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Fluttershy is accidentally turned into a dragon. Can the gang carry on as normal, make Fluttershy feel comfortable in her new body and find a moral to put in their letter to Princess Celestia?

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Do I have to admit I kinda helped Edit this?:twilightsheepish:

4188755 Deny everything!

That be a mighty bad purple pone you've got there, Blue. (and I'm not sure if I should take any pride at guessing the twist once we got past the talent show... probably not. Pride is for the brutish and arrogant anyways.... something like that.)

It was silly. Quite silly. Oddly, sillier than notsoghostaloo.


I seem to write Twilight like she has stepped out of an episode of Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Perhaps I should have made a 'verse. I'd be rich and famous!

Twilight, go back and learn some common sense before doing anything this stupid, again.

4188979 I think your Twilight is my favorite Twilight of all. The only thing that could have made it better is if she was planning to use those Transmogrification spells to go stalk her brother somehow.

I love this.

I don't like it, but it has it's merits I guess.

This would have been so much worse if I had been a part of it. Be thankful you avoided the touch of my cursed hands.

Front page of EQAD!

Scootaloo was whispering prayers over her photo of Rainbow Dash

Well, that's not at all creepy... :unsuresweetie:

In any case, very nice subversion of expectations. Thank you for it, Blueshift. And remember:

And here I though Angel had accidentally been dragonified, and just coincidentally turned out to have Fluttershy-ish color scheme. :pinkiegasp:

Fluttershy is best dragon.

Hey, she's been transformed into a breezy, a bat, and a dinosaur; why not a dragon?

This is glorious. It feels a lot like en actual episode, if the Mane 6 were replaced with meaner, more horrible versions of themselves. Well, except for Fluttershy.

Well, this was needlessly mean-spirited :applejackunsure:

Dat ending. :rainbowlaugh:

Sitting here thinking "Boy the ponies are acting like huge jerks. Also there seems to be a lot of serious destruction and injury that they're all just brushing off..."

Scroll down to comments. See the author is Blueshift. "Well that explains that, then."

It's a style of characterization that I don't really agree with or support but whatever. That said, the twist was pretty damn neat.


Personally my favourite episodes are ones like Lesson Zero or Best Night Ever, where the ponie's awful social fallicies conspire against them to rain down destruction. In later series everyone is a bit more normal, that makes me sad :pinkiesad2:

This is some quality BS right here! Classic BlueShift! :coolphoto:

“And don’t try to chance the subject, Spike.


Quieten down! Quieten down!”

??? bah british words

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Pinkie Pie kick her tree and dislodge several apples with ease.

24.media.tumblr.com/8e3ace2aac0a89e43b17100888643f6e/tumblr_mk6fzjJr6v1ryw3glo1_400.gif She has shown a propensity for shaking them down with her front hooves, however.

“That’s why I had to go to hospital.

to the hospital more british figures of speech.

how are you doing about getting me out?”

Would use 'on', unless she was asking how they were going about getting her out. It's just an American habit, I suppose.


Thanks. The first one is an error, but the others are more speech colloquialisms, certainly stuff everyone around here uses in everyday speech (though here is Britain so your mileage may vary.). And quieten is a word! I appreciate you taking the time to post those though!

Is this vore? Because I think vore is disgusting, but this made me chuckle.
Now you got me all confused.:raritydespair:
Also, that dragon must have had a really tough life. Just think about it. Who's gonna take you serious as a dragon if you're yellow and pink?
I mean, really, that's tough.


That is why the dragon was so angry :fluttershysad:

This is a humerous idea, but you seem to sacrifice making sense for being funny.

Spike mentions Twilight's book when it's obvious that she wants to keep that under wraps, Twilight tells Fluttershy that she should go on a vacation, then conveniently chooses not to pursue the matter when Fluttershy's response is so timid as to be odd, even for her.

I might be taking this too seriously. I'm not sure.


If there is a moral here, it is the important of social interaction!

I figured out the 'twist' pretty much when Fluttershy the dragon wasn't as nervous and shy as Fluttershy the pony. That said, I got some chuckles out of the story. :)


I am still not sure if the story is that there is a twist where it turns out it's just a dragon, or if that is really obvious and the story is how everyone is so oblivious. I think it works either way!

4192467 I kinda thought that too.

It’s probably buried under a pot plant or something.


Not sure what to think of this sentence, but it might explain a few things about this version of Twilight.
It certainly made me think of the ponymote gif.

4211556 a pot plant is a plant in a pot! Is that only a British word?


Sounds like British slang then. Americans say potted. Past tense verb that noun, and whatnot.
Pot, by the by, is American slang for Marijuana. Not sure if I need to say that, but this whole conversation was started due to a mistake, so, better safe than sorry.

I've edited this more times than I should have. Anyways, on an actually related note, I did enjoy the story. It was a nice little light-hearted romp through a slightly off-kilter Equestria, and I rather enjoy those.


I'm british, and I've never heard the phrase 'pot plant'. I've always known it as potted plant. :derpytongue2: The plant is potted, thus it is a potted plant. You could say plant pot, but that is the pot for the plant, excluding the plant itself.


I thought I was going mad, but nope, it is in the dictionary! http://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/english/pot-plant


Silly British colloquialisms. :rainbowlaugh: Power to you, dear author.

“So I thought, what if you cut out the middle-mare, as it were. If you could stuff spellbooks full of magic, then they could become self-activating! Anypony could do magic if they had the right book, not just unicorns! Doesn’t that sound amazing?”



This was hilarious. Nicely done.

*Sigh* This was more of a pain to read...
I am really sorry, but I can't like this. It is not funny. I am really really sorry.

It's like everypony in this take doesn't know how to be a good friend, but is trying really hard anyways.

I liked it.

A dragon is fine too?

I can't decide some times if it is the Americans or the British who have the issue. All those word variations and all that. I guess it's just what happens when you separate a piece of one group of people and geographically isolate them from the other.

If you didn't before, you should notice that the search box on that site has an option to switch between 'British English' and 'American English'. :trixieshiftright: Apparently potted is some kind of verb in American English, such that a potted plant is a plant which has been potted, that is to say it has been put in a pot. I mean, as an American, it makes perfect sense and the British seem to have peculiar word spellings.

I think you meant to use 'importance'.

in hindsight, that explanation makes so much sense.

work her way out eventually


Not my favorite from you, but it got a few laughs out of me, so you still get a fave. :twilightsmile:

She’s in its stomach. I’m sure she’ll work her way out eventually

ya dragon poop just gross

Spike shook his head gently. “I did think it was odd Fluttershy turned into a male dragon.” He was momentarily taken aback as the ponies stared daggers at him. “What? What? I don’t judge!”

OK, that line right there?

Made the whole fic for me. :rainbowlaugh:

Fluttershy sat on her mighty haunches amongst the orchard, her snake-like eyes looking out over the tops of the trees, a deep growl rising from her throat.

Waaait a second...

“But Twilight,” she added. “I’m not a dragon. I went on holiday to Fluffyland instead, it was so wonderful. But I did bring back your book! I’m sorry I didn’t use it.”

I knew it!

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