• Published 29th Jul 2017
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A Dash Into Blood - PixelMoon

The attempt of a Rainboom. All it was was a crash in The Castle of the Royal Pony Sisters. Life hates us sometimes, you know?

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A Crash Into A Nightmare

Rainbow Dash flew at neck breaking speeds through the air. She circled a clouds, causing it to spin. The cyan pegasus then went through several small clouds and did a loop de loop around a wind mill that sent her flying upwards into the sky.

It was sunset, and her friends were watching her do amazing stunts. The rainbow maned pegasus smiled as she heard her friends cheer for her.

She stopped once she was in the way of the sun, paused, then flew down at her normal fast pace. She flew through the holes of the clouds that the mare had previously flown through, rain drops following her rainbow trail.

The rainbow maned pegasus once again flew around the wind mill, and landed. The water floated around her, before creating a rainbow above the brash pegasus. She smirked as her friends cheered.

"That was amazing, Dashie!" Pinkie Pie chirped.

"Way to go, Rainbow Dash. You rock! Woo hoo." Fluttershy shyly cheered.

"That was fantastic, darling. Lovely!" Rarity commented.

"Best ah've ever seen. Well, except fer yer Sonic Boom thing." Applejack announced.

"It's called a Sonic Rainboom, AJ. And I'm about to do it, so sit back and enjoy!" Dash corrected.

They did as she said, and watched their friend fly upwards toward the sun, just as she did at the Best Young Flyers' competition.

"Too bad Twi had to miss RD do her stunts. What did she say she was doin' again?" Applejack questioned.

"Oo! Oo! She said she was visiting the Castle of The Two Sisters to catch up on her reading!" Pinkie exclaimed.

"Oh dear. I hope she will be okay. The forest is a scary place to be in alone. There is Timberwolves, -"

Rarity interrupted Fluttershy before the timid mare spooked herself. "I'm sure she's fine, dear. This is Twilight we are talking about, an alicorn princess? Element of Magic? Of course she'll be okay!"

Fluttershy hesitantly nodded her head and the four mares returned to watch their cyan friend. She was just reaching the sun as they glanced at her again.

Rainbow started to fly down at sonic speeds, something pegasi, besides herself, couldn't do. Before she knew it, a white magical cone started to form.

Just as the pegasus was about to pass through the cone, it stopped forming and became a straight line. Rainbow froze as well, before the magic shot her towards the Everfree Forest.

Her friends had watched it happen, and even heard her scream from many hooves in the air. "Rainbow!" they shouted, panic arising from them all.

Rainbow attempted to stop herself from plunging into the forest, but was unable to, due to her sonic speeds. She sighed, or at least tried to - her sonic speed made it close to impossible for her to really do anything.

The ground was approaching quickly. Dash assumed she was going to die, so the pegasus stopped trying to stop her fall.

"I'm sorry, my dear friends for what I have done. For now my end as wrung.
I tried to be the best pony I could, stopping for ponies who were not understood.
Loyal I was, loyal was me. I now can all but see.
It was my life, my fate, as you can see. And now I will take the bait.
I am a goner. My life has come to a end.
Goodbye Equestria, I hope you remember, the magic of friendship I use to fend."

She fell through the leaves of the trees and hit the ground. It all went so slow, like it was just a nightmare. Her ribs snapped and broke.

She screamed in agony as she felt her wing tear from her body, blood flying everywhere upon her back. Her back was in pain as the broken pegasus laid on the forest floor, awaiting her death.

While laying on the forest floor, the dying pegasus noticed something - she was next to the Castle of The Royal Pony Sisters - where Twilight was.

Her head erupted into pain, and she felt blood trickle down her neck. She must of hit her head on a rock, or even the castle.

Her ears flicked as she her hoofsteps. She managed a small smile as she breathed heavily, as not much life was left.

"H-hello?" She whispered. The hoofsteps only came closer, as the pony did not answer her whisper.

Rainbow started to feel uneasy. She sighed, figuring it was not a pony, but a predator. And she was the prey.

"Rainbow Dash?" A voice came she knew like it was her own.

"T-twilight!" She was relieved to see her alicorn friend. Hope filled her heart as she thought that the bookworm could heal her.

But she lost that hope when she saw heer lavender friend. Or, usually lavender friend. The cyan mare's jaw hung loosely as she saw her friend.

Her fur was many shades darker, as was her mane. Both were tanglely and messy, but attractive for some reason. Her wings were not the normal alicorn wings, but were bat wings! The alicorn's horn was also noticeably sharper, enough to puncture the skin.

The biggest scare of all were her eyes - they were now the color of blood. Rainbow attempted to get up and run as fast as she could away, but the lose of blood kept her from doing it.

"W-what h-happened t-to y-you?!" She whispered in a Fluttershy tone.

Her friend only laughed. "Nothing happened, Dashie. Thy is just older than Celestia is all." She decided to speak Old Equestrian to prove it.

The normally brash mare sighed, now knowing her friend is the monster who was going to finish her off. Not that she'll be able to see it, she was minutes away from losing consciousness.

"D-do w-what y-you w-want. I-i'm a go-goner any-anyways." She accepted her fate maybe too easily. The mare just felt like she was supposed to fight back, but didn't have the strength to do so.

Her eyes slowly closed, but the last thing she saw and felt was Twilight sticking her fangs abruptly into her friend's neck, forcing as much pain into Dash as she could; just for her entertainment.

The vampire enjoyed watching her friend shrivel up and die. She smirked, her fangs in their full glory.

Soon there was no more blood in Dash's body. She was just a form, nothing inside of it. To Twilight this was a lie.

She licked her lips, removing any leftover blood. The vampony then moved her foreleg up to her muzzle, opened her mouth and bit down on the hoof. Hard. Blood trickled down the normally lavender hoof.

She placed the bloody hoof in her friend's mouth, allowing the blood to fall into the supposedly dead body. Soon about a cup of blood was in the dead pegasus's mouth. But, the pegasus swallowed.

A dead mare swallowed the blood. Not dead anymore, though. The vampony knew this. She sighed as she used a healing spell on herself.

Changes were starting to become visible on the pegasus. Her fur darkened a few shades, as did her rainbow mane. Her wings started to molt, and become bat wings. Two razor sharp fangs started to poke through the transforming pony.

Her breathing became visible again. The physical transformation was complete. Rainbow Dash had became a vampire pony - thanks to Twilight Sparkle.

Twilight lifted the still unconscious vampony with her magic. She flew into the air and into the cool night air. She closed her eyes and smiled.

She just turned her crush into a vampire, and secretly made her friend her wife. Instead of the regular transformation - a vampony drinking from a pony and then secretly put some vampire spit in the pony to make them a vampire as well - she made Dash drink her blood too, resulting the two mare's souls becoming one.

Twilight smiled at the thought of spending the rest of their eternal life together. Vampires lived forever, as did alicorns. Twilight now didn't have to hide in the shadows - for Celestia made her an alicorn and gave her pony wings.

It was easy to make the vampony's pony wings transform into her normal bat wings, even easier than before.

Twilight was too caught up in her thoughts, she didn't even realize her instincts had to take over to take the two vampires to her real home.

She landed, then finally was taken out of her thoughts. Twilight gazed upon her true home - a fantastic castle that even Rarity would die to live in.

It was too deep for ponies to access, which was what she aimed for while creating her home. Claiming to be reading at the Royal Pony Sister's castle was a perfect excuse each time she came back home.

Twilight trotted into her home, after her guards - also vampires - bowed before her and her newly wedded wife.

The vampony trotted into her chambers and closed the door. She flew to her coffin bed, which was big enough for two ponies, and sat Rainbow down inside of it.

She was in the coffin shortly after Dash was. She snuggled against the body, releasing a smile. She closed her eyes and decided to go to sleep early.

For tomorrow was a big day.

Author's Note:

Woohoo! Dashie is the vampire wife of Twilight! :raritystarry: Dashie just doesn't know it yet...:rainbowderp:

Let me know what you guys think about all this, and my poetry. That was the first time I rhymed in a story:twilightsheepish:

Hope you enjoyed this chapter!:twilightsmile: