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A Dash Into Blood - PixelMoon

The attempt of a Rainboom. All it was was a crash in The Castle of the Royal Pony Sisters. Life hates us sometimes, you know?

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Intermission - About the Vampires

Welcome to the intermission! This is where I will fill you with the vampire stuff. About them, what they can and cannot do, et cetera.

So, enjoy!

•Physical look

Vamponies all can look quite different, but still similar. I will explain how they look.


The ordinary vampire that you see is like in most images. Fluffy ears, ragged mane and tail, bat wings, and of course, blood eyes and sharp fangs.

Twilight Sparkle nor Rainbow Dash are these. The stallion Twilight bit it one of these. They serve their queen(s) and/or king(s).

These vampires are the main kind you see.


The ruler of a clan (group) of vamponies looks a little different. In this story, Twilight is the leader, and makes Dash her bride, making her a queen as well.

This type of vampires are slightly taller, darker shades of mane and tail, deeper red eyes, the same wings, and rows of sharp teeth, and two razor sharp fangs in the front.

If a unicorn, the horn if also drastically sharper, enough to puncture skin.

The queen(s)/kings(s) may choose however their clan is presented, what kind of armor, the special item that makes them their clan, and they are able to pick whatever to prove their claim of the throne.


The guards (yes, guard vampires exist!) are very similar to a threstal of Princess Luna's guard. They have the wings of her guard, their fur and mane is not as messy as normal vamponies and rulers.

They mostly keep their colors from a normal pony, (before they were turned) some colors are changed though. Their fangs are sharper than regular a vampire's, to protect their ruler. A guard's eyes are also red.


A vampire can do many things that ponies can't, such as more magical ability, faster flying, et cetera.

-Natural Skills

Once bit by a vampire, the pony wakes from its sleep and automatically has a few skills naturally. The rest come as they get more familier with their vampirism.

Dash, in this case is capable of doing about four Sonic Rainbooms in a row nonstop. Unicorns can cast powerful spells, such as high class dark magic, which is used frequently. Earth ponies have super strength, and are able to buck hard enough to break bones, killing a pony instantly.

Normal pegasi would not be able to do four Sonic Rainbooms, as all of the abilities of the pony are different. Depending on the skill level of a pony. Basicly, Dash would be the fastest, Twilight is the most powerful, and Applejack would be the strongest.

Every type of pony that is turned is given the same ability no matter the skill level - the ability to transform into a bat.

Vampires can turn into bats, yes. I know that they have wings, but this is the cool part that makes them awesome.

Vamponies use this ability to hide during the night, as they can fly as a bat without suspicion. Ponies will just think it is your ordinary bat flying.

-Unicorn ability

Unicorn spell work is based on their level. Twilight is able to cast high class magic, while Rarity can only cast low class spells, such as simple levitation and finding spells.

No matter what class the pony unicorn was, these are the spells they are able to cast for sure.

*Levitation, of course!

*Finding spells

*skilled combat




*illumination (light)

These spells go up to class 20, which only powerful spell users that have magic as a talent can do, such as Trixie.

Other spells that some can cast, such as the guards, are higher.

(All spells above included)

*laser beam


*changeling illusions

*fire streaks

Not much different as regular vampires. Neither type can preform dark magic. That is left to the ruler.

(All above)

*dark magic

~Shadow Blade


~Black Lighting


~Taking a pony's soul

~Relive the dead

Leaders can do the most magical ability, a lot of dark magic.

-Better senses

Vampires have far better senses than ponies, as it is almost the best in the world.






Though there is many amazing things about vamponies, there always is a downfall.


Vampires CANNOT go in the sunlight without a protection spell or clothing protection. If they siad in the sunlight without protection they will burn to a crisp and become dust.


Wooden stakes are a big no-no. If hit with one, that area has a hole in it, as the stake goes right through the vampire.

If hit in the chest the vampony will die.


Now that everything else is out of the way, let's just talk about random facts.

-The soul binding

This one was requested in a comment as a quehipntizingRobotic Soulcharm, here is the answer.

The Soul Binding spell does INDEED effect the one who has the spell on them. It effects their feelings for the pony who cast it.

In this case, since Twilight cast it, Rainbow's feelings for her are going to be effected.


The vampirism effects how a pony looks, making them more beautiful.

They become athlete, flawless fur, silky mane, and eyes that make one stare into them forever.

Um...... Any other things you guys want to know ask me in the comments, and I'll add it.

Hope this fills you in on everything!