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Pinkie Pie shows Princess Luna her favorite beverage, coffee. The result is Luna seeing Equestria with a new set of eyes, and seeing just how vile and evil the typical pony is, and she realizes that this must be remedied.

This is a commission. If you'd like your own commission, feel free to PM me, or support me on patreon.

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Good job

I always took Pinkie as to be the one coffee had the opposite effect on.

makes sense, she seems to be the most likely one to have something like ADHD and coffee, err, Caffeine in general tends to have an inverse reaction with those who have ADHD, calming us down.

source: i have ADHD (medically diagnosed)

To me she shows signs of having bipolar disorder type 2. She spends a lot of time in a manic or hypomanic swing, when given enough time for her brain chemistry to finally crash or when experiencing a sudden psychological shock, she slips into either a depressive or a psychotic depressive(psychotic in this terminology means displaying symptoms similar to schizophrenia or schitzo affective disorder). When in a manic or hypomanic phase, they have what appears to have excessive or inappropriate levels of energy, excessive joy, a mild detachment from reality, lacking social tact because their thoughts are moving so fast it's easy to miss small details. As someone who has bipolar disorder type 2, I recognize the symptoms. Of course the writers wrote the characters and the highly talented voice cast portrayed as the characters so we'll that we see a little piece of ourselves in them.

The conditions are not necessarily exclusive of each other. Personally, I see Pinkie as a good deal of both, and maybe a couple other issues tossed in. :twilightoops:
But then, something similar could be said for just about all of the Mane Six with varying mixes of disorders. :facehoof:

Eyes third cup of coffee nervously.
I think I've had enough for today.

Maybe one more.

As someone with ADHD, I can say that coffee makes me pretty hyper and bubbly, and it helps me focus a lot better.

buy me a coffee

>looks at story
>looks at link
>backs away slowly

I promise I won't send everypony to Tartarus for having bad hair.


”Plus, it lets me see the creatures that watch us that nopony else can see.”
“Well, if you're quite sure… we do not see how it could be of any harm…”

Impeccable logic!

“They see everything. Just as we do. Watching. And never helping. That makes them enemies!

Hey! I've killed, like, THOUSANDS of grim-dark psycho Discords and insane tyrant alicorns and bloodsucking vampire changelings and... too much other stuff! I can't help it if I missed ONE dimension out of infinity!



>backs away slowly

something tells me you'd be better off backing away quickly :twilightoops:

They trigger on rapid movement. And pounce.

You do not want to experience a full grown earth pony, or worse an alicorn pouncing while on that much caffeine. It is an adorable, horrible end.

No, Pinkie, the word is not "adhorrable".

...do they trigger on panicked changelings turning into elements of scenery? :twilightoops:


Do you feel lucky? :)

That would be a big no :ajsleepy:

I think this is the wrong story to put a "buy me a coffee" link on, lol

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