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King Sombra has a problem. A Twilight Sparkle shaped problem. The evil ruler of the Crystal Kingdom is about to be overthrown unless he can hold out until reinforcements arrive.

Seven days of keeping Twilight at bay. What's the worst that can happen?

All he has to lose is his self-respect and dignity...

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Already a King Sombra fic.

I haven't even began reading this, but looking at the description and seeing Nicolas Cage approves of this fic, I can tell dis gun b gud.

Edit: :rainbowlaugh:

Not even out yet and he has fic.

Make way for the Pioneer of King Sombra fic, may he be remember for making a story of a character that has yet to be released to the public


Sombra means Shadow in portuguese:rainbowderp:

Another story based just off the couple clips we have so far? Awesomeness.

My sides, they have imploded from the laughter!

Wanderer D

Blue... I will be unable to watch the real King Sombra now without thinking of this. I thank you and yet curse you.

Author Interviewer

We don't even need season 3.

This is way better than anything that will actually happen.

ilu blues

This is amazing

One little thing, "Our struggle will be so epic, so titanic, that it will rent this very city that you seek to protect asunder!"

I think that should be rend

And come on Twilight, everypony knows that if you say that it's Opposite Day it's really the Opposite of Opposite Day, eg a normal day after all. Rookie mistake.


I did have an idea of trying to write the craziest stories possible from all the known episode synopses. Then I though that would be insane.

But maybe kinda cool.

A nice little read, good work Blue. :pinkiesmile:

1522068 Dude, if the mod. commented this and said it was good...your in luck

Okay that was awesome and hilarious! :D

This story was awesome. 'Nuff said.


He's a king!

An evil king!

So what I'm getting from this is that King Sombra's a Republican.

Small error:

[...] who would prove that he was indeed the bravest and fearless of all in Equestria.

Needs a "most".

Wonderful as per usual.


Getting Mind Flayed is a gift from God!

I lost it at Opposite Day :rainbowlaugh: A great story.

Dear sweet flaming Shiva, that ending.

Dat ending.

Very cute. I think seven days might be a little too long, though; cutting it to give days would give your best material more of a spotlight.

*five days

All Hail King Sombrero! :pinkiehappy:

This was...way funnier than it had any right being. If only the real king is half this amazing. All hail King Sombrero.

Ah, I cry manly tears of joy for your wonderful story. I am far too excited to comment today, you come back tomorrow, I give you comment then. Ok?


Also, I get the feeling that this is going to be contradicted in the actual show.


I would be really, really worried if this fic wasn't contradicted in the actual show!

haha, one of the best stories i've read in a while

Apparently Sombra's D&D is very different from Twilight's D&D. THAT was where I broke out into laughter. Well done sir, well done.

Of course, this now ruins any chances Sombra had of being intimidating in the show. Or...you're psychic. :rainbowderp:

Seven times.In a row. In a week. He tricked them.

1522390 Jusssssssst like meeeeee... :pinkiecrazy:

Pure bliss, from start to finish. I'll pester my son with this, he loves cheesy "so bad it's good" fanfics. :rainbowlaugh:
[this comment may or may not have been edited by him :raritywink:]

1522589 Oh, thank Celestia you would say that.

:rainbowlaugh: Holy Celestia and Primus that was a funny story! The season is not even out yet and you claim dibs!

You sir truly and surly deserve 1.bp.blogspot.com/-_TkbcIBMy1Y/T2Ioh3r-T_I/AAAAAAAABGA/BAJcgUhFm7c/s1600/firstpost.jpg

All those Looney Tunes style jokes and the deception would make Megatron proud cache0.bigcartel.com/product_images/56226279/megatronyes.png

Oh boy I'm gonna need new lungs.

>>>“A seven inch cannon?” King Sombra scoffed. “That’s tiny! >>>

Oh dear lord the places I could go with that... :trollestia:

>>>“Yes, well…” King Sombra shrugged, sitting back in his chair and covering his head dramatically with one hoof. “Don’t worry about it Twilight. I know not everyone is accepting of other pony’s religions. I don’t mind that in offending my beliefs by trying to overthrow me that you’re religiously persecuting me.”

Twilight’s forehooves immediately went to her mouth. “No! No, I would never do anything to offend anyone of any religion!” she squeaked in horror. “I respect all beliefs equally! Come on girls, let’s leave!”>>>

Sombra = Al Quaeda in Libya
Twilight = Obama



Yesss BW Megatron is best Megatron.

1521980 I don't know about portuguese, but it's the same in spanish. Like Luna, for example.

The cover picture. heh.

I'm surprised you didn't have Twilight need to fill out a stack of forms one day.

:pinkiehappy: A fellow Beast Wars fan :yay:! Do you watch Transformers Prime? The 2nd season is almost over :fluttershysad: And based on what I've read about the third season will be more or less a Beast Wars revival! They even mentioned the Beast Hunters being Predacons! :pinkiegasp::rainbowkiss:

And they released a photo of Predaking -> mms.businesswire.com/bwapps/mediaserver/ViewMedia?mgid=343358&vid=4

HAHAHA!:rainbowlaugh: I can't wait for november 10th!

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