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How can I be home and still feel out of place.

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*sniff sniff* This is heartwarming beyond believe. :fluttercry::fluttercry:

You might be a tad young but was your choice of the name MayBell. A quick reference to
Mother Maybelle Carter? If the name doesn’t ring a bell just Google it, you will find out all
about her. If you meant it you couldn’t have made a better choice, if an accident then Murphy came down on your side this time.
Well done on the story I have no idea why someone would down vote it.

Oh dear...I don't know what to say, this will forever be fanon in my mind.

how beautiful their family could have been.

Reminds me of nothing. :ajbemused:

Wow.. Just wow. Well done.

First time I read "thoughts?" as "problam?"

Seriously, this is heartbreakingly heartwarming stuff! :raritycry:

How do I add more likes???

3338705 3338770 3338945 3339295 3339522 3339465 3339664 Thank you. I'm glad you seem to like it, or at least it left an impression.

3338777 that did inspire me. It is a beautiful song.

3338757 I googled it, and a musician came up. I don't really understand how she relates to maybelle?

Thank you all for the comments!

3340130 In all seriousness though, I love it. IloveitsomuchIwubit! Ohnothewordsareblendingagain!:raritydespair:

Love it love it love it love it.

Bravo :twilightsmile: Beautifully done, I love it.

That was beautiful.

that's sad but I love it :pinkiehappy::fluttercry:

Pure Poetry.

-Remy, Ratatouille :twilightblush:


I suck at replying sometimes. Thanks so much guys.mime glad you like it.

OMG this almost made me cry...I can feel a little tear wanting to come out :fluttercry: this story is beautiful. Well-written, paced appropriately, and filled with FEELS. I loved it.

Really beautiful.

Other than the actual prayer itself, what I really enjoyed was how you slowly let the reader hear the details. Many people can relate to this which makes it also worth reading.

Really enjoyed it.

I found this again, and read it again, I am disappointed in myself for not giving it the thumbs up and fav it deserves.

This is such a heartfelt piece of work, it brings tears to my eyes every time I read it. Thank you for creating such a beautifully worded work of sadness. :fluttercry:

3779579 Whoever disliked this comment, please come forward! :twilightangry2:

Being a Christian, this hit me right at home. I love how families bond over that sort of thing, but you just don't see that anymore... :ajsleepy: :fluttercry: :fluttershysad: :raritycry: :raritydespair:

*burst into tears* that was amazing
:raritydespair: :applecry: :fluttercry:

Bravo sir. You have done something many consider to be impossible. You have brought tears to my eyes. This is the third time it's happened, and I have read some very sad fics. I do not joke when I say that you have talent. Good show sir. Good show.

3719415 eek, you probably won't even read this, but thank you!

3779579 thank you, and sorry for replying so late.

5312247 I'm glad you liked it so much!

5569982 thank you, I'm glad that it touched you. I would say, though, the downvote is because of the grammar errors and typos all through this.

6375416 True, glad you enjoyed it.

6613245 Thank you so much.

6821874 I'm glad you liked this story and appreciate the compliment. Although, I'm not a sir :raritywink:

6822483 my apologies Madame, this was a truely great story. I loved every bit of it and hope for stories like it in the future

I rememeber reading this....it 'twas so sad! :fluttercry:

I came upon this by way of a few random clicks, and I have to say, it's beautiful. I am a bit of a stickler as an editor, but you already know there are typos and errors based on some of the comments I've seen, so I won't bother getting into it. They weren't crazy enough to get you a downvote. You've got my upvote, madame. Keep up the good work. :twilightsmile:

7233468 I'm glad you liked it! Thank you for the up vote. This is an older piece, so I probably haven't given it the editing attention not needs, and back when I first posted it I didn't really think it was important for some reason, so I'm sorry for the errors. Thanks for the up vote.

When's he and Cheerilee gonna be an item?

When's he and Cheerilee gonna be an item?

This story has sat on my Read Later shelf longer than any other, over three years. It's about time I took care of that.

This is really touching, enough to get a few tears out of me. Having Applejack overhearing Granny's prayer is also an interesting way to tell the story, and it amplifies the emotional impact. If this were part of a longer piece, it would be easy to wave it off as an innovative exposition dump, but since the emotional impact was the purpose of this story, it holds together. I'm still annoyed that Finding Sweetie isn't on here anymore, but this story is very sweet, and deserves its thumbs up.

It was very heartwarming to see how AJ reaction and bittersweet what Granny Smith said near the end, and how AJ responded to it was a really good line.
It was a very well-written piece and I think you put down the characters quite well.

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