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I bleed rainbow. Seriously.


Rainbow Dash is unquestionably the bravest pony in Equestria. But that doesn't mean she isn't afraid. After a tragic accident with her friend Fluttershy, who is still traumatized by her flight school experiences, Dash is forced to face another side of herself... one that she hoped she'd never have to.

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really good story i hope fluttershy and rainbow dash will be ok

This is a wonderful story... words can't express how well you put emotions into written language. You almost made me cry... though I suppose that's ok... thank you. Thank you for sharing.

The topic of Fluttershy dying (or being injured) and Dash feeling bad about it is not a new concept. Your fiction, however, introduced the idea of Dash wanting Fluttershy to redeem herself and her falling out of the sky like that. This story is the best of the Flutterdeath fanfictions. Good job sir.


Considering adding an epilogue in the future, to tie up a few loose ends. :moustache:

*MANLY TEARS* So heart felt! and well written! Bravo! :fluttercry:

Loved it. A bit of tragedy and a happy ending. :yay:

this was so happily good :D

I almost liked the ending with Derpy more than the entire story, haha, it's fun imagining them doing that regularly.

This was fantastic! A little confusing during certain parts in the flash backs but still very good :twilightsmile:

This story was good before but these changes made it so much better.
I'm just a tad suprised that RD only met FS about two years earlier :rainbowhuh:

Anyways, I hope more people read this story now becuse it really deserves more attention.

Words can't express how beautiful this is. :fluttercry:

This is beautiful...! Depending on how it ends, I may favorite this...!

This thing is as good as "Faded Rainbow" by Trinary! :pinkiegasp::yay: Congratulations! It's going on my Favorites list immediately! :twilightsmile:

2626906 Glad you enjoyed it! Plus, now you've given me a new story to read, so thanks for that. :twilightsmile:

Rainbow and Flutters will never catch Derpy when muffins are on the line.

This is beautiful.

But can someone fill me in on what Rainbows's Dad suggested? I didn't quite understand that.

Liquid pride has been shed, the talk between Twilight and Rainbow Dash was very well done, congratulations:twilightsmile:.


I think it was left vague on purpose, in any case, it was something big enough to start a fight between them.

Nice story, really nice ending, maybe you could've put a bit more detail into rainbow's fillyhood but other than that, it was great, you did great with sticking to rainbow's personality as well :pinkiehappy: I've read too many fics depicting her as soft or completely broken :fluttershbad:

It's the Muffin Fairy! quick grab all of her muffins! They'll grant you magical powers!

This is great! 9/10 stars :pinkiehappy:

This is really fuckin good. Rainbow dashes past in this story Is wonderful. :rainbowhuh:

This was fantastic, from Dash's exciting rescue of Fluttershy to her intense emotions of guilt and Twi helping her overcome her insecurities.

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