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Practicing her sonic rainboom technique on a cool morning in Ponyville with Applejack as her spotter, Rainbow Dash rescues another pegasus from an imfamous Falling Leaf Spin.

Upon recovery, they discover that the young mare had been in posession of an extremely sophisticated camera, now a pile of scrap metal on the ground.

In an attempt to console the distraught pegasus, Dash and AJ search for a solution to her busted optics, only to end with the young pegasus leaving for the manufacturer in a rush of excitement.

Things take a turn for the strange when the same pegasus returns four hours later with a brand new camera... From a round-trip journey of over five thousand miles.

Tempers flare, challenges are issued, and Rainbow Dash's pride is put to the ultimate test.

What is the secret of the photographer known as Dainty Dish?

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[Pinkie Pie]:pinkiegasp: Oh. My. GOSH! She's so fast and Cyute I'm gonna DIE! :pinkiehappy: [/Pinkie Pie]

God I love this pony. Give her love, people! (and some allegra.)

Ok. To everyone who didn't read this story::flutterrage: READ IT. Why?
1. It's Awesome.:rainbowkiss:
2. It's Awesome.:rainbowkiss:
3. It's a product of SpaceBattles Forum Insanity.:derpytongue2:
4. It's Awe... Wait... I said that Already. Ah, DD is one of few OC's you will like.:eeyup:

SO... Just read it.

Glad to see this story finally up on FIMfiction. It really does deserve all the attention it can get. Though, I must say, Act II's tittle does raise a few eyebrows. Is that intentional?

Oh. My. Friggin'. GOD.:derpyderp1:

This... This was... I, I can't even... MY GOD.

*Collapses from the sheer awesomeness*

Please tell me there are more stories for Dainty incoming. Or at least stories of this level of awesomness. This was just... WOW.

Best OC pony.

I still can't believe that this wasn't approved on EqD. Anyway, you've heard it many times before but DD is freaking awesome. Approximately at least three times more awesome than regular awesome.


The author has stated that he's not planning on making any more of his own, though she is free for anyone who thinks they can pull off writing her to use in any story you wish. So, if you want to borrow her, go ahead. :pinkiehappy:

Dainty is INDEED awesome, there. An SR-71 in pony form. :D

oh god, the 3+ is because she can fly at MACH 3+, isn't it

Effing amazing.
Also, I couldn't stop thinking of this song throughout all of the epilogue. Good God, I almost cried when I put it on while reading.

I'm wondering why the story status says incomplete. It seems pretty complete to me, or is there more to come?

Falling Leaves On the ground! Wait wut wrong place

Very nice story, would be awesome to see more of this. also dainty dish is best pony.:trollestia:

um, i think something's wrong with the formatting, the last part after where twilight just sat there looking confused underlaps with the comment part of the page and is unreadable :applecry:


This part?

“Beats me,” Applejack shook her head. “But from what I done seen, she ain’t lyin’.”

Twilight turned her head back to the door, a perplexed look on her face.

Might be your page loading incorrectly. I see no issues. :applejackunsure:

My little Blackbird, My little Blackbird
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(My Little Blackbird)
I used to wonder what Lockheed could be
(My Little Blackbird)
Until it shared it’s Jet Engines with me
Big adventure
Tons of speed
A beautiful plane
Powerful and strong
Ruling Airspace
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And Blackbird makes it all complete
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Do you know you're the very best plaaaaane.

Made it m'self :rainbowkiss:


Typical Ad Crawler. Just alert an admin.

:pinkiegasp: You guys want the track I spliced up to be Dainty's Climbing BGM? Huh? Do you?

:twilightsmile: Of course they do.

:pinkiehappy: YIPPEE!


Now you can play it from the moment twilight spots Rainbow Dash leaving the dust cloud to chase Dainty, and FEEL it in masterful Dolby Digital 6.1 surround sound.


K, I will if you haven't already.

BTW, what did you think of my bad (and I mean bad:pinkiecrazy:) redo of the Theme song for the SR-71 for this story?

That music you linked was absolutely freaking PERFECT for this. It set the mood for the entire chapter. Excellent choice of tunes. Really got this sense of awe as Dainty Dish was climbing with the music playing in the background. MAJOR major thumbs up to you.:raritystarry:

SO...AWESOME! This was a fantastic story. This is probably one of my favorite stories, and I can say with almost absolute sincerity that the music for Dainty's climb was what really kicked it in for me. I am so impressed. This was magnificently done. I'm stunned beyond words that aren't synonyms of what I've already said. :yay:

VERY well done. As well as being a brony, I'm a bit of an aviation fanboy, and DD's characterization does an excellent job of depicting the strengths and weaknesses of the SR-71, as well as being completely adorable!

Her paint scheme...

Red stripes, jet black tail and wings... She's an SR-71 down to the tee. And her cutie mark's based on the patch the pilots wear. I love it.

So beautiful. I really want to read more about Dainty Dish but at the same time it is wrapped up so nicely. {I am definitely gonna be watching you and if anything more about dainty dish comes up it's gonna get another 5 star rating from me.

:pinkiegasp: OH! OH! OH! More music!
:ajbemused: Well out with it Sugarcube.
:pinkiehappy: Okay!

If you read the appendix, you know Dainty has a generic BGM as well. It's based off the nursery rhyme tune her name comes from.

I have to admit, I am impressed. Try as I might, I can't find anything wrong with this story without sounding like a nit picky jerk. Descriptions are nice, it flows like a faucet, and Dainty Dish is brilliant. I'm not a plane/jet expert and am only a mediocre writer in my opinion, but I could tell right away that there was a hard to detect layer of realism in the character you made the second I heard how fast she made that trip despite her fragility. It was in the way you presented her that made it stick out to me. It was so different from other situations like this. I find what you did here to be a lot better than simply slapping an OC together. You gave her a hoof in our world that made her easy to relate to, ever if that was unintentional.

This vehicle based pony created a nice change of pace to the beaten down down trope of 'fast character meets faster character.' As opposed to her being weak and having some kooky magic trick, there a believable layer of science that makes it make so much sense. That was the most satisfying part; there are absolutely no questions, small or otherwise. In most other stories, I'd probably be asking why Dainty would be going so high. But you gave a logical and understandable reason. It fits together like a puzzle if only you are willing to put the pieces together.

On another note, Dainty relates to me personally. The fact that she didn't understand that she was fast in an issue I've had to deal with regularly. Up until I was sixteen, I didn't understand that my I.Q. was really high and I couldn't figure out why other kids kept saying I was trying to sound smarter than them or make them look bad. Imagine how stupid I felt when I found out I was smart. I'd like to extend a personal thanks for making a character that deals with the problem of being good at something and not knowing it.

So...is there fanart of Dainty Dish yet?:rainbowderp:

If not, somepony PLEASE contact one of the drawfriends because DD is too awesome not to have fanart~ :moustache:

As an aviation fanatic, I can't help but throw out the best praise for this story. Not only does it come as a wonderful bonus for me (in fact, I was wondering if you were going to throw in a reference to wing loading regarding Dainty and Dash's wing profile, thereby explaining one of the reasons Dash can pull snap turns), but everyone's character was well maintained and stayed within relevance. I commented in an earlier chapter about recognizing the distinctive color scheme and cutie mark, and I love how she carried around the Blackbird's recon sensor suite as her job. Honestly, I like how it does a good job of explaining how ponies special abilities along make up for their schizo-tech world. Who needs a MAch 3 jet when a pony does the job?

I loved this story. It's unlikely due to my hectic schedule and a few other stories elsewhere I'm working on, but if I may one day, someday, I'd like to write her her own story. I think she deserves it.

Well done.

And as an addendum; you used an Ace Combat song to personify Dish's climb...

Dude, all my internets to you.

Ooohh, Dainty Dish comes from Song of Sixpence...
brilliant. awesome allusion :raritystarry:

all my internets to the person who gets the drawfriends to draw some fanart of dainty dish

You must submit this to Equestria Daily if you haven't yet. You must! You MUST!:raritydespair:

Also, I just noticed this, I thought Dainty Dish's cutie mark was the picture for the story, but your profile pic and the one in the Appendix have a different one. Which one is it? I want it as my Black Ops emblem, but not the wrong one.

Dainty Dish is best pony indeed! :moustache:

A friend linked me here and I have to say I'm impressed. This may sound like faint praise, but the fact that you did not press heavy on the angst pedal with the character, when it would have been incredibly easy to do so, says good things about you as an author. Characterizations are solid and prose is good. Pinkie was slightly heavy-handed, but she's pretty difficult anyhow so I can hardly fault you for that. On the other hand, the bit with Twilight and Spike and "it knows!" was tremendously funny.

(though I might suggest putting Twi's imagine spot in all italics or something similar)

SR-71 is best plane.

He already did that, weeks ago, and it was rejected, along with several other highly praised Spacebattles stories. It's caused some people on the forum to go a little, uh, paranoid about the Mainstream Pony Media.

I didn't even cry reading My Little Dashie! Why is this making me cry? It's just so...beautiful! :pinkiesad2:

Still crying by the way! :pinkiesad2:


The image posted on the title is correct. The image containing the SR-71 with Dainty was concept art pulled from The Pony Generator (FULL version) using an actual SR-71 flight patch. It's older, and meant as concept art until some talented artist designs a Dainty Dish to live up to her.

I never thought I'd say this, but Cold War-era reconnaissance aircraft are adorable.

Best thing about this story? It flows like an actual episode of FiM.:rainbowlaugh:

good facts on the blackbird its my favorit plane. :pinkiehappy: two other facts i know about it is that 1 the nose would heat up and change shape so when it landed the ground crew had to iorn the nose back to its original shape and 2 vary rarily ( and by rarily i meen rarily it only happend a couple of times ) one of the engens would reverse so one engein would be going fords and the other full reverse this would make the plane spin fall and crash

You... just... wow. I love Dainty. You convey words like I've rarely seen. I felt a wonderful sense of soaring during the epilogue. I may draw inspiration from her to further develop my OC; though he's faster the closer he is to the ground.

Wow! Great Story! And I could really emphasize with Dainty Dish and her sneeze attacks, mines usually leave me with a bloody nose.

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