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Rarity has a problem, one that she doesn't want to talk about with anyone else. However, since she still needs to talk about it with someone before she goes crazy, Sunset comes up with an... unusual solution.

Part of the Oversaturated World and heavily inspired by Norm De Plume's As Horns and Halos Surround You.

Cover source is WhiteDiamonds, will remove if needed.

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I, for one, welcome our Rarijack overlords. I did tease the ship in Oversaturation.

I'm very glad you chose to expand the original snippet. Equal parts adorable and hilarious.

Oversaturated World EQG, it's an AU by FanOfMostEverything; now everyone is slightly Pony and has magic.

Even though I don't follow the source material for this it was really freakin cute to read this!! Rarijack for the absolute win!!!!

OOOH! Cool explanation! ... Aww yeah! Liking the explanations for the ship!

... How would it react with Screwball?? Or is she not like she is in that story?? Hmm...


themed after an adult-themed

[using "themed" twice in quick succession seems weird]

comes to might [mind]

“Just let it out.”( )She

awesome story

I came in expecting fairly standard Rarijack (which I love!) and was surprised by the angel and demon thing, but certainly interesting.

Cute and quirky. Glad I read it. :ajsmug::raritywink:

Squeed several times. 10/10, some high quality rarijack in one of my favorite AU's.

Cute! :yay:
Now we just have to get Twily & Sunny in a three way relationship with Rainbow... :pinkiecrazy:

I am sure Rainbow Dash considers herself "awesome" enough to to seduce all of her girl-friends' relationships into the Rainbow Dash Harem/Fanclub. :moustache:

Hmm. I expected Lady Rarity the Alicorn of Generosity, and Nightmare Rarity (or projections of them anyway). Rarity is unique in that she has two dictinct 'versions' that would fit perfectly.

Author Interviewer

Gotta say, this isn't as cute an idea when they're not ponies. :/ Still, it was worth writing to find out.

Just give them time, it'll turn out like the personality sprites in Narbonic.

Lovely work here, I give my full approval.

This was adorable, even for a Rarijack fic. :heart:

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