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RariTwi Squad

A bunch of writers getting together to write stories about book and dress horses.


A series of Rarity and Twilight centric ficlets written by a variety of writers every week based on a different set of prompts.

Cover art by lilfunkman.

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This is ace work. The worldbuilding hangs together damned solidly in a relatively contained piece - and the mix of cyberpunk and magic's always fun to see - and the dynamic between Rarity and Twilight and the roles they both share is all well-realised. Good work on the scene descriptions and character interactions as well. Especially the double-crossing back-and-forth around the three-quarter mark.

Surely this was a simple problem to fix.

It had not been a simple problem to fix.

I commend this Gilligan Cut. As well as the last two lines. The best possible interaction between nemeses. :pinkiehappy:

Bonny stuff besides. Short and sweet and full of fun character moments.

The bitterness in this one is so thick you could cut it with a knife, the worldbuilding handled with grace and slow delicacy as more background elements are revealed, and the relationship between the two is heartbreakingly well-portrayed. Fantastic work.

Hah, that was wonderful.

Bitter enemies those two. I can see them doing enemy things for years to come.

Shining Armor looked back and forth across the table and slowly let out a breath. "O... kay. I think that a reasonable point to stop for tonight."

"Aw, seriously?" groaned Rainbow Dash. "I barely even got to do anything this session!"

"Quit yer bellyachin'," Applejack said as she elbowed Dash in the ribs. "It can't be street fights and stunt shows all the time."

"Says you."

"Thanks again for taking GM duty, Shining," said Twilight.

He hesitated just a little before smiling back. "No problem. You've got a great playgroup. I should've figured you'd like Shadowrun. Just, uh, one thing."


"Could you maybe not make your eyes glow in real life when you do it in the game?"

Of a Solar empire, even.

But yeah, gloriously bitter, like super-dark chocolate with just a hint of salt from tears. :raritywink:

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