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Who the hell is General Failure, and why is he trying to read my disk?

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A Little Background

Hi, I'm Nonchalant.

Canada-based universitygoer.

My goal here on Fimfic is to write stories that others enjoy. Shipping, high fantasy, drama, that doesn't matter too much. I'm a bit of a Tolkien fan and currently reading The Wheel of Time, but besides that my interests lie in creating worlds (partly with the help of linear algebra, somehow) and music.

I'll listen to pretty much anything, but most of my inspiration comes in the form of ska/pop punk and alternative rock. If you ever wanna talk about any of that stuff (or nearly anything else besides), drop a comment somewhere!

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Bio made me giggle :pinkiehappy:

❤️ 💛️ 💚️ 💙️ 💜️

Your bio is great

"creating worlds (partly with the help of linear algebra, somehow)" This I gotta hear about :derpyderp2:

No problem. Enjoy the minimal extra attention!


Thanks for the follow. :heart:

2370158 it's ok. I don't follow me either!
Hope this next year treats us all better.

  • Viewing 26 - 35 of 35
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