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Wherest thou hast gone? Silly filly, we are thee Luna of thee Night. Welcome to our domain, little one.


This story is a sequel to We're Sisters!!!!

After the return of Princess Starry Night, Celestia and Luna couldn't be anymore thrilled.

The whole royal family is happy. Twilight and her friends finally get their stay in Canterlot for a week, plus Rainbow Dash's coronation is coming soon. But there is still one problem; can Twilight and Rainbow learn the ways of true heirs of the throne?

Meanwhile, Starry Night has to learn the ways of modern Equestria with the help of her nieces.

Additional Tags: Rarity, Other, OC

It is requested that you read the prequel first, or you might WILL be confused.

Made popular 1-13-18 YAY.

Rated teen just to be safe for later on.

Chapters (2)
Comments ( 22 )

Great start, can't wait for the next chapter

Very good start, it will be very interesting to see rainbow dash learn magic.

boy it would suck if Rainbow accidently summoned JARAXXUS EREDAR LORD OF THE BURNING LEAGION

BLASPHEMIE! There is no such thing as 'too much Monochromatic', only not enough.

Luna shook her head. Celestia was right. She needed to stop thinking about it. After all, what could possibly go wrong?

Never say that! Everything goes wrong. For example, when Twilight sang a song about how happy she was and how great Ponyville was, she finds out that she switched her friends' cutie marks.

you are awesome too , to already be starting another part for a series. I have trouble completing my stuff like real bad.

Lol me too. I have a hard time wanting to complete stuff after like the first chapter.

Lol at least it isn't the first chapter.

Well I did brain fart on one story my first one, after the first chappie lol.

I totes crapped the metaphysical pants.:rainbowlaugh:

just being cra-cra now.:pinkiecrazy:

A few minor errors, but so far much better than the previous installment.

ther are a few minner error's but oher than that it's prett well done. on a side note when will chapter 1 be released it has already been more than a month sence you posted the prologe.

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