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I am a pegasister who loves to write fanfics for MLP, especially for the couples Fluttercord and SunLight!


Sunset Shimmer is the demon empress of Canterlot. When her family and Kingdom is attacked by a group of demon slayers, Sunset demands they give something up as payment. Twilight Sparkle, an orphaned, budding scientist, finds herself with the demon. Soon, she finds out that she's worth more to this empress than anyone else. Can she help free the empress from the curse in her heart?

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This has my attention all over the place.

I hope that it shall continue on in the near future.:twilightsmile:

This sounds pretty interesting. I can't wait to read more.

this story really rocks cant wait to read ch2 so please when you can please update. somethin tell me thise srory is really going to get much better.

This is AWESOME.
Will there be fluttercord? Pwease?

Dear Amazing Writer (NalaxSimba), I :heart: the story and can't wait to see the next chapter. You, my fellow SunLighter, have lured me into your SunLight trap and I am forever grateful that I am captured in your trap. PM me if you want to discuss about the next chapters, I'll see if I could throw some ideas in.

yes, a hundred times yes! I can't wait to see what happens next.

Amazing concept! :twilightsmile: Like and Fav!

Hope it continues.

Interesting concept, I really want to read more!

I like this start, I do hope twilight has magic power that or something odd about her

This is rather good, shame it didn't take off.

The story is still in the works, I've just been super busy with college lately:)

That's very good to hear.

i dont think twilight realises that simply leaving isnt that hard

Cinch.......You dont want twilight in her bad side.......in any other words you Are FU@#$! my dude!!!!:twilightangry2:

omg an update yea,
pelase i hope there be more update in future

I really love where this story seems to be headed! Please keep going!

Also, good boy Spike. Good boy.

Sure, it would be easy for her to leave, but she'd have nowhere to go. This story is set in a time period where women had little rights.

So why is cinch given more rights?

Mainly because Cinch is an adult and her daughter married in to nobility. She still has less rights then men do, but more than Twilight and the other children she looks after have.

I'm glad you finally updated. Cinch is a bitch, Timber Spruce is a pervert and I love Spike so much. I know there's still 2 chapters left until they meet but I want SunLight to happen so badly I can taste it. Poor Twilight.

Ch2 is a very good ch, can't wait to read what going to yapping in ch3. I look forward to reading ch3 when you get time to do it so please update when u can top5 sun&scitwi story

Intresting story cant wait to see What's going to happen in chapter 3

I like this story, when is the next update?

Please continue.

hay do more chapters

What happened to Celestia, Cadance and Luna? Just out of curiosity comrade.

When are you going to update this? Its a great story.

Please continue

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