• Published 29th Jul 2017
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A Dash Into Blood - PixelMoon

The attempt of a Rainboom. All it was was a crash in The Castle of the Royal Pony Sisters. Life hates us sometimes, you know?

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A Shocking Discovery

Fluttershy sobbed as Applejack pulled her tail, dragging the timid mare through the forest. Rarity rolled her eyes ever so gently, slightly annoyed at her friend's scared behavior.

"Fluttershy, dear. Do relax please. We are with you so nothing and nopony can or will hurt you, darling." The unicorn ensured.

"B-but R-rainb-bow!" Fluttershy stuttered, scared out of her mind.

"Oh Flutters! I'm sure Dashie is fine! And maybe she crashed next to where Twilight is and she can heal her!" Pinkie cheerfully said.

Fluttershy only squeaked in return. Applejack pulled her harder accidentally. "Sorry sugarcube. This wouldn't have ta happen if ya would jus' walk on yer own."

Rarity gasped and froze, eyes the size of pinpricks. The rest of the group turned their heads to see what the unicorn was staring at, and gasped as well.

What they saw was blood everywhere. In the middle of it all was a few cyan feathers. They knew that these were Rainbow Dash's, but didn't want to think that she was dead.

"Rainbow?" Applejack said, but it came out more as a question.

Rainbow Dash turned to her side, snuggling further into whatever was in bed with her. It was comfy, the best thing she ever slept with.

She felt a wing fall onto her and pulled the cyan mare in further. Dash opened her own as well, and wrapped a wing around her forelegs.

Wait, this isn't right.

Dash's eyes shot open. She was met with a black wall, centimeters away from her muzzle. The now awake mare turned her head to see what was on her other side.

"Ah!" She shouted and jumped a bit, but found she couldn't get up. She was stuck in a closed coffin with her best friend, Twilight Sparkle.

But that wasn't the weirdest part. Twilight's wing, which Dash assumed was the wing that covered her, was molted of all feathers and was now a bat wing.

Rainbow's scream had awoken the vampire. Her eyes slowly opened, revealing blood red irises, which freaked the cyan mare even more.

"Dashie?" Twilight sleepily murmured.

"Twilight!? Get away from me!" Dash attempting to open the coffin, but to no avail. Twilight shook her head and rubbed her eyes with lavender hooves.

The vampire yawned, and sleepily stared at her bride. "Why?"

Rainbow's jaw dropped, as she was flabbergasted. "What do you mean 'why'?! You're a vampire! A vampire! Do you not realize you can kill me?!"

Twilight giggled a bit, much to Dash's confusion. "Dashie, I can't kill you."

"Why, because we are friends?"

"Well, not exactly. You... Kind of are a vampire too.." Twilight trailed off. She glanced at Dash, who held out a hoof as if to say 'what?'

"Don't be the second Fluttershy, Twi. Speak up." Dash rolled her eyes in annoyance.

"You are a vampire."

"Twilight! Louder!"

"I said you are a vampire!" She clasped her hooves against her mouth, but Rainbow had already heard it.

Her jaw dropped, and she turned her head to stare at her hooves. She only now noticed they were a couple shades darker.

She unfurled her wings to find that they were bat wings. Rainbow raised her hoof to her mouth, and was met with two razor sharp fangs.

"This can't be happening! This can't be happening! This can't be happening!!" The young vampony said, worry seeping into her tone.

Twilight felt remorse for Rainbow, but no regret. She did what she needed to do. The vampire had to turn her crush into a vampire so she will not be alone.

"I'm so sorry, Rainbow." Twilight said at last.


She jumped all over her friend, red tears filling her vision. Twilight just laid on the floor, talking all in. She knew she deserved this.

Soon enough Dash was tired and panting. She finally got off Twilight and sat down. The older vampony sat up, revealing black blood covering her, a black eye, and fur even more out of place than already.

"Er... Sorry, Twi." Dash murmured, regret filling her senses.

"It's quite alright. I deserved that."

Both sat in silence. It was awkward, a friend turning a friend into a vampire, not something ponies would want to talk about.

Dash lifted a hoof and stared at her features. The messy fur was quite admiring. She moved onto her wings. No more preening, that's something. Her tail, admiring as well.

The more she checked herself out, the she admired her vampirism. Dash didn't like the idea of drinking blood, but she figured she'll get used to it.

Rainbow couldn't help but glance at Twilight. She was busy casting healing spells upon herself to notice Dash. At least that was what Rainbow thought.

Twilight really was staring at Rainbow. She was really using her magic to watch her, but not actually be staring at Dash with her eyes.

Rainbow glanced at Twilight's mane. It really was a beauty. The way it was, just attractive in some sort of way.

Her fur, the now fixed clumps just fitting with her mane, causing a glorious look.

The colors of her mane was amazing. They were off by a little, but nothing too drastic. Her mane went from navy blue to a shadowy black, causing it to look as if it was made from shadows itself.

The purple was now a dark beautiful purple. The pink had a reddish hue, making a look of blood at first glance.

And the eyes. The very items that had scared Dash the very most. The amazing, scary, beautiful bloodish with a hint, just a hint, of rosy pink. Magnificent. Glorious. Rainbow Dash had loved them after actually really staring into the eyes.

"Dash, are going to stop staring me to death or are you gonna ask me somethings about vampires?"

Rainbow's eyes widened. Twilight giggled and motioned her to come over. Dash hesitated, but came over.

"So... What should I ask?"

"Whatever you want to know."

Dash thought for a moment, before she remembered what she really wanted to know.

"Why did you turn me into a vampire?"

Twilight sighed. She knew this was coming, but didn't want to hear it. "I am infatuated with you, Dash. Captivated by your beauty. I bound our souls together so we can be together."

Dash blinked. "What, in the wha?"

Twilight rolled her eyes. "Right, I need to speak in your language. I love you Dash. Always have, always will. When making you a vampire, I made you drink some of my blood after I drank yours."

"Wait, I don't remember drink blood."

"You were already unconscious, Rainbow."

"Oh, right."

"... I still don't get it that much. Don't you already have somepony from like, a thousand years ago? You are immortal, as I am now too."

Twilight held her tears back. She remembered Him. Her last love. "Must I tell you it all?"

Dash shrugged. This will be a long night.

Author's Note:

Sorry for short chapter. I've been busy.

Next chapter will be about vampires. My kind of vampires will be explained, the mating and stuff. That'll all be before Twilight's past.

Hope y'all enjoy!:ajsmug::pinkiehappy::rainbowwild::twilightsmile::yay: