweetie, so they opted to keep both of us in the public system. Fluttershy also missed out – her test scores got her in, but she told me its atmosphere was so oppressive that she had a panic attack in the middle of its ornate foyer and had to be forcibly removed.”

I don't blame fluttershy 1 bit.

“No, dear. But we ought to redirect your homesickness away from eating hallucinogenic plants in the future, yes?”

Don't have to remind me twice.

“It seems I was too hasty in stopping you two. Have a nice day,” he said before getting back into his squad car and speeding away.

That was too close of you ask me. 😬

Flash Sentry shrugged. “I lied. Shouldn’t shock you; I learned from the best.”

Guess what he said earlier wasn't a lie after all. 😠

“You’re impressive,” Flash responded. “I didn’t think you’d be able to talk your way past Garrano; he’s a hard-ass for truancy. I really didn’t expect you to pull out your trump card with your girlfriend watching.”

I can't believe he just said that out loud! 😦

“Well,” Flash said hesitantly. “When I saw Sunset sitting by the statue, it made me think she might seriously be thinking about going back to that crazy magical horse world, so I figured I better beat feet down here and tell her what I need to before she left.”

She's not leaving! :twilightangry2:

Flash crossed the street and eventually left their sights.

That sure went differently than I thought it would go. 🙄

Sunset looked quizzically at her friend. “Isn’t it obvious? Finals dates are set in stone, but my work doesn’t have a time limit. Also, I need to ask you for a favour.”

Something tells me that's half true. :rainbowhuh::rainbowderp:

“I think I know what I need to do now,” Sunset said. “Deciphering my old notes will still take some time; figuring out how to say my peace will take even longer. But… I have my path. Once I take my evening constitutional, I’ll get right to work.”

That a girl! :twilightsmile:

“Once your finals are over, and my project is completed, we’ll go out to dinner together to celebrate. I’m sure Pinkie has some end-of-year party planned already – hopefully I can make that – but this will be just for the two of us, okay? A thank you for everything you’ve done for me over these last several months. I’d rather not inflict Beulah on you again, so it’ll be your choice.”

They both deserve it. :pinkiesmile:

She sat back down at her so-called table, spreading out her magic diary and her not-magic barely decipherable notes in front of her. She gave herself a single determined nod and grunt as she pulled out a pen.

I hope we'll find out soon enough what she was working on. 🤞

“Maybe,” Flash admitted with a shrug, “But you can’t deny she has a pretty face. And a great ass. And that rack, man, she’s flippin’ stacked .”


“Did you also know Sunset never goes to class? Seriously. Have you ever seen her anywhere in this building besides the hallways, cafeteria, library, or science labs? Do you know anyone who actually has a class with her?”


I have tons of questions

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