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Be good, little colts and fillies. Be good, or KrampusMostEverything may come visiting...

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Throughout the multiverse, sphinxes are enigmatic beings. Some are merely monsters with inscrutable motives, while others guide entire civilizations towards goals only they understand. No matter the world, a sphinx is a mystery given form, and Equestria is no different.

Of course, some mysteries have more satisfying solutions than others.

Now available in video form thanks to Spore Harvest.

Thanks to SirNotAppearingInThisFic and Bugsydor for editing and general helpful bickering.

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This story is a sequel to Never The Final Word (Vol. 1)

As with its predecessor before it, this is an open anthology of minifics which continue or revisit other authors' fanfics—embracing and extending, and reflecting on questions raised by the work. Due to the nature of the collection, this contains spoilers for other authors' stories, though each chapter contains a link to let you read the source first (and a spoilered summary, if you want to jump right in.)
Note that spoilers in author's notes do not currently work. As such, using the Light color scheme is strongly recommended to keep the source spoilers unseen by those who wish to avoid them.

And remember, if you find a comment fic somewhere on the site, submissions are always open!

Rated Random for anthologizing.

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The ride back from Camp Everfree is the perfect time to relax. Or to tease your friends... though that can lead to some unexpected repercussions for both the teaser and the teased.

Third-place winner of the Barcast's Make Rarity Not Garbage contest. Rated Teen for frank discussion of mortality.

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Sometimes it's not a matter of being the best mare for the job. Sometimes you're just the only one left. That's how a pegasus with no internal compass has been saddled with guiding back migratory birds for the last three Winter Wrap-Ups. Surely this year, Twilight Sparkle will see reason, right?


A long-delayed entry in Estee's technically open TEMPorary Insanity contest. Graciously preread by themaskedferret.

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At Bronycon 2017, Quills & Sofas held about half a dozen manual typewriters. I wrote some silly stories on them, but every idea I had was somehow related to typewriters. The results are collected here.

Rated Teen for implied drug use and explicit alcohol use, just to be safe.

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This story is a sequel to Blue Sunny Days and Pink Lemonade

At first, the sirens were bound by Adagio's mad experiment in cooperation. Then they were bound by circumstance, the only three of their kind in an almost magicless world. Then they became human, and were bound by nothing. The end result was inevitable.

And yet, in spite of both reason and instinct, Sonata Dusk feels like two pieces of her heart are missing. She's going to have to deal with that.

Part of the Oversaturated World. Reading the prequel will be helpful for context, but not strictly necessary.

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Rainbow Dash is usually a very take-charge kind of person, but even she can recognize when a problem won't be solved by going really fast, beating the crap out of something, or being the best at literally every sport. She's humble like that.

In this case, the problem is stationary, crapless, and unresponsive to even the most obscure athletic gear. That means it's time to call in the experts.

(Note: The following story isn't set at Camp Everfree, but this is the best picture I could get of these three without anyone else in frame.)

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Mysterious shops that aren't there the next day are common in many worlds that have at least some magic to them. They appear in a variety of forms, from shady booths in exotic bazaars to squirrely hucksters with infinite-capacity trenchcoats to cosplay supply tables at convention vendor halls. But the classic, poorly lit store overstocked with mysterious trinkets is a timeless symbol of the plot device salesman's art, and Equestria is no different. Canterlot alone has eight of them, none of which maintain a single address for more than a week at a time and all of which reinforced by wards that protect them from angry customers looking for refunds.

None of that is going to stop the pair of angry orange hind legs approaching the front door of one at rapid velocity. After all, you have to buy something to count as a customer.

Inspired by the Time Action Glory Challenge's "April Tomfoolery" prompt and the pictured Starbucks menu item, which really did exist at one point in time.
Rated Teen for very mild innuendo and much less mild bodily processes.

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This story is a sequel to The Implicit Neighs

Obligation has always been a central pillar of the Orzhov Syndicate. The obligation of debt to one's lenders, duty to one's superiors, adherence to one's contracts. None are more obligated than the debt-foals, ponies sold into slavery so their families can be free. The most prestigious of them, Rarity Belle-of-Karlov, is held up as the ultimate expression of what a debt-foal can become.

Octavia Melody-of-Zolcov is most definitely not Rarity. After today, she might not even be herself.

Second place in the Sharktavia group's Sharktavia contest.

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The Friendship Games. A time-honored quadrennial competition between Crystal Preparatory High School and Canterlot High School, wherein the former traditionally trounces the latter.

Of course, that tradition had been established before the magical renaissance. Now all bets are off, and both schools have prepared for anything as best they can.

It won't be enough.

Part of the Oversaturated World. Rated Teen for mild to medium language.

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