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*clicks Read Later* I wonder what the old party is...Free-Soilers or Whigs maybe? xD

Well, that assumes this is a party that existed in the US.

I was expecting the Whig party.

Lolz, this was a funny political story. Won't spoil what the party was, though.

I was also expecting Whigs. Or Democratic-Republicans...

I'm glad that you guys liked it.

This look totally hilariously in-character!:twilightsheepish: Insta-fave

Silly ponies! The mismatch in prices indicate a failure of the market to clear, and that indicates a mis-allocation of resources! You should allow for wages and prices to fluctuate such that individual ponies and groups of ponies can switch to farming and farm-related productions, thereby allowing an efficient re-distributions of both labor, capital, and mental capital!

But that's the economist in me...

Otherwise, it's a surprisingly funny fic. I liked it.

Thank you. Unfortunately I don't know that much about the economics, it's not exactly my field.

Hahaha, I enjoyed this, especially for the pun on 'party'!

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