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In an attempt to raise bits for charity, Princess Twilight begins to offer cuddles to ponies for ten bits each. However, the first pony to request cuddles was unexpected.

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Needs more snuggles. Twilight demands it.:heart:

Cute fuzzies and adorableness. Yee.... :rainbowkiss:

"Why are you here? I mean, I didn't really take you for one who would help charity," Twilight answered. She waved a hoof at Rarity, and the unicorn stepped inside the room.

Apparently Rarity being the element of generosity was a complete fluke. Some weird dialogue in this story but cute all the same.

(GASP) Twilight demands it? Oh noooooooo does this mean a sequel might be on its way?:raritywink:

Scrooge Mac Duck never gives to charity, though he'll give someone a low paying job at the drop of a hat. So just because Rarity is the element of generosity doesn't mean she gives to charity. She just finds other ways to help others in need. Like say making cold weather clothing for the homeless free of charge, or say fixing meals or the like for those in need. For all we know she makes pillows, blankets or even full on mattresses and passes them out every weekend. There is any number of ways to contribute to such causes without making it known.

Think I just died of a heart attack from the cuteness.


Like say making cold weather clothing for the homeless free of charge, or say fixing meals or the like for those in need. For all we know she makes pillows, blankets or even full on mattresses and passes them out every weekend.

That's literally the definition of charity, to provide free goods or services to those in need.

Are you really saying that you don't find it odd that Twilight of all people would say that about Rarity though?

It isn't cuddling without a Rarity? No, no it isn't. :raritywink:

Might be the definition, doesn't mean that's what people picture. now a days you think of donating bills and change to bll ringers at Christmas, or buying cases of cans for canned food drives, or of people like Bill Gates donating millions to medical research, or to groups like " the foundation to fight Blindness." Some people are known for making such gestures because it makes them look good or gets them attention.

It comes from a different show called M*A*S*H but Charles Winchester an East Coast Boston born Blue Blood was thought to be a selfish penny pincher because he'd only publically donated a tin of smoked oysters to a charity food drive for some orphans. However in privet he'd actually donated a large amount of chocolate candy bars to said Christmas Dinner. Hell when he found out that said Candy Bars wound up on the black market Charles nearly gave the man running the event a beating, till the man explained the candy would give the children happiness for a day, but the money earned fro selling said candy would by them Clothing, food and possibly other essentials like blankets.

Charles then promptly apologized saying the man understood his family's tradition better then he did himself, and that he'd learned quite a lot from the whole episode. THAT could be how Rarity does her charity work, in subtle secretive ways that don't draw attention to herself. As for the line, Yes it's odd but that doesn't mean that Rarity no longer embodies her element.

that was it? somehow im actually disappointed though im not quite sure about what it just seems like it was building up to something then just ends

No longer embodies her element? What? Where did you get that from? All I was saying was that the dialogue in the story was odd and that that line where Twilight straight up said she thought Rarity was not the type to help charity was especially so considering their history and the fact that Rarity is the element of generosity.

If you're talking about my first comment then that part about it being a fluke was meant to be taken sarcastically.



Can you guys kinda stop having a conversation on my story? It's a little disappointing when you have 19 notifatications but half of them are just because of you two.

It was a discussion about a part of your story but fine, I won't continue.

why does her chest floof look like there is an axe hidden in it?

I dunno. Ask the person who made it.

snuggles, with a deadly twist...

Fun story! A couple of errors: "kind size" should be "king size" and "color palate" should be "color pallette" (palate is taste!) or perhaps "color scheme" which would be a more usual phrasing.

Seems weird for Twilight to say that she didn’t think Rarity would be involved in a charity event. She is the element of generosity and aspired/aspires to be among the elite, who usually are the ones most likely to attend charity events so they can make a show of giving away obscene amounts of money to their peers.

:pinkiecrazy: Don't worry. She's PERFECTLY safe heeeheheheheheheheehehehe.......

> “Popular 2-17-18 Thanks, guys!”

I see that use use an ambiguous Time/Date-Format. May I suggest ISO-8601:

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¿Did you get featured 2017-02-18? or 2018-02-17? I happen to know that it was 2018--02-17.

! recommend using the HoloceneCalendar (YYYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS (5Ys)):

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Also, I would use only UTC/GMT. ¡Down with timezones and daylightsavingtime! ¡1 timezone for the whole world!

I just finished reading the story itself. I do not get why Miss Rarity donating to charity surprises Princess Twilight Sparkle; ¿who is the Element of Generosity?

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