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This story is a sequel to Sunset Shimmer: Spider Queen

Sunset Shimmer accidentally knocks Rarity to the ground. To apologize, Sunset takes Rarity to her apartment to make the girl some tea and let her clean off. While Rarity is gone, Sunset finds a strange packet Rarity left open on the coffee table. Curious, she takes a peek. When she sees its contents, she discovers more about her best friend than she ever expected to.

This story is part of Sunset's Recovery Arc. Click that link for a helpful guide and timeline.

Prereading generously provided by CoffeeMinion! With support from Dusk Melody. Thank you!

This story was inspired by the cover pic by AmpersandXYZ, which is used with his permission.
(Note: While this pic is SFW, some of his front-page gallery is not, meaning I can't link directly to his main dA page; sorry)

Rated "T" for slightly risqué things.

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Comment posted by UniqueSKD deleted May 16th, 2017

i'll be reading this when it's not 11pm

...most people, it turned out, had no idea what the sign “W.C.” meant.

Water Closet?
And were the photos meant to be for Sunset?
Great story by the way. Really well written :twilightsmile:

Nice. Don't know if Sunset is guilty of being unobservant, having low self esteem, or both.

8166012 - Yes. :raritydespair:

8165986 - In attempting to not suck, I try to show rather than tell. :raritywink:
Close observation of Rarity's actions and reactions should give you your answer. Yes.

And once again, drama is created by someone refusing to Pony up and actually say what they feel.

Daww. Rarity thinks she's been friendzoned, which i can totally get from what Sunset says, but she is giving a false (?) negative because she doesn't understand.

Sure would be a shame if fluttershy were to accidentally spill the beans at some point... :fluttercry:

8165914 - I apologize, but I had to delete your comment. This is not a clopfic or M-rated story. The rules say quite clearly such language is unacceptable. And I don't want either of us to get in trouble.

Even though I did find your comment kind of amusing.

8166154 - Well, Rarity does have a history of doing that. She also prefers to show rather than tell, and boy did she show. :raritywink:

8166224 - I know the answer, and I'll probably explore it more in the next story. As to Fluttershy, I believe she was so freaked out by what Rarity told her that she blocked it from her mind (Rares was likely rather explicit).

8166278 - An under-appreciated ship to be sure. These are my two favourite characters in the entire franchise and I love writing them.

Poor Rares. All she wanted was for Sunset to notice. :raritydespair:

I loved the reference to Rarity's "Life Is A Runway" outfit. Didn't realize it at first, but it was a nice inclusion. You have a great way with words, Soufriere. Keep up the amazing stories.

8166336 That's fine by me. If anything you saved me the trouble of deleting it myself. I was going to do it but the dogs needed putting outside to do their...you know....'business'. Thank you, and my apologies.

8166638 - You have no idea how many times I had to watch that video frame by frame to make sure I got the outfit description exact. Worth it. :raritywink:

8166668 - No prob. I ain't even mad. I've had to delete my own comments before when I realized I accidentally dropped an F-bomb in an E-rated story. :twilightoops:

It is a great video, isn't it? Everything just comes together so well, not to mention the great designs.

Random question, which Rarity-centered song would you say is your favorite?

8166751 - :raritystarry:

(hope you enjoyed the last-minute edits to the story I made last night; I'm satisfied)

8166715 - I can't really give a proper answer to that question because I'm behind on the series. From what I have seen, "Life Is A Runway" is by far my favourite of the EQG shorts; I love it. In the main show, my favourite Rarity song lyrically is either "Becoming Popular" or "Rules of Rarity"; musically, it's "Generosity".

8166765 I do; I think they suit it for success. :trollestia:

This is where she needs to go ask Rainbow for dating advice. Subtlety and slow persuasion don't work.

Go for full frontal assault and drive the point home.

I'm not one to read lesbian shipping stories (for personal reasons) but this was actually nice as a story in general, though I kind of expected her to 'get the girl' in the end.

8166780 You must be stopped, CoffeeDad. You and your CoffeeDad jokes will be the end of us all.

Lovely story, and it gave me some inspiration for my own.

But Rares... leaving 'revealing' photos as hope she gets it? That's as subtle as just saying "voulez-vous cocher avec moi?"

8166688 Still, next time I shall do better to check the rating of a story before making my jokes. XD Thank you for your forgiveness. May your story and all your future projects be met with praise and success, sir or madam. (bows politely to you)

8167447 - Thank you very much for the well-wishes. :pinkiesmile:

And for the record, it's sir. :eeyup:

8169655 As you wish, Sir


That day, Soufriere was amazed to discover that when UniqueSKD was saying "As you wish", what he meant was "I love you." And even more amazing was the day he realized he truly loved him back.


8185365 And also on that day UniqueSKD went to Posh's house and shoved a bunch of spices up his bumhole, and said to him, "Now you can cosplay as Posh Spice from the Spice Girls you cheeky asshole". XD

The first shot had Rarity standing in front of the bed, eyes half-lidded, mouth in a knowing smirk as her hands had moved down to her hips, allowing the straps of her panty-thong-thing to become lodged in the crook of each thumb and forefinger, pushing them down slightly, a not so thinly veiled advertisement for what they were (barely) covering.

I think you meant to say "a thinly veiled advertisement" there. As it stands, you're saying that it wasn't obvious that she was advertising her... well, you know.

8189683 - Do you just enjoy systematically going through all my stories and nitpicking minor errors?

You do have a point about this one though. I will correct it when I have the time.

Uh... if by "systematically going through all [your] stories" you mean "reading every one of your Sunset's Recovery Arc and Burritoverse stories in the order you recommended I read it in" and by "nitpicking minor errors" you mean "pointing out any mistakes I come across in your otherwise immaculately written stories", then... yes, I guess I enjoyed that. (You make it sound rather mean-spirited, though.)

Most authors tend to appreciate having their errors pointed out so that they can correct them. For that matter, you seemed to appreciate it when I made you aware of the error I found in Sasha.

I get that I apparently pissed you off with my comment on Reconciliations (though I still don't know why; I just asked a question), but I didn't mean to. I'm not sure what else to say to that.

Also, when you say that I "have a point about this one though" are you implying that I was mistaken in my last comment on Adagio Dazzle Wants A Burrito? Because I've double-checked that with a friend of mine who's a native speaker, and we're both pretty sure that "too X than Y" is not correct.

8190349 - My sincerest apologies. I've been a bit on edge lately due to IRL issues and I took it out on you. I'll also admit I'm not the greatest at accepting criticism, especially first thing after waking up (I'm trying to get better about it, but I've clearly got a long ways to go). You deserved better treatment from me, and I'm sorry.

EDIT: I fixed the error you pointed out. I hope it reads better now.

I guess that's understandable. We all have our off days. Apology accepted.

I think I should have maybe been a bit more clearer, too. I do really like these stories. (There's a reason I read though every story in these two sagas within about 2.5 days, after all.)

And I've found, in the entirety of these two sagas (which total 50285 words (yes, I just counted)), a single spelling mistake and 3 slightly messed up (but still understandable) sentences. As far as I'm concerned, that is really good. I'm used to reading much more error-littered stories.

I know I have a tendency to focus on giving criticism rather than praise, but that's just because that comes more easily to me. It feels odd to just point out the things I already think are awesome, while pointing towards a specific thing and going "here, this is something you can still make better" just seems more worthwhile. I don't mean to come across as hostile or rude. (I too am trying to get better about this, but I suppose I was a bit put off by your last reply and I became a tad more... abrasive.)

That all being said, there's one more thing... I wasn't gonna bring this up with how you reacted the last time, but I think I'm just gonna mention it now anyway, if only to sate my own curiosity: I may have found a slight continuity error, but I'm not entirely sure.

You're using "Canterville" and "Canterville High" in Sunset's Recovery Arc (as previously established), and you're using "Canterlotville" and "Canterlot High" in the Burritoverse. However, in A Day In The Park, you're using "Canterville", even though that's part of the Burritoverse. Was that a mix-up on your part or was that intentional?

8191544 - That is an evolution of my style and terminology over the course of writing these stories intermittently, ad hoc, and occasionally out of order, for two years. Retroactively, it is a mistake I just never bothered to fix. Maybe I should.

This is the downside from the reader's perspective to reading things in chronological order rather than production order; the "early installment weirdness" becomes much more noticeable.

Sunset Shimmer Buys A Burrito was only the second story I ever posted here, in February 2015, and was never intended to be part of a larger continuity (that's why its chapter is called "The Only Chapter"), so it's a lot rougher with its terminology. I didn't settle on consistent naming until much later. By contrast, I wrote A Day In The Park after posting the other four Burrito stories, working on it occasionally while completing several Recovery Arc entries -- so it uses the Recovery naming I had become used to -- but I meant it to be a total standalone until I realized right as I finished it that it was as good an explanation as any for why the Dazzlings would be split up by the time Sonata eats Sunset's burrito, and so I shoehorned it into that 'verse. And then I wrote a story (Rarity Pays For Burritos) that smashes both continuities together permanently.

TL;DR - Writing evolved, names shifted, I wrote stories out of order but haven't gone back to retroactively edit the oldest stories to maintain consistency.

Fun Fact: Even though I encouraged you to do so, I haven't read my Recovery Arc in its intended chronological order; I've been preoccupied working on new stories. If I did more than just skim them for plot & character consistency, I'd probably be appalled at all the little errors, because I am a stickler for that, even if I'm not one for canon.

Oooh, the plot thickens. :twilightsmile:

...wait, can that phrase be misconstued here? I'm not calling anyone fat I swear! :applecry:

8209735 - I think Rarity would be glad if you said she had a thick ass, at least up to a point, as she's shown to be a bit jealous of Sunset's voluptuous proportions. :raritywink: But if it comes out wrong… :raritycry:

Of course Rarity has now decided she wants those Sunnybuns curves all to herself.

The plot does thicken, and there's interesting stuff to come, but I regret to say you've caught up. The next story in the arc isn't finished as of this post, although I'm working on it.

It's just a bad habit for some people

For somepony/body so smart sunset can be so clueless. Then again she has such a low opinion of herself it is hard for her to think any other way.

As I wrote that I psychoanalysed Rarity as well and realized she was also a bit clueless. She already knew how sunset thought about herself, and even though her reaction to the photos wasn't what she expected, it was probably the best she could have hoped for given sunset's mental state. If anything it shows that Rarity may have a shot.

Sunset admitted that the person those photos are meant for is very lucky, and they show that Rarity is beautiful both inside and out. The only thing stopping sunset from thinking they are for her is her own view of her self worth.

Sunset paused. “Hold on. Are you okay?” she asked, brows furrowing with concern.

Sunset your so bad at this:facehoof:

This even applied to Sunset Shimmer. Slowly recovering from the nervous breakdown that left her confined to her tiny apartment for a month, she promised herself she would get out and spend more time in different surroundings to keep from going stir crazy. After all, even a semi-recluse has her limits.

Not to mention what side effects she had fro, those flowers she ate. 😒

As she meandered down a cracked sidewalk in Canterville’s bustling downtown, mesmerized by the multitude of bricks and the outlines of the buildings, looking in any direction she could except forward, her thoughts of nothing were forcibly interrupted by her colliding with some object, the knockback sending her plopping unceremoniously down on her butt, reminding her of one thought she should have kept in mind: concrete hurts.

Yep, it really does. 😬:fluttershyouch:

“Um, Sunset, darling, is it all right if I use your powder room? I still feel rather dirty from that fall, you see,” she said as she frowned at her hands, their normal white interrupted with flecks of brown.

You mean the bathroom? Who calls it a powder room these days? Is that like also supposed to be another name for a bathroom/restroom? :rainbowhuh:

Rising from the couch, Rarity slowly made her way to the bathroom. Unusually, Sunset’s had two entrances – the main door in the bedroom and a narrower one by the apartment’s front door that most would overlook due to its position in a shadowy corner and the fact that it looked from the outside like a coat closet; most people, it turned out, had no idea what the sign “W.C.” meant.

Wait, what does W. C. stand for actually? Walk in closet? Probably isn't it but it's the only thing that popped into my head.

“Can’t clean; making tea,” Sunset replied with a smirk, Rarity’s grousing fading as the bathroom door shut.

You still should sooner than later.

Letting out a sigh about her out-of-date (and probably out-of-code) appliances, she set the kettle back down and checked the burner’s intensity. Figuring from past experience that Rarity would take an absurdly long time in the bathroom, Sunset opted for a slow boil. As the kettle had a whistler on it – a necessity since that time she accidentally left a non-whistler kettle on for two hours and nearly burned the building down – she decided to leave it and set herself down on her couch.

That's rarity for ya. :ajsmug:

“My darling Sunset. I shan’t give up yet.”

Give up on what? And why did she cry just now?

W.C. is Water Closet, an old time name for a bathroom. Sorry to be that guy who follows you around answering your comment questions on abbreviations but I've been on a Sunset Shimmer kick recently and couldn't help but notice.

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