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Her attempt at a Sonic Rainboom. Failure. Crashes in the Everfree and lands next to the Castle of the Royal Pony Sisters. Well just fly out, you may say. But guess what; her wing is torn.

Dash loses consciousness under the impact, but lastly sees a predator of the night. Guess what, it had fangs. Dash is a goner.

She wakes up though. However, she was not set free unchanged. And her hostage pony is still with her.

* * *

A bloody gore story. You can guess the rest.

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I like where this is heading.
Looking forward for future chapters!:pinkiehappy:

But seriously, this look really interesting! I hope you flesh out Twilight's backstory

Of how she is a vampire? Maybe, or maybe not. I will not spoil!:trollestia:


This is dark as all heck!:fluttershysad:

I was trying to do that! Thank you!!!:raritystarry:

Before I read this, what is the Gore and Dark tag for ?
And how bad does it get ?

I seem to have noticed this; every time I have a gore tag you ask what it is for and how bad does it get. Why?:unsuresweetie:

Yes, I understand, but it kinda annoys me:unsuresweetie:

It's quite alright, dear. You didn't know.:heart:

Don't worry, I'm writing the next chapter right now:twilightsmile:

vampires make everything awesome

so....can they really not go into sun light? :unsuresweetie:

This chapter is is very interesting to read keep up the good work update soon

It'll all be explained in the intermission. (Next publish):twilightsmile:

Legitimate question: Is twilight's soul binding thing influencing Rainbow's love for Twilight?

All be explained in intermission:twilightsmile:

This story has me hooked, can't wait for what's next.


Well I think dash would freak more out, I betting my ass that the whole binding thing is effecting her.

Good chapter by the way hope too see more soon

So how does Princess Luna fit into this universe?

Excuse me? I'm sorry, but Princess Luna isn't a vampire in this fic.

Pinkie are me and gummy going to be in it ? :)

I don't know, I'm just winging it:twilightsheepish:

Well, that's a refresher. And to continue my hopes up, the vampires don't worship her as their "night mother" or some other fanfiction cliche like that, right?

Correct. I was never one for that stuff.

Okey just let me know, you know where I am

So are we to assume that Twilight has been casting sunlight perfection spells on herself the while time she's lived in Ponyville?....
And also is Spike going to be in this story....and if so will he be a vampire Dragon?......because that would be freaking awseome

Yes, Twilight has been casting the sunlight spell her entire life. But, she is strong enough to cast it where it lasts a week, and it doesn't drain her.

And um..... I will just say this: No, because nobody cares about Spike. (Even though that is a really cool idea and it might make me reconsider. And if I do, I'll put in the author's note that you gave me that idea.:twilightsmile:)

I can defiantly see Twilight being powerful enough to survive Sun light
But I'm afraid on your Spike comment I'm on the very opposite end of that opinion because Spike's my favorite character.....mainly due to both the fandom and the show treating him like crap?.......which is weird since normally it's one or the other

Best apologies. Anyway I can make it up with you?

Well anything you want? I now do story reviews so if you have a story and you want me to review it (or any other ones you have) I'll be happy to do it.

oh,.....okay and while I must thank you for the offer, I don't really have anything that needs reviewing or anything

Un plan......

Oh sorry I didn't even realize I was speaking Spanish. I said "uh okay"

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