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Forget not that I am a derp.


Twilight Sparkle. Magical prodigy. Personal student of Princess Celestia. Bearer of the Element of Magic. Princess of Friendship. Hers is easily one of the greatest destinies in Equestria.

Yes. Definitely. All predetermined. It certainly had nothing to do with any incidents she had early in her personal lessons from Celestia, nor any potent magic the Princess of the Sun kept hidden in plain sight. That would be ridiculous.

An entry in MrNumbers's Prompts and Positivity challenge.

Rated Teen for Lunar language and explicit alcohol consumption.

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I thoroughly enjoyed reading this! It's already starting to seep into my head canon too!

Q over salmon: still a better year than 2016.

Hah! Luna should have expected that.

Some odd wording here and there.

Overall this was good.

You forgot to have the Black Sabbath Schnockering end in sloppy makeouts.

Beautiful, just absolutely beautiful :yay:

The description and image are so glorious, that I must read this immediately.

Though your track record hardly hurts that impression. :pinkiehappy:

Nice opening! A bit tense, with danger and dramatic irony. Nice. And then getting schnockered! ... I guess fast recovery from alcohol + Fountain Water is also part of Alicorn constitution...

That ending!

Celestia looked back, smiling. She swept a hoof over the tropical luxury surrounding them. “Just as planned.”

Luna contemplated this. "I have a response, o beloved sister."

"And that would be?"


Truth. Can't lie to your own sister. :pinkiehappy: ... Celestia having prophetic dreams is fanon, right? Edit:(And it is a thing for this story...) Else that might actually have been planned... :trixieshiftleft:

“We will need Discord, Luna. I have foreseen it.” What for, Celestia didn’t know. All the dream had shown her was his necessity.

... I bet Twilight won't need Celestia to rule... And there might be a lot more Alicorns, if Twilight can figure out how to give Alicorn ability to everyone...

Lavan the All-Smelter A Lavan Firestorm of Valdemar reference ?????????

Ha, that was really good!

Loved the last lines. 3/4 of art is making it look like you did it on purpose, after all. :rainbowlaugh:

*snickers* so good :twilightsmile:

“I have only one thing to say to you, dearest sister.”
“And what is that?”
Celestia looked back, smiling. She swept a hoof over the tropical luxury surrounding them. “Just as planned.”
Luna contemplated this. "I have a response, o beloved sister."
"And that would be?"

That killed me right there :rainbowlaugh:

“It also presents a chance to let chaos consume the world until time has no meaning.”

"Time is dead and meaning has no meaning!"


I wonder, how thin is the hair trigger for Twilight taking over Equestria, really? It seems to happen so often. Maybe that's her real destiny: Overthrow Celestia in as many fanfictions as possible! :twilightsmile:

"Q over salmon. I would not see what comes after that."

The Year Of The Monkey, I think. But I'd have to ask the Monkey to be sure.

yes, it was celestias plan all along to get banished to a desert island.:trollestia: i agree with luna, bullshit!!!:flutterrage:

In case anyone's interested, this was in the feature box one hour and 45 minutes after it was published, at 30-1 votes, which is the fastest I have seen :rainbowderp:

7654671 Existence is upside down and FanOfMostEverything reigns supreme!

Thanks. There are few higher complements for fan fiction than "headcanon accepted."

So salmon * 2016 < Q?

Foresight and alcohol rarely mix well.

The cover art may be by Silfoe, but that doesn't automatically make this a Twiluna story.


Celestia having prophetic dreams is fanon, right?

Possibly not. It's unclear if her sleeping vision of Tirek happened as or before he drained that unfortunate stallion.

As for making more alicorns, I think you can guess the first test subjects assigned to drink from the Fountain.

Nope, the first-generation My Little Pony villain.

True. The audience doesn't know what the final product was supposed to be like. Not unless they know you very well.

A satisfactory Tuesday afternoon for Discord. Or it would be if "Tuesday" and "afternoon" were still coherent concepts.

Every apprentice inherits the business eventually.

I think we'll know for certain when the calendars start climbing the walls and throwing their used pages at people.

I'm as surprised as you are. I'm pretty sure I seduced the heat algorithm by accident.

I accept burnt offerings, hosannas sung in my honor, and traveler's checks.

Ambrosia is a food.

The Food of the Gods...


Which tells us where Chicken Boo really came from!


We were so worried about ISIS and Putin... we never realized the real danger... of the mutant giant chicken warriors. And then it was too late.



It's a deserted island paradise. Most perfect.

Although I'd think Twilight would prefer to keep them as pets. She's that sort of evilly darkly adorkable tyrant.

So Twilight banished both Celestia and Luna to a Tropical Island and imprisoned them there for the time being, any chance that she did that to stop them from her trying to get the other members of the Mane 6 to drink the water from that fountain so they could become Alicorns too or did she really do that to take over as Princess of Equestria?

Wę̧̀l̀͢c̢̀͘ơ̕m̴͘e, oń̸e̢͏ ̨͟a̛͜nd̸͏͞ ̶͢a̸l̛͘͢l̨͘,̷̴ ͜t̶̢́o̷̵̡ ̢T̸̨͘HE ͞S̵I͜N͘G͜͠U҉Ĺ͏A̴͏̸RI-̨͡TW̢͝I̴͜͜!!̕͜!͘

Probably because Twilight saw it as morally wrong to hide the fountain of youth, thus preventing a percentage of the population from reaching their potential in an act that looks like Celestia and Luna simply defending their positions from competition. If even only one new alicorn came out of letting everypony drink from the fountain, it would probably be worth it. Three out of four so far have done nothing but good after all, and Luna only has one black mark on her track record, so I think it's safe to say alicorns have a positive influence on the world.
Plus, Celestia admits to not knowing how the fountain works and a lack of desire to find out, which to Twilight, a scholar, probably looks like the act of a monster.

Presumably, it was so she could set up her laboratory in the throne room to study the fountain.

7655252 Well I would still think she would want to make her friends into Alicorns also, after all she is the "Princess of Friendship" but what is the Princess of Friendship without her friends, this way if they are alicorns then they will be around just as Twilight will be.

Oh, come on, Tia! She promised not to banish us for longer than a generation.

Uh...and how long will a generation last if Twilight figures out the mystery of the fountain and can make everypony immortal?


I don't disagree with you, but I was just making more of a meta-commentary statement there. (There isn't given much reason as to why the Fountain of Youth must-not-be-trifled-with. There could have been plenty, but in the absence of such there's not much to say you could be wrong.)

Q over salmon? Q was probably flattered to have a year named after him, but I'm not sure if he likes salmon.

Death is not involved when calculating a generation length, only the birth of the parent and the birth of the child.

I don't think lifespans directly correlate with generation length. At least there's going to be significant inertia as social customs have to change.

7655241 How would one know that they would become immortal, when the fact that others who refuse to drink would wither and die wile those who drank from the fountain never aged a bit and watched the world around them crumble...


She's an alicorn because she drank from the Fountain of Youth and not because of a spell from Starswirl.

...You know what?

~Skeeter The Lurker

7655040 I agree :rainbowlaugh:

I wonder how cadence reacted to the coup? Considering she must have heard the confession, she'd probably hoof bump twilight and say "finally!" or something like it :derpytongue2:

7655168 How did you create writing like that?!

7655635 zalgo text generator!

Your basic convention for Speech-with-power-behind-it.

All the more reason to get Fluttershy to the Fountain post haste!
Or just tell Discord to knock it off.

Nah, she knows how much Celestia could use a vacation, to say nothing of a chance to bond with her sister without having to worry about the good of the nation. It'll be good for them.
Besides, thanks to scrying spells, it's like having a pair of lizards in a terrarium.

7655125 7655252
These actions are not mutually exclusive. :twilightsmile:

So you're saying he's over it? :trollestia:

The spell did help speed thing along. It might have even worked on its own.

Cute little story. I also call BS on Sunny. :pinkiecrazy:

I love you for making that leap. :pinkiehappy:
Burning Brightly was my introduction to Mercedes Lackey...and remains my favorite re-read of hers.


So salmon * 2016 < Q?

Only if salmon is positive and real.

When you multiply an inequality by a negative, you have to flip the direction. With non-real numbers there is no defined ordering.

7655241 Well, given what I've seen from the comics and now the show... alicorns are pretty much useless and get worfed instantly... usually offscreen.

So, might as well just let them all ascend!

New villains will just arise and probably gorily devour them or something, because in every case when MOAR POWAH shows up, the violence and gore level increases exponentially!

Just look at Harry Potter! By time we got to the super-powered Deathly Hallows, people were dropping like flies and getting eaten by a Voldemort's giant snake... if got CRAZY up in there!


Hers is easily one of the greatest destinies in Equestira.

Was this intentional?

Well, thought that portion of Celestia’s awareness, at least she’s given me more warning than Cadence ever did.

And thus the second Fountain of Youth was destroyed in the construction of a major road to the middle of nowhere.

I too like to think that Magical Mystery Cure was just a ruse. We never learned what the spell did or really anything in that episode. Twilight already having the potential and Celestia doing some stupid plan to cover it all up is easier for me to swallow.

Cool story bro.

"Q over salmon"?

“Friendly reminder, going insane and trying to overthrow Celestia doesn’t work well.”

:facehoof: you had to give her the idea


Does that mean every week or so a small hole will open in their shield and drop care packages of cake, tea, fruit juice, and moon pies?


Discord was in charge. He'd be the one deciding what the years were called.

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