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Everypony who says I'm crazy is correct. It's Pinkie Pie and Sketchy Clouds combined, what did you expect? PM me if you want to be friends.


Princess Luna is the Princess of Night, right? Correct. However, several ponies, including Twilight, know her as "The Princess of Snuggles."

After a long day, she just loves to snuggle her favorite ponies.

If this story gets featured, I'll write a sequel.

If this story gets up to twenty (20) likes I'll write a sequel.

EDIT: I hurt my hand so now it's gonna be longer for a sequel.

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I'm just gonna say what we're all thinking.

D' awwwwwww!:heart:

Yay! So I did pretty good at my first snuggle story? That boosted my confidence so much!

OMG the warm fuzzes are clogging up everything. Really needed one like this.

Really? Omg thanks so much!!!!

Is Luna okay snuggling with big silver snuggle loving dragons? *hopes*

Um... I don't know, I'm only Pinkie!

I’m gonna take that as a yes! *many snuggles with Luna! :heart:*

What about Pinkie?:fluttershysad: Do I have to snuggle with Twilight? Ooh! I know! I'll snuggle Sketchy!!!:pinkiehappy:

I can snuggle with you too if you like!

So, as promised, we made it over twenty likes. You know what that means?

Snuggle sequels.

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