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Welcome to Cuddle Fluff!

This cute and cuddly little group is a great place to find, read, or post stories of your own that either are based solely around the act of two ponies cuddling, snuggling, or long, epic adventures that feature awesome amounts of furry equines cuddling!

Now, there are plenty of great groups out there based around cuddling, but this one is different! Why? Because it separates cuddling into a variety of ship-based sub-folders that helps you to find which two ponies you want to cuddle with, and enjoy!

Submitting Stories:

Stories can be submitted by anyone, in any folder. We trust that you know to add your stories to the right place. These three steps should guide you through how to sort them.

1. Stories, when added, should be placed in the folder of whatever characters are involved in the cuddling.
2. If they are romantic, they should also go in their respective shipping folder.
3. If they contain any sexually explicit material at all, they should ONLY go in the NSFW Sexy Snuggling folder.

[Our Founder]: ModMCdl

[Our Admins]: Kodeake

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This group looks great!

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