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A few weeks after being freed of Nightmare Moon's influence, Luna has been slowly regaining her power, and returning to her proper duties. Tonight, she's ready to go back to full-time dreamwalking. But dreams are funny things, and Luna's been out of practice long enough to forget some important details.

This is my first fan-fic, and my first time posting anything anywhere online, so please be kind.

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Have you had any comments?

Not until now. Congratulations on and thanks for being the first.

Try a shorter description. When you put in the extended justification for tags and timeline, it reads as if you’re not confident enough.

Like I said in the description, this is my first time posting anything, anywhere online, so my confidence is not what it could be. I genuinely wasn't sure about the tags, and didn't want readers getting the wrong idea. I'd also been reading stories on this site for only about a month, I think, when I posted this, so that played a role, too. Plus, I know I do tend to overthink things.

That said, any specific suggestions about the description and/or tags would be very welcome and seriously considered, if not necessarily acted upon.

As in List fetishes in list form instead of paragraphs ( usually just “contains *insert fetish*, *insert fetish 2*

As for time and spoilers just put “Takes place between episode x and episode y. Spoilers for _________

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