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Ever wondered how it would be like to be Discord? Well I've been there, Literally. For some reason Discord has vanished form Equestria, and now I'm his replacement till he comes back. I might even stay if I do a good job at it, but that's Discords decision. But it's not all fun and games. Soon, mysterious happenings have been ... well happening to me. At first, we thought it was Discords doing, then we found out, it was something much worse ... Something, with a black heart ...

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Well, there are a lot of grammar errors and whatnot and a few "I"s that weren't capitalized.

"How did you know that?" She askes me still with her smile. "I have my ways" I responded.

One thing very important to remember, never have two characters talk in he same paragraph.

and also,

me by 1 or 2 inches.

don't use the numbers 1 and 2, but the words one and two.

You should search out the few editor groups like Love and Tolerate and ask for advice and help if you want to improve your stories.:twilightsmile:

Comment posted by Sagacity deleted Jun 18th, 2013

Thanks for taking the time to read my fanfic hope u enjoyed it. Thanks for the advice too. Preparing advice soaking sequence....... advice has been absorbed. Again thanks for reading it and thanks for watch

It has potential which is all ill say for now

I would like to see where this goes.

:rainbowkiss: I'm sure you'll like it :rainbowlaugh:

Glad to see you're back up and writing. Your stories good but I betcha we can make it better if you want over the weekend we can work on your story.

Ya that be great thx for the help sixtales

2477869 Actually i started working on the next chapter right now, but i just got writers block! :raritydespair:

2478050 Yeah hate when that happens don't worry keep switching up your ideas for the next chapter and you writers block should go away. :twilightsmile:

2478078 Thanks SixTales I'm actually doing that right now and well its tags are comedy, random, and adventure right? So I'm adding those tags in the next chapter. IT SHALL BE FUNNY!! :moustache:

Comment posted by Armadaes deleted Jun 18th, 2013

While the idea has certainly caught my attention (read the short description) I will not read the story yet. The long description needs to be MAJORLY edited. And until I see that it is cleaned up, I will not read the story. I will keep an eye out for it if it does get cleaned but for right now I'm just going to thank you for the interesting ideas you have implanted in my head.

2479519Heh sorry for that. I thought it was a good description. Well guess not:rainbowlaugh: Anyway I fixed it up. Hope you enjoy reading my fanfic:pinkiehappy:

This is actually pretty good. Needs more work on action though, and some more environment. I'm not saying Lord of the rings 3 and a half hours to read through, but something to give us an understanding of where the buck we are.

Aside from the minor flaws, 8.2/10.

Thx i appreciate the advice. I actually need an editor to help me. Sixtales was helping me out, but he be in the hospital. HOPE U GET BETTER SOON SIXTALES!!! Anyway I need an editor to help me out. Thx for the fav too>>2494925

If you Inbox me the new chapters I'll see what I can do.

2500197 Ill be sure to do that thx i really appreciate it:twilightsmile:

Fine but Luna is best Princess

No problem


I must say, I was not disappointed.

So far Iike this story :pinkiehappy:
though i dunno where all them dislikescame from...people not liking best pony?
or people being jelous of newcord sammy :moustache:

2564994 idk know but I honestly don't really pay attention to them :pinkiehappy::derpytongue2:

Good good, getting dislikes arent the end of ones world....different taste and all that.
....any hints on how far away the next chapter is? :moustache:

2568513 not that far ... maybe a week? couple days maybe? But ill start working on it as soon as I can. "Pinkie" promise

Ok I know you were trying to give the character exposition,but the way you made the character sound was kinda bad. As in you couldn't think of another story line so you went with the oh so original I'm alone in the world. Not trying to be a dick it's just I literally skipped over that paragraph. I do like the characters personality though along with the idea. Still gave it a thumbs up

Your already in the shit when pinkie has a nickname for you

2613219 Well thanks for the thumbs up. And hey ... i tried ... :twilightsheepish::pinkiehappy:

So we have now a competition bethen the girls! This is getting interesting?
Are we going to see the other girls having feelings for Samuel or just Pinkie and Twilight? You don't have to answer if you don't want to. Since some people don't like Spoilers

2616293 You'll just have to find out haha

That ending. I could not stop laughing

I like this story :) it's funny :)

2738609 I try my best to make you guys laugh

2738694 and your great at it so keep making funnies and stuff and....... stuff

2738753 your welcome :) and I have a question is Samuel an anthro discord or is he just normal discord

scumbag brain strikes again!
this is very funny

Uhm... Is he overloading with chaos/evil magic? Discord probably used something in his book (hense the eye) to increase the amount of chaotic magic building up in Sam. Either that, or Sam needs to go to Discord on sovernguard and speak with him (skyrim FTW!!)

I wish I had an idea but I don't :( man I'm usually good at that kind of stuff :( oh well I'll just wait till next chapter

2754646 Good idea there pal :pinkiehappy: Careful though, don't want your brain to jinx anything for you, don't ya?:pinkiecrazy:

2754552 You have some mind there pal. You were close, but not close enough. (Hint to the rest you peeps: Discord has nothing to do with what is happening to Samuel):pinkiecrazy:

2756864 Brain? What's is it thy speakith of when thy mentions brain?

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