A Dash Into Blood

by PixelMoon

Prologue - A Creature's Smile

A lone pony dashed through the Everfree Forest. His legs going as fast as they could. He turned his gaze behind him to sneak a peek at the monster chasing him. Regret filled the stallion, for he ran straight into a tree.

With her prey distracted, the predator leaped at the earth pony. She hissed, and held him in her forelegs. The stallion, however, was too scared to fight back. He just sat there limply, accepting his fate.

However, his captor had different plans. She smirked, and traced the primary vain in his neck with her hoof. Shivers were sent down the earth pony's back.

"What do you think I'm going to do with you, dear?" The predator finally spoke.

The voice was uncomfortably familier. Somepony in Ponyville had that voice. He shrugged it off, figuring he was just imaging things, considering he did in fact have a crush on the mare who had that voice.

"You're going to k-kill m-me." The stallion forced himself to not burst into tears as he murmured the last part. His predator shook her head in shame.

"Oh dear, why do you think that? Tsk, tsk. Thou must have shame." She decided to speak in Old Equestrian, as she was as old as Celestia and spent most of her life during that time.

The earth pony's ears flicked as he shifted uncomfortably. "I donno, because that's what monsters do?"

The predator made a frown. Not that it was visible, for she had a cloak upon herself to stay hidden. "Gee, thanks dear. But I am willing not kill you. As long as you agree. I will not do something unwillingly."

The earth pony lifted his head at what she spoke. "Agree to what?"

The cloaked predator took a breath. "Agree to join me," she revealed herself. "And join my vampire clan."

The stallion's jaw dropped. The lavender coat, though a few shades darker, wings that were bat-like at the moment, sleek horn, sharper now, and now blood red eyes. This was no other than Princess Twilight Sparkle!

"Pri-princess Tw-twi-twilight? Is t-hat y-you?" He stuttered.

Twilight smirked and nodded. She loved to see the reactions to ponies when they found out that a protector of Equestria, Element of Magic, and alicorn princess was a vampire.

The stallion fainted. Twilight cloaked herself once more and used her now red magic aura to drag the pony into her real home.

"This will end with me wining, dear. You will be a vampony in the end."