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Luna writes to Twilight asking for help making friends. When Twilight mentions it to Pinkie, she suggest video games.

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Tch, video games don't increase violence...


*cowers in fear* never mind

Reminds me of a CoD player....but 20 % cooler. :facehoof:

upvote because of awesome

Short and sweet. Just the thing to read to finish out the day. You've earned a like.

Well, I never did that when I kill someone in Minecraft... Well, time to ho digging!

Diggy diggy hole, diggy diggy hole.

That was great one shot :D Concept maybe little exploated (mostly in comics) but still well written

3019946 thanks!

3020006 Haha, I agree, actually. But Twi seems like the kind who couldn't really handle it...:twilightblush:

3020837 Thanks!

3021036 Umm...this is pretty much it, actually.

3021177 3021295Thank you. Glad you liked it. :twilightsmile:

3021548 ha, yeah, but that wasn't really minecraft.

3021656 Yeah, I know it's a bit used up, but eh. I'm glad you like it even still. Thank you.

fucking awesome.
i knew twily couldn't handle the POWER that is online fragging.

"Of course not," Twilight said with an almost offend look. "I don't play video games. They raise violence levels and—"



I know, I'm just comparing the game they were playing to a game I am familiar with playing.

Maybe, I mean, just look at how being tardy made her go crazy. I would still love to have Twilight actually be a gamer. The raging can sometimes be hilarious, especially in this case.

twilight is an huge egghead! video games don't increase your violence! in fact, they actually help your hand-eye coordination.

Another story about Luna playing videogames..... why am I not surprised.

This is a good one. :twilightblush:

Just a stupid one-shot I wrote. I know it isn't good or anything.

Don't sell yourself short. This was great.

3023799 haha, yeah. Twi is...well, Twi :twilightblush:. Thanks!

3027796 With all the hours I've logged into video games, I gotta say I disagree. I'm a total klutz. Of course, maybe it's just the games I play? No FPS or anything. Stuff like Portal, Dragon Age, and Kingdom Hearts is what I like.

3030818 thank you. :pinkiesmile:

3035723 thank you.:pinkiehappy: That makes me feel better, truly.

3035793 yeah, it really only applies to video games where you have to move your hands pretty quickly. kingdom hearts is close, though :twilightsmile:

Good there wasn't any ten year old's in this fiction.:rainbowlaugh:

Not good? MOAR GAMER LUNA :flutterrage:

That was... A thing... That happened o.O

Great story!:pinkiehappy: You can never have too much Gamer Luna!:eeyup:

Luna, you haven't lived until you've played Majoras Mask


Damn it. I was gonna do that joke.

I've always liked the "Twilight's a violent, curse laden gamer" fanon.

I want to read more of this story line.

Comment posted by The Dankest Meme deleted Jan 12th, 2014

Haha need more of these one shots!!

Awesome, you should post more! :heart:

You forgot to add Pinkie into the main characters.

3024048 Dude chill it's only certain video games. Take CoD for instance,cause that game REALLY pisses me off.

Luna= best princess, followed by discord (season 4 finale) and twilight sparkle. It would be awesome to game with princess Luna! The xp hath been doubled then!

I know you called this a one-shot, but I want more. MOAR.

More Moony and Nix banter. Celestia's freakout when she heard Luna shout about eternal night? Loudest I've laughed all day.



Bloody awesome! I really liked it...and we need a sequel!!

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