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I take bad ideas way too seriously.


Necromancy gets a bad rep.

Oh, sure, some ponies like the whole cliche of the evil zombie master, pulling his puppet strings to make corpses dance and kill for their amusement. And yeah, you kinda do have to work with dead bodies a lot, and most ponies find that a bit creepy. Oh, and you learn a lot of spells to kill things and gain power from it.

But, come on, that doesn't mean all necromancers are bad... right?

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interesting introduction. I shall read this later.

Well, this has great potential to be freakin hilarious, so please, for the love of celestia, keep writing this!:twilightsmile:

Interesting. While I feel necromamcy is wrong, I could try to understand wanting to help ponies. On another note, drunk Lyra is Texas Lyra.


This... deserves more views. Maybe it's because I've read Background pony recently and am still a bit sentimental when it comes to Heartstrings (hee hee) but I'd really like to keep track of that story, and see it growing into a big epic adventure and all.

May your story become popular! :3

Heehee. You should've mentioned you posted it. Frikken faved :rainbowkiss:

4158253 Yeah, I want it to be popular as well. It'd be a nice change of pace.

I like this. Necromancy itself may be a vile art, but of course just cause you practice it doesn't mean you deserve to be burnt at the stake...

Speaking as someone who personally IS an Undead abomination who cheerfully traded life, love and mortality for an eternal existance and an unliving skeleton with super-powers in order to further his own megalomanical, omnicidal ends... I whole-lack-of-heartedly approve of this story!

Yes, even if Lyra is doing the more sort of... Ghost Whisperer-y sort of thing (zombie whisperer?).

Just 'cos I, and the rest of the Aotrs, for example, use necromancy for our own foul ends doesn't mean the whole practise is wrong, after all... Necromancy is a tool, at the end of the day, no more good or evil than any other tool. And any tool can be used to serve evil ends, especially if you're creative and apply sufficient force! I mean, if I take a chair and beat someone until is shatters and then disembowel them with the broken edges, it definately makes me inherently evil but it doesn't mean everypony should go and start condemning furniture manufactuers, does it? That'd be just silly! It's the same with necromancy, really. Except you can't sit on zombies. Well, you can, but it's way less comfortable than a chair. And, obviously, you are better using animated zombies/skeletons for much more useful things like cleaning, or getting you stuff because you can't be bothered to get out of your seat and such. And people tend to get more upset about using dead bodies for stuff for some reason, which is a bit silly really, because it's perfectly okay to make some dead tree's carcus into something to sit on and nobody ever thinks about what the trees think about that, do they? Which is just plantist, if you think about it. I mean, if it's unwilling soul-binding, you can sort of understand, 'cos that's like slavery, but if it's just a negative energy powered mindless animated Undead, it's just a body, it's not like granny or little Timmy are USING it at the time, they've gone off to whichever bit of whichever afterlife, it's just a big chunk of smelly organics... But no, they'd rather it just be wasted rotting away instead of being useful, like saving time and effort for the busy Lich or I dunno, maybe being a seeing-eye zombie or something, which would be really good, because they wouldn't need any feeding or anything and they'd be quiter if a bit smelly and you could take them more easily to the shops or something. Actually, maybe seeing eye skeletons would be better, 'cos they wouldn't be as smelly... Well, probably seeing eyesocket, of course, since most animated skeletons don't have eyeglows like Liches do, but you get the idea and I think I had a point somewhere when I started, but now I have no idea what it was...

I'm sorry, my usual forum ponythread has been down for a whole week and in the lack of place to vent and rant insanely like I normally do, I think I may have gone a touch peculiar.

Well, that's a thing I have now seen that I had never previously seen. :twilightoops:
Hold on, I have to figure out what box to check off on my 'things I have seen' list.
...this might take a while.:twilightsheepish:

4159426 I've seen it before, just usually when I expect it. Shocked me too when I first read it.

You had me at "Lyra is a necromancer."

You just can't go wrong with a comedy-adventure story about a good necromancer.

4159345 Necromancy is overrated, organic tissue reviving nanobots are the future.

I'd say something about this fic being absolutely amazing, but I think the 30:0 rating speaks for itself.

4159345 Not sure what's up with all the downvotes :rainbowhuh:
This was a brilliant rant :pinkiehappy:

Necromancy is awesome as fuck. Why? Just because. Summoning minions to do your bidding, allowing yourself to be both badass and cowardly at the same time: it's a match made in heaven! The world needs more necromancy, I say, more! :flutterrage:
And for that reason, the author should keep writing this.

4161509 Lyra doesn't do the whole 'binding to her will' thing. Reasons this should be explained in the next chapter.

4161625 I was under no illusion that she did. :rainbowhuh:

I was merely speaking of necromancy in general and the reanimation of corpses—not so much the contacting of souls. That is to say, "minion" was meant as "reanimated corpse", not "reanimated person." I've had a deeply rooted love for necromancers, you see, ever since my childhood where I played Diablo II as a necromancer. Truly, truly great times.

Joy! A story with romance in it that doesn't have a romance tag!

4163140 The romance is part of the story, but it's not the focus of it.

THANK YOU! For the love of Celestia! I'm so sick and tired of seeing a romance tag when that's not part of the focus of the story. Just because it HAS romance in the story doesn't warrant a romance tag.

This is relevant to my interests. I love seeing villain stereotype roles filled by nice people.

This was fantastic. I look forward to seeing more!

I find the idea interesting.

Pretty well written and definitely fun idea... but the author has a history of dropping fics... I want to get invested in this story but am worried to, you planning on updating the story every now and then and not eventually just dropping it Absol?

4167920 I've only dropped two fics. Tbe others are just taking a while to write.

4168030 None of your incomplete stories have been updated in over 4 months, you can understand why I feel iffy, right? However, if you plan to keep going on this one I'll gladly stick around.

4168247 I'm sorry, I'm a slow writer with very little free time. I'm going to at least try to get better. I can't force you to stay, though. That's your choice.

4168289 No need to apologize, I'll take your word for it.

Before even reading the first chapter, I hate to say I found a mistake:

does the fact I raise zombies makes me bad?

Should be "make" :ajsmug:

Anyway, the story itself doesn't have any dislikes at the time of writing this, so I'm going to assume this is a one-off and continue reading. Wish me luck!

Been kicking the meta for this around in my head. It's really hard for me to handle most AU stories, just because they tend to have a bunch of things tacked on/altered from the base canon. The ones I tend to like are those I can at least headcanon down to being one or two pivotal differences from the original material.

Now I have such a canon of head for this one. Will be interesting to see if it pans out. :derpyderp2:

I like this intro!
Now it just needs a plot!
You do have a plot, right?
It's not just going to be random events with Lyra being a necromancer, right??

4169978 The second chapter will hint at the plot

There was a long silence The two of them just stood

I believe you forgot your fullstop.

Interesting take on how ponies would react to Necromancy as well as introducing other... should I say classes or jobs? Meh, so far being a Paladin seems more like an occupation in this case. I would say I'm surprised that so far no ponies had reported about a Necromancer walking about but then again, it is the first chapter, I would like to read on and see how you will handle this situation and where it will go.

Aside from that, I can already imagine one conflict being a stable of this kind of scenario; Moral Choices. Heck, Radical Groups might even be introduced in this story for as far as I know but even if it is expected, it's another matter entirely should it be pulled off well.

I look forward to reading more of this soon:twilightsmile:

Comment posted by Savant Sentral deleted Apr 4th, 2014

I like ponies, motherfucker.
Now what?

btw, great story, I'd like to see it continue.

Vell... that seems quite interesting. Do continue.

Drunk pony is best Lyra!

4172571 I'm wondering, what their cutiemarks mean in this universe, For Lyra I would guess something along the lines of Orpheus, but with Bon Bon and her bow ties, bonbons or whatever those are, I'm drawing blanks.

4182967 Jobs and talents need not be related. Good idea regarding Lyra, though.

You need to work on your summary. I almost didn't read this because it was a bit sloppy, and had a couple gramatical errors. I like this story, and am faving it, but still. The summmary could be cleaned up.

4184071 I can't write a good summary... or titles. I outsourced both of them.

4184095 Then how are you supposed to get better? :ajbemused: You practice. Don't out-source anything except for the cover art. Just... trust yourself. A simple summary from yourself will be WAY better than a summary from someone else.

Concept kind of reminds me of the story of Anita Blake, a sort of detective who raised the dead for a living to help with posthumous legal matters.

At least until it turned into a trashy love triangle series which ruined large swaths of it. :trixieshiftleft: The books, not your story. :twilightoops:

4184513 I'll certainly try to avoid love triangles, just to be sure.

4184671 Hehe, sounds like a plan. :3

This, yes. Yes. More yes, very many yes, ALL of the yes!

This, I want more. Please oh please don't let this be one of those amazing first chapters that never goes on.

Necromancy. Lyra. Interesting setting. All of my favorite things.


I think this gentleperson wishes for more chapters. :derpyderp2:

Seconded. :eeyup:

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