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Lemon Dreams is a happy pony with a perfect life in Ponyville. There's only one problem - she thinks she's a lemon.

Is she really a pony-shaped citrus fruit, or is she just crazy? Does it even matter? When Lemon Dreams finds herself at odds with the ponies of Ponyville and pursued by a strangely familiar ghost, she realises she must discover the answers to those questions before it's too late.

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Four likes, three dislikes? Well, this seems to be rather polarizing. I could dislike this just to make it even...


It's literally just gone up, some people are being mean just because of the title, it seems!

I wish I could dislike... BUT THIS IS TOO GOOD!:rainbowlaugh:

Why so many dislikes right off the bat? :rainbowhuh:
Well, as much as 3 dislikes counts as so many. Hey when theres only 4 likes to counter, it makes for a big red bar...

Wow, this story is completely fucking crazy! Oh wait, it's from Blueshift? Well that explains everything!


Well they were literally just as the fic went up without any time to even read a few words so I guess someone just took offense to the title! :pinkiesad2:


I just posted 'Changeling Queen: The Changing of Rainbow Dash', and right now I'd feel pretty happy with 3/8 positive to negative. Maybe people are in a bad mood for some reason? Granted, as an author I'm no Blueshift... and as we've just read, Blueshift is very, very good. I like the mystery and the hint that Lemon's already lost someone close to her, and has retreated into this madness... I'm really looking forward to the continuation of this.


1633167 Maybe they just really disliked the concept. Everyone seems to like crack comedy, but not everyone feels the same about serious crackfics.
Also, there a lot of ways you could put lemons to good use. You could use them in your tea, for example.

1633212 You would drown the poor things in boiling water! You fiend! Out! Get out!


Nooo there's no way I can come back from that :applecry:

Better late than never on a prompt fic. Still, I am interested in the direction of this. It could be pretty deep if you are playing it that way. :twilightsmile:

That pony needs to be committed or at least get some help. I with Applejack on this one.

It's. Wonderful. I have no idea why this is so oddly enthralling, but it is.

Lemon Dreams watch it like a hawk


letting herself get closed and closer

closer and closer

Maybe the dislikes were because people thought that "realises" wasn't a word. I wasn't sure myself until I googled it.

Read Later. It's Blueshift.


It's British! I spell everything like the Queen wishes!

1634199 Exactly... maybe the dislikers are plotting against you and your ways...


Cheers. I have had several people read this over, they all missed those! :twilightblush:

... This pony is insane... why isn't she in the insane asylum? We know MLP has one... :P

I am going to watch this, its almost psychedelic.

This is, without a doubt, the best story about a pony who thinks she is a lemon that I have ever read.

You deserve a thumb. Myne's pointing up for this story

I found a couple more errors here and there, but they were generally punctuation, and I always get the feeling I'm being too nit-picky if I point them out...

I'm liking this a lot so far. The character is great; she was one of my favorite parts of Cake Story. I just love thinking about her motivations. Some part of what's going on, or even why she is the way she is, has to be because of what she did in her childhood; extreme guilt from having so many lemons thrown to their gory deaths is probably what drives her never to let another one fall or be hurt needlessly, yeah?

Anyway, can't wait for more.

1634329 She's not literally barking insane, however. So maybe she gets a pass by being only slightly mad. Remeber, after all, that everypony in that town is crazy.

1634350 It's not finished yet so I'm going to provisionally mark it down as second-best, pending the resolution. Better safe than sorry. Liking what I'm seeing so far, though!

It's a pretty narrow field, I think. But yeah, I'm interested to see where this is going.


She believes she is some form of small yellow, sour citrus fruit for no identifiable reason other than she can catch them when they roll down hills or fall off trees... that is far beyond the realms of slightly mad.

That and she uses faulty logic to justify her argument for being a small, yellow citrus fruit, I want to bop her on the head and hope that clears things up, or at least until she develops some superior argument for her position of being a citrus fruit.

To the Asylum with you Missy, were you can look after the lemons much better in a padded cell, afterall , they won't get bashed or bruised if they do fall...

hmmm, well, not a 100% sure what the hell i just read, but it's both well written and is interesting.....

Though i do wonder how she convinced the whole town to not eat lemons

1634497 How do you know that she isn't, though? Blueshift has already previously established that Twilight Sparkle and Shining Armor are actually peas, for example, so this isn't too far out there.

Well if she bleeds citrus juice I might be more inclined to agree with her, otherwise she probably isn't one, afterall all the defining characteristics of a lemon is missing in her nature and biology :P


Adventure Time? I'm keeping this up.



Great job dude! LIKE! Tracking...Cause I'm busy. :trollestia::ajbemused:

Didn't Lemon Dreams appear in Cake Story?

...Blueshift, what is it with you and making these references and then later turning them into actual stories?

1633088 *self conscious bet* Oh great he used 'life' AND 'lemon' in the title. There is probably already a cave johnson quote in the first 5 comments
1st comment
Well done, you have exceeded my expectations

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