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Help, my stories write themselves! Well, when they feel like cooperating, at any rate. · 6:09am Apr 28th, 2020

A little behind the scenes on my story, Dining With Friends, for the maybe one other person out there who cares. I was going to put this in the bonus chapter A/N, until I realized how long it was getting. I realize this is a little early, but I started writing it before I realized there was no way to save a blog and post it later. Maybe put off reading this for three, four, five days, until the story is entirely posted, and read it first. I don’t think there’s any major spoilers, but as the

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Are you open for ideas?

Thanks for faving Magisight! :twilightsmile:


i like sex the

Thank you for your interest.

Thank you so much for the follow, it means a lot to me.
Look forward to seeing you again soon!


Thanks for watching.

I did it mostly so I don't miss any new Sam in Equestria stories, if any more are forthcoming.

Thanks for the follow!

Thanks for the follow! :yay:

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