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Ponyville was just supposed to be another check in the bank and a few more locally provided perks. Instead, it was the biggest setback of Svengallop’s career.

Or so he thought. Twilight Sparkle has a proposition for him…

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Well... This looks promising.

Edit: And it was. Sonata shall be happily dining on freshly drowned minotaur again in no time.

Did you accidentally leave this marked incomplete?

Brilliant! SvenDagio is such an obviously perfect ship in hindsight, but I must give you mad props for thinking of it. :heart:

Purple Rain

Oh, you. :rainbowkiss:

I really probably should watch the episode this is built upon.

Ok this was kinda cute, kinda messed up, and kinda strange. Still I like the fact Twilight didn't leave the guy on the streets even he was a amoral jerk; says a lot about her. Still Adagio couldn't find a better match.

Nice story and I would love to see a sequel with the human seven and their reaction to the other side of the mirror.

Svengallop is fun. I should read more of him.

I feel this cannot be improved!

This was a great story! And though I'm not counting on it, I would very much like to see the love/hate epic that led to this unholy matrimony, because the little we've seen is great fun. Keep up the good work!

This ship was a match made in the depths of Tartarus. I've never seen two ponies deserve each other so thoroughly since a certain pairing in Earth, Wind, and Sky. :rainbowlaugh:

And Sunset's reaction to having wings was priceless. That awkward moment when you realize you've actually been a demigod for a couple of months now.

I had a fun time reading this, and it looks like you had a fun time writing it. Thanks for sharing, FoME!

Haaa. This was worth quite the giggle. :rainbowkiss:

I liked it - and this comment serves no purpose but I'm leaving it for reasons.

And Sunset Shimmer wins the award for Most Surprised Alicorn.

Honestly Svengallop and the Sirens are MADE for one another, I don't see them being anything less than DIVAS and pretty shallow. Keeping them out of trouble seems like a good idea.

Oh my :raritystarry:

That was really good.

I had never, ever even considered the possibility of SvenDagio, but damn if it isn't a perfect pairing. You win again, FoME! :trollestia:

The official line on the Baltimare incident is that Sonata was trying to pull that bull out of the water. With her mouth. The hissing was because of an adrenaline rush in her desperation to save him. Mr. Salthorns was very nicely compensated for his trouble.
And no, she isn't allowed to file her "stupid blunt grazer teeth" to points.

Yes, yes I did. :twilightsheepish: Fixed.

There's no better name for The Pony Obviously Based on Prince.

You should! It's quite a good one, basically the story of Pony Lady Gaga with some great moments for both Pinkie and Applejack.

That sequel idea is actually rather tempting. I may need to consider it.

I'm not sure I could do justice to the torrid love affair between the snake and the leech. That may be better left to the readers' imagination, or at least someone with more romance writing experience.

6929941 6930013
Yeah, Sunset was not prepared for this. Though now that I think about it, the timeline is a bit wonky, since the Friendship Games were supposed to occur after the events of "The Cutie Re-Mark."
Eh, I'm going to hide behind the Random tag and the Rule of Funny on that one. :derpytongue2:

I still appreciate it. :twilightsmile:

A great fun tale of the Equestrian music industry. Amazing how what at first seems a crazy random idea actually all fits together so well.

This is pretty neat. I'd actually love to see Twilight react to Sunsets wings. That would probably be funny. Your story, though, was funny and serious in all the right places.

When Twilight Sparkle mentioned a trio, my first thought was a band with the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Which would be a wonderful punishment for Svengallop.


Bravo sir, bravo

This was wonderful.

I hope to see more stories set in this version of Equestria, even if Svengallop and the Dazzlings aren't directly involved. For one thing, I'm kind of wondering about such things as how Sunset Shimmer is adjusting to being a part-time alicorn (part-time because she's apparently still going back and forth between worlds in your story), and how the other Mane Six are reacting to being ponies.

I forget... Why is EQG!Twilight clinging to Sunset again?

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:rainbowlaugh: It certainly says something that my silly stories make people want to see more. I'll see what I can do.

Twilight specifically came to Svengallop because she didn't want to be cruel. Though to be fair, the Crusaders would probably benefit from post-processing even more than the Dazzlings.

Far less experience with bizarre horse magic and bizarre magic horses than the others. Also general social awkwardness. Human Fluttershy was doing alright, but only because she was dealing with another species.
(And, on a Doylist level, because I find Sunlight an adorable ship.)

But I like

This story is now featured, if you have "no smut" toggled.

Dang, you're GOOD :pinkiegasp:

This could be canon :D

Sweet story, though I think you made Rarity a bit too cruel.

"That's not going to look at all good. And trying to boost up somepony with less talent immediately after, well, that's only going to make you look desperate.

That's uncalled for, I'm sure some of those other ponies could have as much talent as Coloratura.

And the Sirens are ponies now, because magic. That portal will never never make sense to me. And where they really so bad off after they lost their Siren magic, didn't they survive hundreds of years in that world? They should really have considered creating a savings account, the interest alone would've made them rich.

Twilight nudged her with an elbow. "However, that still doesn't give us the right to destroy your livelihood."

It's what you did to Lightning Dust, more or less...

Say, you could write another story like this about her!

Also, ponies don't have elbows.

Well the story picture could do a little better in teasing readers with more prominent events and not the main character, but besides that this story is pretty good quality!

6932400 Ah, see, that's where you're wrong! AJ sings about elbows in Raise This Barn, so they *must* sometimes reffer to their front knees as such. I may have coincidentally been having roughly this discussion earlier with my gf. I'm not proud. :P

Jesus dude, I guarantee no one else would have thought of something like this.

6932778 So... are you going to write the story?

6932352 The portal works in whatever way is most useful to the plot, obviously! It can tell! Because... MAGIC!! :raritywink:

I have to admit, I worried I might have overplayed Rarity's hostility. Still, I can't see her being especially kind towards someone who more or less embodies the polar opposite of her philosophy in life. (e.g. take everything you can get, exploit everything that can be exploited, use the client as a vehicle to realize your creative vision rather than using it to make them shine, etc.)

As for the ponified sirens, my logic is as follows: After the final battle of the bands, Twilight explicitly said they were now, and I quote, "just three harmless teenage girls." Assuming she was correct, it stands to reason that they are fully human, and thus sending them through the portal should turn them into ponies.

Also, it's unclear whether the sirens actually needed to eat physical food before their defeat. Sonata enjoys doing so, of course, but it could just be a form of recreation for her. Aria uses culinary metaphors during the first feeding session of the movie, and I'm not sure how literally I should take them.

Given that, I see the sirens having to spend most of their time in the human world stuck in what could be described as subsistence farming: constantly riling up people to generate the negative emotional energy needed to survive just long enough to rile up more people. With a magical catalyst, their powers could generate an incredible feedback loop. Without that catalyst, they could barely sustain themselves.

There's being a jerk, and then there's being so arrogant and reckless that you put lives at risk. (Yes, lives that chose to visit a secure military instillation unannounced, but this was Season 3. The Mane Six probably had higher security clearance than Spitfire at that point.)

Also, there's the slight complication of not having a character no one's associated with Lightning Dust but who would make a perfect romantic partner for her.

Finally, horse do have elbows, but they're about where our shoulder joints are. It was more of a full-body nudge. (Or Twilight used her front knee. Take your pick.)

The problem with coming up with an fairly original idea is that there are very few suitable illustrations. There are only about seventy pictures of Svengallop on Derpibooru, and the only ones that have both him and Twilight are either her casting the recording spell or massive group shots. Seriously, if you have a better picture on hand, I will happily swap out the current one for it.

Also, I wanted to keep most of the story a surprise for the reader, hence the character tags. The comments kind of shot that in the foot, but I expect spoilers to crop up here anyway. :derpytongue2:

"We were sirens. Dark depths, I can't fly or cast spells anymore."

Shouldn't she be swearing to the imprisoned entity, and not the place?

Can't help feeling this would've been even more sidesplitting/fitting for Svengy with the Sirens retaining their original hippocampid funk, but sans (a) the practice in non-bling-enhanced vocals and (b) the rubies' massive mindwarping power-boost; I'd be very surprised to learn that all aquapones were quite so potent from birth. Plus, I'll confess to the fanart penchant for XTRA KY00T KILLER SEAHORSE PONIFICATION(R) sorta rubbing me the wrong way, but that kinda goes with the territory for attractive villains' enthusiast bases. At least you spun some effective in-group debate over the switch.

As for Rarity trading caustic broadsides with Sven: heck, some of S5's verbal exchanges have been equally if not more heated (Moondancer with a Ponyville Slugger, anyone?) We're not talking Rugrats' Care-Bears-parody level of sugarbowl here.

1. The depths in question are more oceanic abyss than eldritch glacier.
2. People swear by places all the time. How many times have you heard exclamations of "Hell" as opposed to "Satan"?
3. Look, you want to directly invoke Marit Lage, be my guest. I'm leaving that kind of thing to professionally trained hexmages.

As I noted in an earlier comment, there is logic behind my choice to ponify the sirens beyond teh kyoot. Basically, the giant energy horse blowing up their pendants rendered them fully human—hence Aria's comments about only having one lifetime left—and by extension, going back through the portal should turn them into ponies. I'll just go add that to the author's note. Keeping them hippocampi would've been fun, yes, but those gems seem to be less power boosters and more vital organs. Specifically, part of their digestive system. Sirens appear similar to changelings and windigoes in that regard; their biology probably doesn't mesh well with our understanding of life.

And believe me, I am anything but a part of the sirens' usual fan base. (You should see what I do to Sonata in Oversaturation.) I never forgot that they were monsters behind the pretty faces. This isn't redemption so much as it's Aria being practical, Sonata going with the flow, and Adagio being dragged along by her greed and gonads. Given half a chance, they'd be back on the path of conquest, so neither I nor Twilight gave them one.

Oh Celestia I'm enjoying this too much. Very unexpected and I like that.:pinkiehappy:


I like this.

This is the first story I've read where Svengallop wasn't treated absolutely viciously by the so-called heroes, up to and including murdered by hellhounds or fed to Changelings.

And the thing with the Dazzlings, Adagio in particular. I liked it.
Well, maybe not a perfect fit, but I've seen this:
"Now where are you going in a hurry?"
"Oh. It's you."
"Course it's me, prince! I'm your bodyguard."
"It still eludes me why auntie believes somepony who almost got her own star student killed would be a good pick to protect anything."
"Eh, don't care. This is my last chance to make it big, so I'm not letting you out of my sight."
"... You are a pest."
"I love you too!"

6935246 Blueblood x Lightning Dust? What story is that?

As for the story, I can totally see Sonata and Pinkie Pie being besties. The wedding was a nice touch.

6933140 Actually, Rarity should sympathize with Svangallop's philosophy. She almost used to follow it to a 'T'. Especially, how she treated Spike.
How about Lightning Dust x Limestone Pie? Hell, Trixie x Maud is a popular ship (and one of my favorites).

Wanderer D


Rarity should sympathize with Svangallop's philosophy. She almost used to follow it to a 'T'. Especially, how she treated Spike.

Someone's projecting their headcanon here. Rarity never acted like Svangallop, and she never treated Spike as a possession or something she controlled.

6937304 No, but she did exploit and tried to take what she could. Using him as a pincushion. Conning him into giving her something that he was saving for his birthday. I did say almost.

6937920 I think it would be a bit more accurate to say that she and him have a similar business ethic, not a similar philosophy. Rarity is the element of generosity while svengallop hasn't acted generously even once so I can't say their philosophies are the same. But when it comes to business you have to make do with what opportunities come to you, so I suppose they are far more similar in that sense.

Wanderer D

6937920 She never exploited him. The pincushion thing was obviously a visual gag, and even if it wasn't, it was clear that Spike was into it, hell, it was probably even his idea, since I don't see Rarity asking him if she can stick pins on him, but I can see him being "manly" and showing her how "tough" he is.

And while the whole thing with the ruby was questionable at best, she didn't do it with malice. She batted her eyelashes at him and whined a little. She does that to everyone she wants something from. Just look at Putting your Hoof Down.

I mean, I do see where you're coming from a bit, but this isn't even an almost... they're very different things.


the torrid love affair between the snake and the leech

*raises eyebrow*


It's not an uncommon phrase, but the tragedy of Fernando and le Flour was fairly fresh in mind when I wrote that comment. Feel free to take some credit.

Hee, his name reminds me of the Three Stooges 1949 short "Hokus Pokus" with the hypnotist 'Svengarlic' and the tagline of the poster they were putting up 'He'll steal your breath away'. Heh heh.

It was a routine reused for "Flagpole Jitters" in 1956.

Of course, the name is based on the character Svengali from the novel "Trilby"... though not used in the same way here for the episode, which were it to bear a similar plot structure would have made Coluratura somehow dependent on Svengallop for a magical means to sing.

6937920 Ah, but Spike and Rarity shall soon fall in love... a tragic romance that shall end as Spike grows larger and has a very vivid dream of eating a giant marshmallow one night... :raritydespair:


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