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This story is a sequel to Aria Blaze Steals A Burrito (2nd Ed.)

Sunset Shimmer is slowly getting back on her feet and rejoining the world. She has started her freelance job again and offered to treat Rarity, to whom she owes so much, to dinner at the local Burrito Barn. Unfortunately, Sunset's paycheck did not clear in time, leaving Rarity to pick up the tab. What could make the evening more awkward? Drunk men, of course!

This story is part of Sunset's Recovery Arc and the Burritoverse.

Special thanks to CoffeeMinion for (unintentionally) inspiring me to continue this series.

Cover art by CheckerBoardAZN, used with permission.

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Comments ( 12 )

Considering how many people don't like him, you'd think the place where he died would draw them in. Not openly of course, just word of mouth.

Huzzah! The series continues!

7968511 - I'm not going to disagree with you. As we see in Equestria, Orangeglow is not a nice pony, and his humanoid counterpart was probably worse. BUT, this is a restaurant, so different rules apply. People are dumb; they'd only see the headline "Presidential Candidate Dies in Local Restaurant" and blame the restaurant, no matter how they felt about the man (the journalist standing next to him would have left Aria out of the story because it's that unbelievable). Can you imagine the damage control Beulah had to do to keep the headlines - esp. the fake ones - from sinking her?

7968594 - That it does. I might have one more left in me after this.

From the description it looks like this ties in with the Highs & Lows stories; would you recommend I finish reading the Sunset at 4am stories before starting this one, or is it sufficient to have read the other burritoverse ones?

7968796 - You don't need to have read all the "Recovery" stories to enjoy this one, or even all the "Burritoverse" stories, though of course I like it if my readers read everything I write. :raritywink:

The only stories that are directly referenced are, as you said, 4am, and Aria Blaze Steals A Burrito (this story's immediate predecessor). So if you've read those, you're golden.

7969299 Ok, I put it off for a few days, thinking I'd read Reconciliations first anyway, but haven't had time yet and jumped straight to this one as it's shorter.

It was nice, and I really liked Sunset's opening thoughts. Rarity's were interesting, I think she'd appreciate the wonder of the cosmos as a source of inspiration, so that fitted. Wasn't quite sure about her thinking 'horsey,' that felt slightly too childlike for her, but I really liked her unintentionally being the master of internal monologue puns.

It didn't quite feel like a Burritoverse story to me without any siren appearances; more like a crossover sidestory with Sunset's recovery saga. Do you think there's scope for a story of the Rainbooms heading for burritos en masse?

It was only when reading this that I realised that Pinkie has one older sister with dull purple skin and grey hair, and another with dull purple hair and grey skin; Limestone is an interesting choice to put with Flash.


Limestone is an interesting choice to put with Flash.

I can't take credit for it. That pairing is a reference to a story I helped proofread whose publication has (as of now) been delayed. As a result, I asked the author if I should wait to publish this, but he said he didn't want to hold me up if I was already ready to go.

It didn't quite feel like a Burritoverse story to me without any siren appearances; more like a crossover sidestory with Sunset's recovery saga.

Well, in my handy-dandy guide, this is the only story listed under both continuities, so you're not wrong. If I write another Burrito story, it WILL have at least one Siren -- I've wanted Sonata and Sunset to patch up their differences for awhile.

To me, a Burrito story needs to have three things: ("A Day in the Park" doesn't count in this)
(1) At least one rambling internal monologue -- this is the most important thing.
(2) The story must end with a character saying "What?"
(3) Music references. (or in "Sonata"'s case, an obscure 90's cartoon because I screwed up)
"Rarity" fulfills all three requirements. I never thought about Sirens being necessary (them OR Sunset would suffice, I figured), but maybe I should have, since at least one appears in all the other stories.

7981163 I think the Limeflash thing works fine in this story, because it's a very brief passing reference. It would matter a lot more in your friend's work, I presume, but it's hard to know how believable it would be there without reading it first.

Yeah I saw the guide - to be fair, I'd probably be saying the same thing if I'd come from the Sunset stories; it must be very difficult to mash separate universes together when they each have such distinctive tones of writing associated with them.

I got that the dialogue from Adagio and Sonata in A Day In The Park was all from song lyrics, but I barely recognised any of them, so I'm guessing you and I barely have any overlapping musical tastes; as such I think I missed any music references in this story :twilightoops:

It would be nice to see how Sunset and Sonata carry on from their last encounter. Personally, it's the other two I'd be more interested in seeing repairing their bond - I kinda figure Sonata's so approachable that she'll be ok whatever happens, but Aria and Adagio can be so proud and quick to anger that it wouldn't take much to sour their long-term friendship, so that's who I'd be concerned about. But whatever's good with you :twilightsmile: How much do you have planned for the final burrito story mentioned on the guide?

So basically Sunset's Recovery is part of the Burritoverse.


8171545 - The continuities intersect, yes. Best not to look into it too deeply or your brain will melt. I know because it happened to me, and I wrote the darn things.

Aaaand like that you lost me.
Will get back to read the end of the Sunset Arc as soon as my mood fpr depressive stpries pass and I'm willing to go trhought the burritoverse thing.
Loved the story so far (untill reconciliations).
Bye for now ^^ (not that it will matter for you one way or another anyway...)

Hm, so Rarity risked hitting an adult man while provoking with "I can take care of myself" against someone that was clearly vicious in some ways and he was drunk... luck her he didn't clobbered him into next year, teenager girl against adult men is not a fight she should be picking.

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