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This story is a sequel to Harpflank and Sweets

(Don't worry, you don't need to have read the previous one to enjoy this!)
For the past few years, Lyra and Bon-Bon as the heroic Harpflank and Sweets have defended Metropony City from various vile villains. However, all good things must come to an end.

Bon-Bon is worried about an unexpected Cutie Mark switcheroo between her and her partner. Lyra is worried about how 1980s budget sci-fi show Blake's 7 ended. They really should both be worried about the sinister machinations that threaten to destroy M.A.R.E once and for all.

They've been looking out for the city, but who's there to look after them? And is King Sombra, the disappointing villain of the difficult season 3, really as dead as he appears?

Robots! Explosions! Muffins!

Tune in for another exciting adventure of... Sweetflank and Harps?!

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This is the best episode of Benji I ever saw!

Pretty sure the correct response to this is, "Thanks Pobama!"

Also, I always new Lyra was a torrent user.

Bad omens, all around...

At some point, someone had decided that the best way to build a secure meeting room was to cover all the walls in glass so that anyone could peer in.

On the plus side, it's also really obvious if someone is peering in.

And is it bad that I don't remember Carrot Top being in the story before now?

Well. The tone of this changed quickly.

And everypony in the city only had two days left before retirement.

So many twists I got whiplash. So many turns that I'm lost in a maze of muffins surrounded by giant robots.

Will be interesting if you decide to continue. Lots of stuff here to play off of.

Till next time!

She was the city's chief of police and an old friend of Derpy's. How she got here, well... tune in next time!

I KNEW IT. I KNEW the ending was going to be something like this.

April Fools to you too.

I suppose that with the way this story opened, there was really no other way it could have ended.

...ah gotta say honestly, even for an April Fools' Day joke ah expected better.

I guess I was right all along. Season 3 was a marked improvement over it's predecessors.

Comment posted by the other sans deleted Apr 1st, 2014

You just need to practise
his terrorist organisation has fled or gone to ground
Derpy pushed the remains of the cake towards Carrot Top, who began to hoover it into her mouth

1. Practice.
2. Wouldn't the term be underground?
3. For some reason I keep thinking Hoover Dam... No idea why.

thanks Lyra

1. Forgot to capitalise.

Holy crap those twists... I swear some of the stories come from acid trips... In a, well... Can they even be described in a good way?

Came here expecting comedy... Came out with so much more... :fluttercry:

Good job Arcainum.


I ran to my dictionary and I am right, 'practise' is the verb, 'practice' is the noun. Unless you are American, where 'practice' is acceptable for both

'Gone to ground' is one of those metaphor word things for hiding, it's definitely a real thing. Thanks for the comments though!

Okay. Now, can you get back to the canon story?

Wait, did I seriously just get tricked into reading an extended Blake's 7 reference? Well played, Arcainum. Well played...

My sandwich tastes like horseapples! THANKS, POBAMA!!!:flutterrage:

The deleted ending had Pobama swoop in and save Lyra by swiping everyone's guns, then resurrecting the rest of the fallen mares through the power of Pobamacare. The next season is about the cast trying to survive through the hellish dystopia that results from this.

She thumbed open the card and read aloud.


Greatest plot twist yet?

Okay, I'm seeing a metric crapton of this in the 'also liked' list with several being written by different people. Which of these is the original so that I can start from the beginning?

I didn't like this nearly as much as the original or the others that were made.

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