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Dainty Dish: The official record holder of the highest sustained speed and altitude over a recognized flight course in Equestria. As well as the holder of the time to climb record for a given altitude. There is no pony in Equestria who can match her abilities.

However, one stallion from from a far off place is determined to catch her. And in a brash attempt to prove himself worthy of her affection, gives chase. Only to fail spectacularly even with months of preparation. So on Hearth's Warming Day he enlists the help of Rainbow Dash, Equestria's foremost expert on speed to help him learn all there is to know about the art of going fast.

Can the mighty Mikoyan Ivanovich Gustaav the Thirty-First catch his dark angel? Or will he be too much stallion for Rainbow Dash- for Equestria to handle?

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Huzzah! This fic is actually getting made! Always up for more Dainty Dish and the addition of an ponified Mig is always awesome. Although I wonder why it always opens with someone falling out of the sky for one reason or another?

Cue flaming Russian Pony in snow Drift asking advice from Dash. *Cues*

woot! lookin forward to more, tracked.

94939 Because falling ponies are good attention getters. Would you ignore a pony falling from the sky?

This is gonna be interesting. I especially like the incorporation of music myself, made it seem cooler somehow.

Definitely going to be tracking this feller.

and here comes the Mig-31 Foxhound chasing thr SR-71 Blackbird!, I do wonder if he will have a older brother(althought a little bit smaller, slower and somewhat weaker than him) that would be the equivalent of the Mig-25 Foxbat, if you are going to ponify more planes I do have a family for you: Su-37 Terminator and F-22A Raptor as parents and the kid is an Su-T50 PAK-FA(you won't deney the fact that this aircraft have a great similitude to those two planes)

and here comes the Mig-31 Foxhound chasing thr SR-71 Blackbird!, I do wonder if he will have a older brother(althought a little bit smaller, slower and somewhat weaker than him) that would be the equivalent of the Mig-25 Foxbat, if you are going to ponify more planes I do have a family for you: Su-37 Terminator and F-22A Raptor as parents and the kid is an Su-T50 PAK-FA(you won't deney the fact that this aircraft have a great similitude to those two planes)

THERE'S MORE! :pinkiehappy: IloveyouIloveyouIloveyou.:rainbowkiss:

Excellent writing again, sir. I'm excited to see more ponified planes; and bringing in Russian analogues is brilliant! This gets me wondering how you could ponify the Tu-95? Or his Equestrian rival, the BUFF?

Anyway, five stars!

From just over a week prior to S2E03:Lesson Zero to the morning after S2E11:Hearth's Warming Eve, a span of maybe a few months. Clearly Mikoyan will land(?) near Ponyville, but I'll be interested to read what Rainbow Dash has been doing in that time, what personal milestones she has achieved, why she's considered an expert on speed. Maybe I'll hope for a side story.

I'm loving this so far, it's inspired me to try to find Soviet aircraft names for Mikoyan's companion ponies. :pinkiehappy: Here's one: Molot Myasishchev, based on the Myasishchev M-4 'Molot' (Russian for 'Hammer', NATO name 'Bison'), a bomber... though production stopped in 1963, and the last one was withdrawn in 1994. Probably has a brother named for the 'Atlant' variant.

Oh those crazy Russians! I bet Pinkie would like this guy. Cuz you know those Russians...if you don't join the party they'll come and get ya!:pinkiehappy:

The premise is certainly interesting. I read your previous story and while it was certainly written excellently and you clearly knew your airplanes I cringed a little at the portrayal of Dash and having another pony prove to be faster than her. But I'm a super Rainbow Dash fan so that's just my prejudice. It is certainly not an ill reflection on the truly intriguing concept and the amazing writing that characterized that story and this one. I look forward to future chapters.

I love how you make pony-fied aircraft make sense - fully believable as characters and yet completely interchangeable with their mechanical counterparts.

A MiG-25's Tumansky's burning up trying to catch an SR-71. You make me a happy man. You obviously know your stuff.


Mikoyan Ivanovich Gustaav the thirty-first would like to point something out to you about his name...

Why must it take time for you to write new chapters. Can't we have them all now?!?

Sure, let me just grab my time machine and jump two months into the future here and... :pinkiegasp:

I have seen the future! It is not pony!

Does the future have Walker getting his ass kicked by the Ranma-verse? To which he retaliates with a shotgun?

Oh lord. Is this a script for an animated film or a fic?!? Either way I love it. And Russians! Yay! I also predict dainty and Miki love triangle that is forbidden by their respective nations. Mmmm yes.

Loving this!

Eagerly awaiting more and more :rainbowkiss:


Of course, of course... a MiG-31 with D30-F6's. Oh, and the whole concept of Mikoyan's crush on Dainty is absolutely adorable.

I'm giddy with excitement:rainbowkiss:

How are the pegasi communicating at such long distances, and why are their voices crackling? Do they have headsets? Also, why does one pony get a team of assistants? I'm so confused. :derpyderp1:


It's one stallion, and two of his good buddies, using equestria's famous schizotech.

*reads Wikipedia entry for MIG-31*

"The MiG-25's speed was limited to Mach 2.83 in operations. But it could reach a maximum speed of Mach 3.2 with the risk of damaging the engines beyond repair."

Well, horseapples.

Also, naming Crazy Ivan the exact same thing as his IRL manufacturer doesn't quite sit that well with me. Sure, it's fairly clever, but it's also kind of lazy.


Oh trust me, for Non-aircraft geeks, it's going to fly so far over their head, only Dainty will be able to reach it.

And other than that, we already have an aircraft named directly in the cannon characterlist. 'Spitfire'. I asked my 'sounding board' over at spacebattles on the name, and they said not to worry.

Besides. You know you want to see the jokes about his nickname 'Miki'.

So, is this really about a crush on Dainty? Or is it about out doing his famous
great great great great grandpa's fastest flight?

More generally, if planes can map to ponies, do ponies map to planes?
Fluttershy as a med-evac copter?
(low altitude, low speed, excellent hover capability)
Rainbow Dash to an interceptor "fighter" of some kind ? (fits the name, I think.)
(can't see her in an air superiority role, given her nickname and trouble with turns, unless that's just compared
to ponies who are equivalent to low speed stunt planes.)


I see Dash as an F-22. She even has 'supercruise' (Mach 1 without the use of afterburner. Note Dainty and Miki need to use a special trick with making the wings snap to speed match what Dash can do without.), and she turns so tightly its insane.

Lol, I am liking Mikoyan... incorrigible Russian ponies are win :rainbowlaugh:

This is, by far, one of the best first chapter of a story I've read in a good while. Normally, it takes me at least two or three chapters to get a feel for a character's personality and mannerisms. However, Miko's exuberant personality shines through almost immediately and continues to entertain throughout the chapter. That, combined with the well-written character interaction scenes and action sequences, made this quite a joy to read. It is my personal opinion that, if this level of quality is maintained throughout the story, this sequel might even surpass the original in terms of popularity. Not to say that I didn't love the first though. It is still one of my all-time favorites.
I can't wait to see how Rainbow tries to train Miko in the next chapter and look forward to seeing more from you in the future.

Ok, so Mikoyan is a Mig specifically a Foxhound, Berkut is the Sukhoi Su-47, and Tupohoove is a Tu-95 Bear or Ursa. What is Manestay based off of? Great chapter, can't wait for more.

Never mind, Manestay is based off of the Beriev A-50 Mainstay Russian AWACS. I apologize for my ignorance.

The flaming 'MiG 35' was not only funny but highly accurate. This is shaping up to be one hell of a sequel...

All this story and the original has done is make me try and figure out what kind of fighter jet Rainbow actually is...and what aircraft fluttershy is...so many possibilities...:rainbowlaugh::twilightsmile:


World of God said that Dash is basically Pony!F-22 Raptor.

FOR THE LOVE OF CELESTIA I WANNA DO A READING OF THIS... i just need someone to voice the female characters... hay i may just do a read through without those voices or try em myself, that accent is so fun to do and the dialogue is so well written!

It's nice to know that I'm not the only one who noticed the Soviet era name dropping!


Oh my god. I totally did not expect stories this good when I started My Little Blackbird. I just read it because the SR-71 is awesome. Thank goodness I did.:rainbowkiss:

“More importantly…” the desperation and frustration in her voice started to climb. “Are you ALIVE?”
Rainbow Dash silently kicked herself.
“Should’ve asked that first…”

Do I spy a Portal 2 reference, or is that just my over-obsessive fan-ness making me see things?


I'm hesitant to call dash a F22. Dash has done a lot, she's earned her reputation, she's fought. The F22 has been a disaster. Because of her track record, I'd say she's either a F15, F16 or more than likely a F18. (draw the parallel from wonderbolts to blue angels it fits perfectly). Unless the F22 proves itself, I feel saying rainbow is a F22 is a insult to her.

138087 As I said it's a World of God... You can see Author comment few (7) comments above mine previous comment, or 15 above this.

136967 Yeah, I was at a lost for Manestay until I saw "his older brother Sentry" and the Haywax brothers. Sentry is the E-3 Sentry, and currently our AWACS. So I looked up Russian AWACS aircraft and found it.

138087 I agree that Dash is not an F-22, but more because of the physical profile I would associate it with. An F-22 pony would have a large, powerful stature with similar wings. It would also have unprecedented control over its wings to represent thrust vectoring. Rainbow Dash on the other hand, would be represented by the F-16 because it is lightweight, incredibly agile, and also has a very powerful single engine for its size. Dash also puts greater emphasis on agility and maneuverability over sheer power, and though she has averaged sized wings, they produce a large amount of power for their size. Also the Falcon would have been her pet of choice, and the F-16 is also known as the Fighting Falcon.


I'd have considered Rainbow Dash to be more like the F-104. High speed, but easy to crash!

138206 She does have that tendency to hit trees, buildings, or the ground.


Very true, I just don't see it. The F22 hasn't actually been battle tested, in fact it's spent most of its time grounded because of a slight issue with the oxygen delivery system that's already killed at least 2 pilots, and no one has been able to fix it. Rainbow has gone under the trial by fire, and has a combat history not based on Michael Bay films, but actual combat. Maybe she's a Super Hornet.

The logic behind the choice of Raindbow Dash being a ponified F-22 is quite simple actually: every other pegasus in this universe has to "afterburn" in order to beak the sound barrier, but Rainbow doesn't need that, she can supercruise.

EDIT: Also, you wouldn't happen to be the same Ezbok58a that wrote that Kim Possible story where they go back in time to the Vietnam War, are you?

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