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New Year and a Possible Fresh Start · 7:10pm Jan 7th, 2018

I'm a week late for 2018 talk, but I've been pretty busy all things considered, especially since I've been working twelve hour shifts at my job for over a month now.

But, my personal life aside, there is a reason I wanted to make this little blog, and it relates to my most 'popular' story.

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Well then... · 8:55am Oct 3rd, 2017

I went on Derpibooru to browse, and found This. (Semi-Grimdark warning, will delete this blog if necessary.)

The fact people like my stuff enough to do this is nothing short of mind boggling to me.

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Happy Birthday to Me · 5:06am Aug 28th, 2017

Another year older, and none the wiser; at least I'm at a job I like.

Also, I'm turning 28 on the 28th; that's supposedly significant or something.

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Calling for Editors · 6:03am Jul 8th, 2017

Well, I'm not sure if the chapter I've been working on is done to my satisfaction, but I can't think of anything more to add. Feel free to suggest ideas if you feel them appropriate; other than that, reply and I'll PM you the link.

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General Update MK2 · 2:14pm Jun 25th, 2017

So, a while back, I talked about how I had lost my job and everything was on hold until I found something new? Well, I found something new; starting Monday the 26th of June, I'll be employed at a new company. Possibly even making more than I was at my old job with what seems to be a better work environment as well.

Expect me to get back to story writing soon.

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General Update · 5:43pm May 5th, 2017

Okay, this is more of a real life issue than anything related to a fic, so no story attached to this one.

Long story short... I got fired.

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Calling for Editors · 5:02pm Apr 26th, 2017

Hey, me again.

I think anyone who reads my story is aware of how this works; reply if you want to look at the chapter in its rough form and offer criticism. However, you should know that I'm not hugely happy with this chapter, so -- if you think there are things that can be added to the chapter to improve it -- by all means, please let me know.

Preemptive thanks.

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Calling for Editors · 8:55am Feb 15th, 2017

It's been too long since I did this; but, for the first time this year, I'm ready to show off my first draft of the next chapter of Necromantic. It's largely a filler chapter, just setting the stage for future things, so it will probably be pretty weak even for my first drafts. But, the usual rules apply; reply here, and I'll send you the Gdoc link in a PM.

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Happy New Year · 5:07am Jan 1st, 2017

Here we go, a new year and a new start.

I already have my resolution, so here's hoping I can actually write a lot more than I have through 2016. Maybe I'll even get good.

Good luck and a good year to all of you out there. Let's make 2017 great.

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Milestone Get · 3:59pm Sep 24th, 2016

I... honestly never expected to get to this, but the proof is pretty obvious.

The Necromantic Adventures of Lyra Heartstrings has hit 1000 likes... I really don't know how to feel about this.

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