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I write stories about pony superheroes and cruel and unusual tragedies and pony superheroes who suffer cruel and unusual tragedies. I'm currently looking both fine and OK.


The New Elements have fought robots, alicorns, genetic abominations, ninja and fillies to defend the city. But there is one enemy that Discord is certain they cannot defeat... doubt.

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Comments ( 84 )

One word- AMAZING!

...Maybe another two words- MORE PLEASE!

I was going to get around to reading that one. I'll keep this on watch

...does this mean more grey ponies? I like grey ponies dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_Lyra.png

Putting that aside, awesome little mini-series. Given the way H&S seems to hate working in a chronological order, I guess we can expect to see the outcome of this around... yesterday?

Yay, character development, my favorite! :scootangel:

Currently having heart attack!!!!

I'm being bitchy...:raritycry:

“How can you say that?! I’ve never been so insul
And now the papers had hold of the story, and the agency was under investigation, and she’d rui
Bon-Bon felt the tears well up, and she tried to say something, to apologise, but she knew there was nothing she could sa

All those 3 sentences are unfinished:raritycry:

560903 I fear you have somewhat missed the point! Or I didn't make it well enough. Either way, it's intentional. Discord is just hurling images at her and they're blurring together, so one doesn't even finish before the next begins.

560928 Oops... I'm so used with sentences cutting of with a - that I don't even see it :raritycry:

How much win was included in this? I cannot count that high.

The dialogue in this one is like nothing I've seen before or will again.

I lifted a box
I lifted some rocks
Well, I stood on my head
But I won't forget what Yoda said!


Trixie's "training" of Twilight just felt like it needed some musical accompaniment. :twilightblush:

GAH! I no sooner get through a section and you post another one! How am I suppose to comment on greatness when there's no end?!

Yeah, this is pretty creepy. I see Discord is done waiting around in the shadows. I know you've stated that you have trouble writing him, but I think he's fine. Perhaps the creepiness factor is higher than his silliness factor, but I like that part about him as well. Keep it up.

Heh, I found the Trixie/Twilight interaction hilarious. Trixie donning a Yoda impression and only because she feels inferior. That's classic Trixie right there.

Oh, wow. Derpy. She's had some ruff times. I can see where her dedication to M.A.R.E. comes from, now.

Oooh. A hint of a sidestory on other ExTech compounds? I see Firebirdbtops' ideas have wormed their way into you. That sly dog.

Very interesting! Keep it up!

Best dialog ever, of all time.:pinkiehappy:

So when are the fever dreams for Vinyl and Octavia coming out?


So much meaning conveyed.

560526 Two words: THANK YOU

... Maybe one more word: OKAY

560537 Linear time frightens and confuses Us. We Who Are One know only the ChronoCloud.

560979 Truly a discussion for the ages.


561030 It was nice to see Trixie again, I was kind of missing her. And she even developed the plot! Good lass. And I'm STILL not sure about Discord. I think I have a complex about him. He's just so HARD ;_; And yeah, he sort of crept into "unhinged" rather than "silly" x.X

561447 25 words of Redheart's golden tongue. And probably later tonight when I get back from work. I posted the Going Unders and realised I had the Fever Dreams lying around, so I posted them, but only realised I hadn't done Vinyl or Tavi's by the time I posted Redheart's. Herp AND derp. It won't take very long though. I'm POWERING through this story.

561772 Can't tell if being sarcastic or appreciates style =p

560903 I think their supposed to be unfinished. As in they suddenly cut off and change to the next scene for dramatic effect.

562630Yep, the author told me that. Just not used to it yet.:raritycry:


Wasn't sarcastic. I truly felt a lot of emotion between reaheart and discord.

563077 I really need to start paying attention to which chapter people are commenting on x.X I just look at the story page.


563088 I thought that is what happened.

Also why is dialog so hard! I'm tired of sounding like I'm failing about searching for words. Originality is hard...your so much better at it than me.

I'm not good at sarcasm, but according to my roommates I'm the best at being passive aggressive.

Ah! Simpsons!

I think anyways.

You know, this chapter makes me wonder if the new Elements of Harmony have a special connection with each other, even before they met. Obviously, Vinyl and Octavia had that connection so it leaves me wondering if the others do as well. Interesting.

The beat down continues, and Discord is at his best! Which means he's at his worst! It makes sense!



Too. Much. Updates!

Now time to read.

It's always the strong, silent types, isn't it?

Man, Discord is a bastard. He's not pulling any punches here.


You really get a feel for Redheart's character!

Redheart's Stress Level: Still Zero

Wait, if he succeeded in sowing doubts into all of them, then who's left to help them pull out of their funks?


One would thank that that one would get tired of saying the same thing over and over, but I don't. You sir have talent, oh so much talent.

Discord's never really had much luck with the element of kindness.

Alright! I made it to the end! Now there's only one thing left to do: Throw my hands up and yell "WHEEEEEW!" Emotional roller coaster!

She sat and started for what felt like an eternity.

Is it stared?

Victory! Bon-Bon 1 discord zip!


I can only wonder how the others will free themselves, or be freed anyway...I see Redheart being the hardest for some reason.

575128 I imagine it'll go like the last part did.

Redheart closed her eyes, turning away from Discord.
Discord smirked.
Redheart took a deep breath, opened her eyes, and shook her head at Discord.
Discord blinked.
Redheart turned and walked away, awakening in the medical bay.

Let's just hope it's longer than that.

I don't know, yours pretty much summed it up. Unless Arcainum decides to go the other direction and give her the longest monologue.

and now that makes M.A.R.E. 2 Discord 0

I think Discord should look into a new line of work. He just doesn't seem to have this pony mentality thing down.

Derpy, once again, is a badass. Conviction in her principles, and when that isn't enough, RAINBOW CANON, MUTHERBUKER!!

Keep it up!

Screw talking, I'm kind!:flutterrage:
Current score: M.A.R.E. 3 Discord zilch.

The most epic of battles against discord has just happened.:pinkiehappy:

Passive aggressive. The ultimate weapon.

I was going to pm something about the use of "span" instead of "spun", but after looking it up, it would appear that it wasn't necessarily unintentional. It seems a bit archaic, and far more widespread in the UK than here in the States, but still not incorrect, strictly speaking. I learn about the most random things thanks to reading fanfiction! :yay:

I think this is the first time I've ever seen the word gurning used in a fic. Good job.

I really thought you were going to go in the other direction with this one.


629049 As did I, aw well it was short and fun all the same.

Called it! And yet, you used fewer words than I did. I'd request you stop being so awesome, but that would be petty and deprive me of your entertaining stories.

If anything, I'd request that Discord be allowed to win at some point. Not against M.A.R.E., obviously, but I don't think the CMC are doing anything right now. Or the Flower Ponies, for that matter.

So...Discord is actually turning out to be a massive help in purging emotions. Kinda like an unpaid psychologist. All in all, his villainous behavior is backfiring worse than a stuttery old Ford Escort. They should really take a quick peak under his bonnet when he goes to pick up some ice for that burn.

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