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Who the hell is General Failure, and why is he trying to read my disk?

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A Little Background

Hi, I'm Nonchalant.

Canada-based universitygoer.

Musician and writer on a few different sites! Here, my goal is to write and post ponyfic that people enjoy and/or connect with. I enjoy fantasy, sci-fi, and plenty of romance as well, along with magic realism and basically whatever else, so long as it's a well-loved and intentional story.

Music-wise, I compose soundtracks and original songs across a variety of genres! I also take commissions over at my Ko-fi page, so come check me out if you need a little music for one reason or another!

I'd be happy to do writing commissions as well (be it pony, vtuber, LWA, Madoka Magica, etc.) but I don't have a standard rate for that at the moment.

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Bio made me giggle :pinkiehappy:

❤️ 💛️ 💚️ 💙️ 💜️

Your bio is great

"creating worlds (partly with the help of linear algebra, somehow)" This I gotta hear about :derpyderp2:

No problem. Enjoy the minimal extra attention!


Thanks for the follow. :heart:

2370158 it's ok. I don't follow me either!
Hope this next year treats us all better.

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